MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Interesting that other coins rocket in value (eg Bytecoin)and Maidsafe keeps to the slow and steady growth path. People are probably waiting for Alpha 2 release


i dont think alpha 2 will be released tomorrow. isnt it? may be couple of week more


As far as we’ve been told a testnet will be released before any alpha. And if the test is suitable then it will be renamed to alpha2


Testnet for this forum members?



The dev team do a lot of internal testing and they cannot really be called a testnet as far as the community is concerned.


Your guess is as good as mine. Probably the end of September or October


There was a chart posted recently that showed maidsafecoin was the only token in the top X that didn’t correlate negatively or positively with bitcoin. It is very much it’s own beast most of the time.

I always feel like maidsafecoin is an investment in a new technology, which isn’t directly related to Bitcoin other than it will have a safe coin token. Most others out there are much more about the token itself, which directly compete with bitcoin. Hence, the correlation of those with Bitcoin.

Safe coin will be great, but it is is only a small part of what the technology will deliver. To me, this is the part many miss and is why maidsafecoin is undervalued. In this space, most people are Bitcoin and currency fanatics. There is nothing wrong with that, but I do think it blinds many to the potential of what lies beyond the coin.


Hopefully once Alpha2 and 3 are run in unison and they see that the tech works, (crossing my fingers) the eyes of the world will open


Data chains, Vaults from home, and Safecoin


First time we’ve breached $300M I believe… over 67c now. Bring on the top 20 and dollars rather than cents. :smile:


Yes, I noticed too!
Bring on the top ten, where we used to be!


Basically this. It’s common to see majority of alts take hits when btc bull rushes.


Anyone heard of Archain. Another safe and secure internet crypto that according to the whiepaper is meant to launch in First Quarter 2018. I wonder what that launch will mean on MAID’s price.

Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network

Does it use the blockchain?.. drop mic


They say it uses blockweave whatever that is


Mod-message: Please use a topic in #related-projects to discuss archain if you wish to continue discussing it.

Me: It is feeling really great with the price of MAID over 50 cents. Been holding my small stash for 2 years now and finally seeing it grow is great. And it seems that projections of $1 is within our reach this year and multi-dollar before launch of SAFE.


It’s essentially the block chain.


MAID has a healthy gradual increase in value overtime. Not all that bullish like the other coins, and still very cheap to buy.

I can see MAID/SAFE reaching $30-$50 in a few years when it goes live.


At the beginning of this year $1000 would by you 4000 MAIDS. At the moment $1000 will buy you 1500… quite soon, $1000 will only buy you 1000.

$5 per coin at end of year next year at this rate, but who knows what will happen when the coin hits $1.00 - it may start getting serious attention, $1.00 is the first battle for most coins.
Add to this future Dev updates coming up this year, the window of opportunity to buy cheap MAIDs is closing.

I think I just got in at the right time to feel comfortable.


Gradual? By any other asset class, it has been explosive. Crypto certainly resets expectations in an extreme way! :slight_smile: