MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Drip feeding test nets is a good way to get around the pumps too. I am hoping the new digital media guy at maidsafe will help create some more steady buzz.


When do they start ? In 2weeks ?


2 weeks sounds about right.


This isnt one of these bfl 2 weeks i pray.


I’m still waiting for my single…


Hey guys, if you want to buy more MAID then now seems like a good time to watch the prices. Big sell off happening now and prices may even dip to below 10K. So buy a little at a time and follow the price as it goes down. Remember that from every dip there will be a rise as it goes down. Don’t buy on the rise but on the dip.

I doubt there will be any fear of missing out if you buy in small amounts while it goes down, this seems to be a sell off by someone who wants BTC for something else.

Disclaimer: And I could be very wrong, so this is not advise but suggestions :slight_smile:


Speculators went in at 9k sat up to 14k sat for alpha2 release, and are now exiting.
They are not believers in the project long term. Just smart money looking to make a profit for a short period before and during alpha 2 release.

We now have 2-3 difficult weeks before the marketers settle in their new job, and I agree we might see a big dip coming…

Could be a great entry point below 10k sat.

#2525 lazy to search for even two seconds what November 15th’s event is, and this article is written sensationally/stupidly, but anyone agree/realize that alts could start shooting up like crazy “soon”? Before Nov 15.


And is at 10.2K when I woke up today


Good work oh wise one :wink:

Any thoughts on what we might see for MAID over the next 4-6 weeks with the China exchange lockout kicking in (assume already priced in) and another possible split on the horizon in Nov for BTC?

Nail that one and I’ll send you a case of your choice :beer:


Who knows. But I think most of the effect has already been felt.


What exactly is going on in superbly massive detail? Too lazy to research :+1:
Just my luck I apparently absolutely need to spend like 5,000 dollars today, with MAID.
(With me using Omni Core [FINALLY sync’d] for my 1st time ever to do it all secured compared to exchanges.)
And then it’s going to back up. Of course! That’s the likely scenario, with my luck.
So like, is it going to start increasing by tomorrow? Or another week.

The format of this post looks like a left hand giving the finger. I apologize.


Alpha 2 news finished with and the minor dump is about over. Until alpha3 there isn’t going to be much upward pressure really. And with the price of BTC rising quickly again I’d say that MAID will not rise much against BTC and basically go up/down a few % till alpha 3 sounds real close. It could even go down to 9K rather than go up to 11K before alpha 3 news/rumblings start building again.


I don’t imagine anything is happening on that date, it just sounds like a scam. Enter your email for more details!


Looks to me as if someone is exerting some control on the price.


Agreed…someone is messing with the price…


Lets smoke the :fox_face: out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!


That is a wide range and the 12.3K one is small fry. The one at 8300 is someone wanting to get in cheap and expects it to drop sometime.

We did have a couple of instances where someone sold a huge amount and (caused to) dropped the price 4K in one hit. So the 8300 buy might be there to catch another one if it happens.

But the price is trading “nicely” way outside of those and really means that those are not controlling the price at the moment.

The 12.3K one is nothing and certainly would only have a momentarily effect on slowing a rising MAID price. And the 8300 is not even on the radar of people buying/selling at the moment.


With a rising btc it could easly be there in less then a month. Hard to tell really, people get bored of waiting i guess for another how many months.


I’m bored of hearing about people getting bored.