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Volume has gone through the floor on poloniex. Calm before the alpha 2 storm?


It all depends on whether the Alpha 2 release is today or not :wink:


My sense tells me Not Today


Nah look at what BTC is doing. Many people had to change their underware over that and so SAFE is not in their sights at the moment. (Apart from the massive sale to get BTC to sell before BTC price dives completely)


I have been waiting for Alpha 2 for months, now it’s about to be released, I just wish they would wait a bit longer.
Launching Alpha 2 during a crash could make the announcement a non-event, instead of triggering a 100% rally.
Gosh, Maidsafe ain’t lucky with markets.


I think this will blow over before Alpha 2, hopefully the newly designed web hosting manager today but I think the release is still a little way off.


It looks like a couple of calls for Bitcoin to hit the $3000 level are on the mark. Great opportunity to grab more Maidsafe before Alpha 2 and beyond


Plenty of volume now! LOL! I bet there are a few brown trousers!


Perhaps core 0.15.0 released today will fuel a new rally and prop MAID in time for Alpha 2!


Exiting fast and selling all that ICO for $$$$ is bound to move a market. :wink:


21st is the releasing date of Alpha 2


Spot of green in the sea of red.
China definitely raining on our parade though.


First time I’ve seen MAID top of the changers for quite a while…


I’ll be even happier when we’re top for vol!

This is a pretty big bounce for btc (and maid). Hopefully the start of the recovery rather than a dead cat.


man the volume and price rise is insane. $.78 even seems possible.


I’ve got to say. I’m so glad I’m invested in everything MAID. This community is second to none. The development team are an outstanding bunch.

The price of a safe coin doesn’t even concern me anymore. I’ve read so much fud and hostility from all the other blockchain tech forums and so called experts - I actually feel a bit sorry for them.

If noobs and anybody looking to invest in a crypto project right now aren’t sure where to put there $$$. It’s right here - and long term. Stop gambling on all these silly BTC clones and wake up to what is happening right here.

Seriously, I love this place.


And the place loves you right back. :slight_smile:


It’s a bit like transcendence or enlightenment isn’t it? Haha I’m the same way, I know we’ll get there.


What the hell, I buy $1000 worth of ETH at Coinbase $36 dollars for fees and whatever else.
I’m in the States using a US company (Coinbase) paying with an US Bank debit card and I get an additional $39 foreign transaction fee from my bank because Coinbase use an foreign processor. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: for real… off topic but I need to vent. BS