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This is how i see it.

I expected a dip coming up to end of year.
I panic sold my yearly profits when that banker douche fudded about btc to buyin cheap. (because i expected a pre xmas drop.)
Some have made big money this year and they are gonna take fiat out imo.
Im surprised btc is still where it is, ill be happy if it holds even though i own none.
I think anything is possible with btc pulling our fiat price up, some will sell at what seem very low prices to get fiat i think.
If btc holds, people cash out who intend to, and we start to move up again vs btc, things are going to get prettty interesting.


Interesting analysis about yesterdays crashing alts;


Long term resistance for MAID.


it just broke today didn’t it


Yes, but could pop up again. BTC is very strong at the moment, but when BTC dips a bit we could be at the resistance line quite fast. but who knows, could go down as well.


The price of MAID is already too high. There is no actual working product, and that could still be some way off - assuming it actually works! Unfortunately, past highs were pump and dumps, and now it’s going back to where it probably realistically belongs.


Agree somewhat, although guessing MAID’s path is kind of like betting on the horses, you’ll rarely guess right but it’s not the point, simply enjoy the highs and lows along the way.

There’s an old post somewhere by @SwissPrivateBanker where he says let it drop back to 2 cents and he’ll buy a million :+1:

…Overvalued yep, dropping yep, perfectly ok for now YEP :wink:


I don’t think it is overvalued. It is risky, but the ratio of risk/reward seems very good to me.

I think there’s a greater than 10% chance of a working product being released in the next two years, and that if this happens, the value is likley to go up by far more than 10x, so well worth the punt at this price… if I had any money to buy more that is :smiley:


Likewise …!!!


Oh to have a crystal ball and look at 2 years time



Well bitcoin broke the $5K barrier in a big way and the alts are suffering.

MAID hit 7100 today. So its outside of my “crystal ball”. Still worth 37 cents if it was still that low. But now its back to 7700 which is 40 cents. That is still 20 times from 2 years ago.


2000 satoshis incoming


^^ Exactly this!

I’ve spent my life gambling. MAID remains the best bet I’ve ever seen. BTC then ETH blew my mind in terms of the risk/reward ranges that I guessed at in 2015. Then I discovered SAFE and saw something even bigger and more obvious. I’d guess there is still no better bet in crypto right now in terms of risk reward (apart from maybe some tiny sub $100k project that no one knows about).

People are not betting on MAID because they don’t understand it, not because it is over-valued. That’s fine though. I want to capitalise on utility, not speculation, that’s where the long wait for the biggest upside always is. A load of speculators now could bring more downside than up in terms of long term prospects.

I think nature is going to take its course here. We won’t explode until testsafecoin and that’s about the time when we’ll need the users and the network effects to help make SAFE as secure as possible as soon as possible.


I know a few people who play with crypto, but… point them to maid they just don’t understand it.
I think it’s because it does not fit in to the blockchain frame of mind.


Quite significant turnover in Maid over the past 24 hours. Hope it’s not speculators and it’s a whale getting out


It could be a whale shaking some dead wood from the tree. We are near all time lows vs Bitcoin now. I don’t think anything has changed radically enough in either maidsafecoin or Bitcoin to justify this going lower. This must surely be a great time to buy in for those with too many bitcoin.


At what price will MAID bottom against Bitcoin?
Thanks for all votes!

  • It already has.
  • It will drop below 2000 Sat.
  • 2000 - 3000 Sat.
  • 3000 - 5000 Sat.

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I expect it’s apparent now this flux is something to do with China changing tune again… or is it compound of expecting also another hardfork??

I’ve become slow to cotton on, having taken my finger off the pulse… I just sit and hold and care less about the current price. :smiley:

Still, damn what a difference a few days make! It’s interesting to watch and wonder. Little reason to consider that this is anything MAID related of course, as all altcoins seem to have the same - but it’s a surprise the volume that appears to have become speculative on BTC rise… the worry must be the whales are so large they are exploiting the smaller investors.

On the upside perhaps those divested of weaker coins can consider SAFE and reinvest their new BTC wealth in a better more considered way. Time for some simple marketing perhaps?


sell now and buy back at 2000 satoshis