MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


As usual there’s a concerted pump effort for a couple weeks, and I think after this dev update if there’s nothing significant they’ll take profits, and sell sell sell until the price crashes.

This is fair warning. HODL. I’ve been keeping track of these groups for a while now and this is a painfully obvious trend.


Yes agree. It’s really the only crypto in the top 50 plus with this price action. Maid hodlers are a committed bunch and I am one. Someday the payoff will come but over the last years that capital would have been multiplied 100’s of times in most other cryptos. It’s not easy to watch those companies moon with either less or no investment in them. I don’t think we bet the wrong horse, just the one, relatively speaking, that has barely left the gate in terms of pure price appreciation. Comparisons to the stock or bond or real estate markets to Maid only are not relevant, imo because the risk is different. But, the risk was the same for Ether or Dash or many other cryptos. The payoff, so far, has not been. No love lost here for the project or the people involved, just the reality to date. As Maid investors we have sacrificed massive opportunity gains relative to many other cryptos. I believe we will make up ground if releases happen soon - and not in a few years…
The team is clearly doing their best, I just hope they make it across the line sooner than later.


Here comes the dip. Like clockwork. THIS IS AN ORGANIZED SELL OFF. Just a heads up.


Good. I’m planning on buying loads more


I’m really kicking myself for not adding to my position this time when it was sub 10k sats, I just got paralysed by the fear of BTC mooning further.



Let’s just hope in 6 months sub 20k will seem a bargain, and BTC is $7500 each :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


6 months! It could be there in 6 weeks :scream::yum::disappointed_relieved:. There was a barrier at $4400 but now thats broken 2 days ago its 4750 now.

If people want MAID then now might be the best time. The typical dump around the dev release seems to be mild this time. If people are lucky there might be a major dump if the price of BTC rockets, like happened the time before when it hit sub 8K on poloniex


yeah I think this was actually confirmed


Such big news about Safenetwork and no movement in price. I’am a little bit frustrated :cry:


It is incremental news, and that’s not what sharply moves markets. Let’s see what denoting this as Alpha 2 does, but even that may not move the price permanently. Don’t be frustrated. Softly softly catchy monkey :slight_smile:

And don’t forget that we are around ATH in $ terms. See that as an astonishingly high launchpad for later milestones which the market WILL see as significant.


25% in the last week with zero marketing. Not a bad effort.


Yeah you guys are right. I am a little bit to impatient that’s probably true :blush:


Still under $1. Need to keep buying


I think you’ve got about 2 weeks of sub $1 prices.


$0.70 breached… not long until $1 indeed!


Except the mentions in this forum, I haven’t heard about that Brock Pierce guy, but he was apparently a child actor.
He is mentioned in this article: John-Cena-posts-about-bitcoin-on-instagram.

Reading the article, it seems to me that (rich) boxers/fighters are well represented among the crypto fans: John Cena, Floyd ‘Crypto’ Mayweather, Mike Tyson.
And I’ve read somewhere on the forum that David Irvine also used to box :wink:


Watching Coinmarketcap right now and was shocked to see MAID at 77 cents - a 10 cent rise in less than 24 hours. Makes me wonder if there is any specific cause…


People are not selling maid at these low btc prices, infact ppl are buying.
That coupled with a raise in btc price is dragging us up.


Cost of moving maidsafe. It’s getting expensive. Will exchanges review the charge? Will Omni change it?

At $1 small buyins are going to be difficult.
I’ve persuaded people to buy little and often, difficult when moving your $50 purchase you lose $10. Ouch.


Blame Bitcoin, which has failed to keep up with demand for transactions, forcing fees upward.

If Onni could port to a reasonable blockchain like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or anything else that didn’t have insane transaction fees it’d be great, but I don’t know if porting the whole Omni system over to a new blockchain would be feasible.

Edit: on a positive note, TREZOR support is planned, so if you want a relatively safe offline way to store MAID and other Omni assets other than an offline computer with Armory, it shouldn’t be too long.