MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Said another way

Alpha 2 is the User interface side of SAFE.
Alpha 3 is the user interface + routing of data using home nodes (no vault)
Alpha 4 is the user interface + routing + vaults at home


If we have any more talk of alphas (eg the last 3 posts) then I will have to move the conversation elsewhere as this topic is for price & trading of MAID. I’ll accept that the last three have bearing on the future price but any more means this topic is going off course.



i think exchanges play important role in pumping price of coins. We can see that lot of useless projects are even doing more then 100% now and then. when a coin is pumped few times, people do notice that coin and project imho. i dont agree with “Stability” sentence. we can talk about stability when price is matured and it can justify the project. But atleast not at this point. I have seen coins being pumped 2x just because of launching a new website. Really, i mean does it make sense? Important thing is people must notice this project.Because saying that Alpha 4 and Alpha 3 will make a difference and price will boom. Sorry to say, but i think it might wont make any strong effect( price should hve gone higher even after this release,every release is important). These achievements are not a work of a one day or a week. Its a hard work done by dev’s over a long period of time. We are lacking of something. David and Nick has to decide where we are lacking imho. we know project is important at this stage and not these issues. But these things go side by side.


It makes sense from a speculator’s point of view because they know that a new ICO will likely shoot up in the early days before crashing back down to earth so that’s where they are putting their money for quick returns. It has absolutely no relation to the perceived value of the project and is everything to do with making a quick buck. Longer term projects seem to mostly follow the same pattern as Maidsafecoin with occasional pumps from whales seemingly at random, and bearing very little relation to announcements of actual developments on the ground. Maybe cause and effect were more closely tied together in the early days but the huge number of new entrants to the market added to the natural volatility of bitcoin means the situation is basically chaotic.


I found out about maidsafe shortly before they had their crowd sale/ICO. I am still here and spreading the word. Let’s not forget that a bit of buzz causes more people to hear about the project, who may also become long term advocates and investors.


Just trying to work out your thought process with the above statement. Not a criticism at all just seeing where you perceive this project as lacking? The Price? Marketing? The code?

I don’t want to sound like an old grump because you raise a few good points but I see this popping up on the forum quite a bit (not just now after Alpha 2) about how there isn’t enough hullabaloo surrounding SAFE and how this does/can hurt the project long term.

Firstly, everybody including myself needs to take a slight reality check (please don’t think that’s rude I included myself as well here) and realise even though we exist in the space we are actually completely de-coupled from the Crypto Sphere when it comes to SAFE and the end destination.

Our product unless it’s ready to go simply becomes worth not much more than a stepping stone for the next generation to step up and attack the issues SAFE is looking at addressing as well as adding some cool new tech eg: software that increases in speed with more users. The all encompassing viral potential we see in this product simply won’t happen until it’s solid, complete and ready to head off out into the big bad online world.

Let’s say we spent $10 million on marketing Alpha2, had really cool websites, articles in major newspapers etc ad naseum what do honestly think the result would be? This is the bit that hurts @Sam_1, the impact would be minimal, sure lots of eyes would go “ok cool, great idea, show it to me in action/where do I go to use it”, but other than a few smart cookies with an IT or investment background who is going to plonk the cash down on what is still only a maybe???

I sat watching this forum for a good couple of years before joining and initially was like a lot of people here quietly getting frustrated why we weren’t shouting loudly from the rooftops even in our own circles as to the behemoth that was under construction. But as time went by and I actually sat and looked at the actual value proposition of SAFE and just how seriously it’s going to disrupt every level of society I realised quite frankly no one should be messing or interacting with this beautiful thing unless out of pure love (eg: you and I) until it was ready to spread it’s wings and embed itself in our respective cultures.

So I ask again what are we lacking? You can’t say price, you know as well as I do once SAFE works various markets will make this valuable even with zero marketing, You can’t say marketing because well there’s still only minimal to market other than the idea and some basic (very advanced) tech.

I tend to understand people feel this way because they want to make sure we don’t miss the average user on the street who we hope in time will use SAFE. I question pretty aggressively whether we need to be doing that at the moment. Until it gains prominence and is in use and they can click and download the general public are non-starters and let’s be realistic that imo is at least a good 2 years away at least (shudder, everyone won’t like that :slightly_smiling_face:)

So asking Nick and David to decide what we are lacking is hard, mainly because well I’m sure they ask this question of themselves every day, every time they read our posts, but again until this idea is not just feasible but chugging away a small group of investors looking for a ray of light (better marketing/a price increase) at the end of a very long tunnel are well the last priority here.

Ps: I’m not critiquing you personally just offering an alternate point of view. Best put it to you this way as this is a price/trading topic, what do you want most? a bump/pump each announcement plus the possible risks associated with the wrong eyes converging on SAFE so we all can fist pump our investment temporarily or do you want a rock solid and secure unhackable network that on release and proven to survive in the wild despite external parties attempts to sink it that will make you extremely wealthy and in a position not just to zoom around in a lambo (or whatever wealthy people like to do these days) but also be in a position to change the lives of those close to and around you with freedom SAFE as an investor will potentially give you.

I don’t think you can have it both ways and not expect some type of blowback from the wrong eyes watching this project too early (again though just my point of view, certainly not gospel)

Again I add though you make some important points and I take these all on board just trying to throw the other side of the argument out there so the newer forum members can throw some ideas around in their own heads and come to their own conclusions :slight_smile::smile::wink:


Fully agree. Until Maidsafe is close to launch people will say “get back to me when it’s up and running”. The smart money usually moves in just before this.


No offense taken.We are here on this forum for open discussion in a friendly way. Lacking not in sense of Project at all.David, Nick and others are way too nice and intelligent as compared to thousands of us. If u ask me why i invested in this project. My answer is simple. First , i like this project and i felt that David is an honest and hard working guy( not pampering him TBH). By lacking i meant awareness. i have noticed even most of the day trader have no idea what is maidsafe. Most of them only notice a project when they see movement in price randomly. And then they discuss it on tweeter and other social media. Its just a few time good push then people do it for u automatically. They will promote it on daily or weekly basis even if u dont want.Second, im in for a long term. There are many projects out there im sure who didnt even deliver anything yet but people talking about it and praising them. Me and Lisa already decided not to sell it before 2022 :yum: Not for taking a profit for a little pump and go away. If that would hve been the case i m sure i’d not be writing all this here. What im concerned here is about new money flowing in. As we can see the MCap of crytpo been raising a lot in last few months. Every month thousands of fresh people are investing in crypto. We have to be smart to take our share out of it. Because not everyone spare time to read the project and then decide to invest. And i’d never ask to spend millions on marketing for pump and dump. My main concern is about new money flowing into the crypto.Because personally i dont like moaning about price hype stuff all the time and thinking about getting rich overnight. i hope i made myself clear here.


Understand where you are coming from. The crypto world is very very young. If it proves itself, it will add many more hundreds of millions to the amount invested. Maidsafe will actually give the crypto world a lot of credibility when it launches. Apart from a handful of them, they are mostly crap


I think a few articles by those interested in the space wouldn’t go amiss. Millions do not need spent. Just a bit of time telling the crypto media and create a bit of a buzz. I am sure they would have followed up on their alpha 1 stories at least.


Good thinking. Good marketing will bring in a lot of developers to build their services for future adoption. In return, will have high user base and Safecoin price moon.


What is this silly ‘moon’ thing all you young kids keep bringing up…you know this is likely heading to Alpha Centauri if it works right? :wink::laughing::wink:


Your brimming confidence is very reassuring.


I’m actually one of the grumpy bums on here who will tell people to hit the brakes on their expectations. If you don’t you’re likely going to be scratching an unscratchable itch over the next few years whilst the journey slowly moves forward and you don’t see too much of a factoral return on this project (there’s the bluntness :wink:).

The journey will be extremely worthwhile if we can make it, that I’m a firm believer in :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Join the club :wink: Get off my lawn you kids :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: bah humbug

Really if SAFE does as its supposed to do then over the years the coin should keep growing in value and there is no real limit.

Imagine when 1/2 the world is using SAFE, there is not going to be enough coins to go around. Since there will *never* be 4 billion coins existing and 1/2 the population by then will be 4 billion or more one coin per person is pie in the sky stuff. Scarcity will cause the price to rise and most people will only have a fraction of a coin (using divisibility obviously).

Then imagine that people are using safecoin to do “money” transfers and buying/selling goods as well as for storing data, then we can see that a portion of the world’s GDP will be going through SAFE and this means the worth of SAFEcoin will be high indeed. Also shows that divisibility will have to have plenty of decimal places and use only one transaction for the transfer of any part of a coin.

Unless of course we as the SAFEnetwork users agree to transform SAFEcoin into another coin where there is 2^48 coins. But then divisibility would still be needed.


Correct @neo, there is indeed a very very large forest beyond the crypto trees…

Super happy the long termers like yourself will be able to help get that message through when needed (and it will be needed) :wink:


You know I have seen lots of pumps and dumps on many coins but rarely on Maid.


Looks like the price is being intentionally held down… there’s 11btc worth of MAID at 12629


The big ones stopped as soon as Maidsafe the company stopped giving timeframes. The pumps-n-dumps were using the build up to the proposed time to pump then they dumped after.

Now without these announcement timeframes the ability to achieve a successful dump has reduced dramatically. Also the usual “investor” (actually daytraders) lost a lot of interest around then too.

But we did see a minor pump (not very successful) around the alpha 2 announcement and the drop to below 13K

I imagine that when we get a testsafecoin announcement then the pumpers will jump on the bandwagon and try their luck.