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What do community members think about the coming. Alpha 2 release and it’s impact on price. On the one hand I’m disappointed about current market conditions but on the other hand excited that Maidsafe is even closer to beta release. It looks like only a recovery in the Bitcoin Price will impact positively on the Maidsafe price.


I think there will be little effect.

Unless some whale thinks he/she can get mileage out it the news. (pump-n-dump)

Although there maybe a little buying occurring from some people introduced to SAFE because of the alpha2 news.

Now if this was alpha 4 where vaults at home should be occurring then I’d expect a lot more people buying.


I think the next Alphas could come faster than we think. They have been saying they did the hard work first and so perhaps the next stages will come together more quickly. Also, the hiring of marketing staff is supporting this possibility.


agree, but still we need to discuss this elsewhere :slight_smile: Alpha 3 is already being worked on and is to have nodes minus vaults at home. Then alpha 4 is nodes including vaults at home.

Its alpha 4 that will see a network functioning as it is intended to be. How much more functionality to be added after that is safecoin and what else I’m not sure of.

So I feel that alpha 4 will be the next release that will see a pump-n-dump plus a overall rise against bitcoin, maybe the 30K-50K is what MAID will fluctuate between after alpha 4 price manipulation by whales is over.


I don’t think the Alpha 2 release by itself will have much effect on the price. However, given the MaidSafe team have been recruiting digital marketers and support person, it leads me to believe there could be some media announcements and ongoing upgrading of the ‘message’. If that’s so, then we could see a slower but sustainable uptick in price as we progress to Alpha 3.

The closer we get to a MVP, the more MaidSafe will get noticed and the price of MAID will rise.


That sell wall on MAID right now !!!

158 btc worth below 15k sat, guys !
426 btc worth below 16.56k sat.
let’s rip it off !


Its a whale trying to buy below the wall value.

As you buy from the wall the whale simply puts a buy order in lower to recoup the MAID sold from the wall and thus profit from it.

The only one who wins from a whale wall is the whale. UNLESS you can buy out the wall completely in one hit and the price keeps rising. But if the price drops again then the whale will still win.

Best to ignore the wall and buy smaller quantities and more often without attacking the wall. Beat him at his own game by placing buy orders lower than the wall and the wall will work in your favor by keeping the price low.


I understand very well the sell wall tactic @Neo
But I am working hard to collect the money to be able to crack such a wall. When I see such an opportunity I actually call clients just so you know.
And it’s been a long time we didn’t have such a wall
One day a whale playing with MAID is gonna have a bad surprise


i saw a dream last night that its 2020 and Maid is $120 each. :grimacing:


2020 is only 832 days away.


Yeah! :smiley: If that was true, it implies 0,645 % p.d. interest… not bad at all :smiley:


With today’s release I wonder if we could make it onto

20 chars


I cant find the topic that was released here today??? Has it been removed? It was a browser release notice… I’m sure I saw it…


Uhm and you don’t happen to mean the hosting manager testing release?


I’m not sure now, I don’t think so, I’m sure I saw a post that was from today that said to download latest release of the browser, which I did and running it now, I’m sure it was a post from today as when I read it there were no repliys, then when I finished downloading and got an issue I went back to the post and there was a reply to the post…

I think something was posted today but has since been retracted… in the image below you can see files from yesterday the 19th. I only downloaded this today to my machine so some files stamped today at 12.17 noon today…



Thank you drehb, that is the one…


Penalizing anyone who claims the cryptocurrencies are not legitimate? can it be?


is that 200k just been dumped on poloniex?


Bitcoin getting squeezed again. May be no bad thing for maidsafecoin (relatively) of we get a bit of buzz out od alpha 2.