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It doesn’t sound like there are any easy decisions there. Fundraising is hard and complex. I personally think its good that someone stepped in as the ICOs were just getting ridiculous, but tough for legitimate projects caught in the middle.


MAID price is looking really resilient. Knocked down, but recovering well. Wow. Nice.


No wonder best product on the market :slight_smile:


When a white paper and some entertainment personalities can raise $100 million, you know something is wrong. Investors do need to be protected from vultures


Children and puppies need protection from vultures. “Investors” should do their own due diligence.


In principle yes, sadly many are blinded and clueless or simply lack the appropriate mentality to look out for themselves. More require shepherding than dont. Pessimistic but somebody needs to have the back of fools who are easily parted from their money.


Meh, no one has their back when they walk into a casino or are offered the chance to buy into a time-share or loan they can’t afford to repay.

I don’t know, a part of me sympathises with your point, but the other part of me is offended by the idea of someone playing the paternal role. Really, protection must be solicited and voluntary. Forced/obligatory ‘protection’ is just dominion in a well-intentioned disguise. We become reliant on a centralised body so we all feel the burden of the mistakes they make.

Voluntary protection for idiots who realise they are idiots is an idea I could get behind. Rules which inhibit the freedoms of people who want to exercise their right to make their own choices about things which only affect their own lives is indefensible imo. We learn by making mistakes, so we must be free to make them.


Just wanted to ask real quick if you are in harms way down in Florida @Savage


It’s still a roll of the dice, nobody knows quite yet. Finding gas/petrol is already a nightmare, grocery shelves are empty. I’m on the Gulf if it turns up the east coast (seems it may) it won’t be as problematic as if it enters the Gulf and west coast.
Once they established with any degree of certainty where it’s going I’ll decide on running or digging in. No more flights available so I’m trying to stockpile gas just in case of the big flee :roll_eyes:


It sounds like a nightmare. Sorry to hear that, I know others down there in the same boat. I’ll be there in a couple weeks prolly to see the aftermath. The latest I’d seen was it projected to head up almost the middle of the state :grimacing: I know floridians are used to the season but being a michigander I’d run from natural disaster. Highest risk up here is boredom. Good luck man


China is at it again:
EDIT: this was probably fake news. But fake or not it was probably the cause of the price drop of BTC and MaidSafeCoin.


Wow. That was one unstealthy cashout. 8700 sat low. Crazy. More money than sense.


Crazy… wish I had some speculative buy orders in!


Looks like a fat finger that triggered some stop losses.


Looks like some forced liquidations seems to me.
With BTC going down and with Alpha two around the corner, MAID dropping like that just doesn’t make any sense.


I actually had a buy order in! Just on the wrong freaking exchange! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The problem is too few people hold too many MAID


lol very unlucky bro

I completely missed the action, busy in the garden :frowning: /doh


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Broadband and a veg patch… we’re both living the dream :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: