MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


it’s the only project that doesn’t give any time frame.


Ethereum’s sharding is “Hoping to be done in the next 2 years or so” (Vlad). That probably means a lot longer than 2 years ofc.

Given the size and scope of SAFE I’d say the fact that it is likely to launch before that is more than enough info. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You can’t compare it to other projects that are knocking out really simple ideas.


Yet it has so much more “promise” than the rest. There is plenty at this point to keep folks busy. As more apps appear I think that will become clear.


Looks as though 8300 is coming @neo :frowning: damn


It is diving and no alpha release to save us this time. Ouch.
Don’t even feel like buying the dip this time.
The bitcoin rally is not helping, but -33% against btc since Alpha2 is harsh.

I am trying to get a feeling where the next buying level might be and where it will stabilise but it is hard to say


Agree - we quite literally have no one wanting in at the moment. Everyone that knows about maid is in and it seems like the big boys want out :frowning:


Everytime I look at coinmarketcap I see new projects coming from nowhere. Cardano, salt, walton, tron…what the hell.


All this painful waiting will just seem like a blip when we’re looking back in 5-10 years. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Dotcom bubble inflated for a long time before the wheat was separated from the chaff.


42k $ to buy 100’000 MAID still feels a bit expensive to a lot of people, especially when you consider the 4billion safe coins that will be issued eventually


Yep. I’m not expecting any huge changes until TestSafeCoin tbh, but then I am expecting the start of the biggest move of them all. :grin:

I agree, for now there won’t be any big change unless there’s some serious coverage. I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing though. I’m paranoid about having too many eyes on SAFE too early, so as long as we’re still pre TestSafeCoin I’m ok with low interest personally.

Hopefully PDC will provide more short and mid-term interest :wink:


Yep. Human nature the way it is, the market will hold back until MAID has been derisked to a certain point. We are not at that point yet. Only the true believers and long term speculators are in. Great time to nibble away at a few more


A lot of resistance though. I’d say we will be lucky to see 9000 too soon. Its dropping a lot slower than I expected, but still if people bought BTC when I said buy MAID slowly then they would be laughing.

You never know in this market, someone might read one of Maidsafe’s articles and the light goes off and they and their friends start buying. Yea, I know, no need to tell me :slight_smile:

EDIT: and how I am wrong. hit 9300 just 5 hours later


The lack of a timeline puts the general crypto buyer off. Can you imagine the market reaction if there was an announcement saying Maid will launch beta at the end of November. I know it wont happen, November 2018 may be closer to the mark, but there’s little reason to pour into Maid whilst all the action is around Bitcoin


I rarely mess with you guys, and certainly don’t take me as any kind of expert or even experienced voice here. I’m not, but I do watch the price over time with interest and have followed markets as a mostly disinterested observer for decades, with dips into try my hand too. So caveat made…

Not many expects this dip could go below say 7, or even 8 right? How about 5? I’m betting hardly anyone reading this would say, “hmm yeh, maybe below 5. Definitely a possibility.” Would you?

Well I’m not saying it will. But I would NOT be surprised at all. Its been a long time above that kind of level. Lots of people have bought above it. Market swings happen when most people are wrong, so there is a possibility IMO. Maybe not on this dip, but be careful folks is what I’m saying.

And certainly not a bad time to place some speculative low priced buys huh?

Well, I’ll now leave you all to it lol :slight_smile:


Not much to it but hey, we are moving up in the world :grin:
Available @ playstore


fully agreed.

how about breaching 1k sat on the downside, especially if BTC is heading to $10k.

There’s no limit when fear takes over. trust me. I am still quitely but surely investing new clients in MAID on the way down. But if I want to keep clients I also need to have them invest in BTC ETH DASH AND XMR.


No trust needed :slight_smile: That fear comes from people who have over invested - they are the ones you will see flying by the windows, sadly. Greed and fear are difficult to master and take no prisoners, so be careful folks.

  1. As us Aussies say " You bewdy". Can’t wait. In 2 to 3 years time we will be saying “should have bought more”. 1 Satoshi!!! That’s like dreaming you won the lottery.


I dd not see it dropping so low so quick, otherwise I would not have rebought so high.


Don’t worry you’re not alone :zipper_mouth_face: