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What do you think is better to hold, PDC or MAID?


200K Euros or Maids? You got a screen shot?


I hold MAID for my belief in the SAFE network.
I also hold PDC for my belief in the need for a social network on top of any network, including SAFE. Both.


200k Maids…



Thank you. :slight_smile:

That’s a lot. Someone who believes the alpha2 announcement is already proved in?


Seems an odd time to cash out with the release coming today, but then they might want to get in to USDT to avoid any further btc drops…?


MAID seems to be holding up quite well price wise in the face of the bitcoin fall… And what a lovely fall, may it continue.

Edit: Famous last words.


Place your bet, how far up does it go once alpha2 hit before settling down?

  • It sink!
  • Stays about the same.
  • 0.00018 sat
  • 0.00020 sat
  • 0.00025 sat
  • 0.00030 sat
  • 0.00040 sat
  • To the moon and beyond!

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Fall is not an option?


Could probably have done with an option between “same” and 20!

Any longer and we’ll be at 12 too.


there there, added a few option.

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pump-n-dump but a small one.

they simply bought during the last few weeks at the times while the maid/btc price was low which helped raise the price. Then at/after announcement they sell and take profits to do the same thing in another market


I wasn’t expecting a huge bump straight away, but didn’t expect the opposite. Let’s see how it pans out over the weekend.


Seriously Alpha 2 had no effect on price!!!


Speculation money flies in and out, but investment money moves much more slowly. I was not expecting loads of speculators to suddenly jump in for alpha 2, we’re still a fair way from testsafecoin which is all they’ll care about I’m sure.

If there are more press releases then we might see a gradual increase in volume and demand over the next few weeks. It’s still a bit early to say imo. New investment money often has to do its DD and then go through the processes of ‘buying’. Sudden spikes are rarely very long-lived, better to create new interest and investors than just excite the current crowd temporarily I reckon.


So just checking the price now. Alpha2 was a typical buy the rumor sell the news apparently ?
Was there any press release ? No buzz at all ?


Few seemed to buy the rumour and there was no news released to sell on. All a bit of a damp squib, really. Given functionality was similar to test 19, I am wondering what the motivation around alpha 2 was, if not to shout about the milestone being reached?

Surely, these sort of alpha events should be celebrated, bringing renewed enthusiasm and faces into the community? I wasn’t expecting massive fireworks, but I was expecting something.

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Albeit a minor one. We’ve seen huge ones for announcements. Near doubling in price then big dumps a couple years ago.

The whales were more likely worried about BTC then to try and pump a under hyped alpha release

The forum made plenty of buzz for weeks and the announcement in the previous dev update saw the price rise a little IIRC and the pump-n-dumper had probably bought prior to that so the dump as little as it was made them some profit.

Its a network that will remain running even when later testnets are running. Its for developers to have a stable platform to develop against.

In my opinion it will be alpha 4 and later that will see more of this. Should have vaults at home in alpha 4.


To me alpha 2 makes alpha 4 more of a reality, seeing as it’s a full-blown release with confidence and major working parts. Maybe it just means A3 will be more of a hit, being that much closer. If it isn’t… well, tough on people not buying in. It’s all mostly whales’ games, anyway.


I may be wrong but Alpha 4 is the integration of 2 and 3 plus running home vaults. To me Alpha 3 is the key as we should learn if Safenet is actually safe. If it is, then the project will have a huge layer if remaining risk removed. There should be price movements after this. Having said that, if you bought at ICO time, you should already be smiling​:smiley::joy: