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Did you try to withdraw before verifying?

It told me I had to verify, I just ignored the warnings saying I could not withdraw and went to take my coins off and it worked fine. I have not left anything else on there and I guess I won’t bother using it again now.


Unfortunately not, i did start to try. Then at the last minute decided what if the withdrawl goes into limbo of sorts because I iniciate it despite the warnings and did the verification . Ah well. They got me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


grrrrrrr AML and KYC guidelines :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


At least we got to play in the “good old days” :grin:


When they get around to making my legacy account required to be verified then I will close that account and open a new one to start afresh. That way account history will start from then and not from 2 years ago.


Yes but I’d fear (unless I’m missing something) being an Aussie the basic verification (new accounts have to do this now to withdraw if I’m not mistaken) would potentially give you @Savage prob and you’d be forced to enhance or hike it over to Polo.

Not the best :pensive:


Just be carefull. I am having ussues with withdrawing fiat from 1 exchange. Kyc i need to prove where my money came from ( screenshots / signed msg from ico addresses i sent to / emails. And on and on.
I thought the hard part would be making the money.


I am. I only store a small amount on any exchange and that is for trading purposes too and not just to sit it there. I just took 2/3rds out that I plan on holding now for a while.

Got that message again as I logged on this morning so I guess the day is not far away when the legacy accounts will be forced to become basic or enhanced. My guess is that at the moment they are waiting for people to do it themselves. Its taken them 2 years to force verification since they started the process, so who knows how long they will take to phase out the legacy accounts :slight_smile:


Probably slow to cotton on but just noting a surprise that HitBTC is 53.23% of volume!?.. where did they come from?.. I haven’t heard anything of them before.


Someone said earlier that they manipulate figures. Person sells to themself with zero fees.


8.8??? In12 months??


An interesting thing about HitBTC is that the company that was behind the site was shut down two years ago and nobody seems to know who runs it now.


it’s dropping and keeps dropping. i have sold and willl buy back at 2000. all you should do the same.


Lol, good luck with that. If I haven’t sold at 28k or 21k why would I even be tempted to sell at 6.5k?


The other curiousity about HitBTC is the low level of buy pressure - a fraction of Poloniex; so, does seem an illusion… my guess is it’s a route to controlling price and then releasing it - speculative pump and dumping markets that do respond to it. Another reason just to opt out and hold.


because you finally realize that you’d rather earn than lose money?


Yeah, if the speed of price change in next 14 months remains the same as in last two years, math says $8.8 is completely possible… :slight_smile:


Buy low, sell high. You get that right? 7k sats is a steal and pretty low as a btc price.
Could u rebuy cheaper, maybe, but probably not by much, you could also lose your tickets to ride this all the way up.


at 2000 i might consider buying. safenet wount even go to beta before 2020, price will drop before that.


Does not matter even if that is the case.
As more and more apps appear (already happening) more people will understand whats happening increasing broader interest.
We dont need beta to see new movement.