MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Yes, I just found your post about that with the screenshot/exchange names. Thanks for figuring that out! And @Jabba mentioning Brock Pierce. His wallet only contains Maid and hardly enough Bitcoin to transfer it, though. So it must be another whale…


Yes it was another one. Not sure which topic it was in though.


This is the wallet that makes me scratch my head and raise an eyebrow.

Was mentioned in the decorum thread.


Whoever the owner is, he/she will need a ‘bit’ more BTC for tx/omni fees :slight_smile:


This is a true believer in the project.


I wouldn’t care as long as I’ve not opened a long margin. Forced liquidations during a sharp and deep move of the market would be devastating.
If you aren’t margin trading though, it doesn’t matter. It takes more than a splash to change the course of a river.
Think of the Ethereum crash to ten cents recently. Prices recovered almost instantly. The only should-have-been losers were the margin traders (“should-have-been” only because GDAX refunded their loses). For everyone else it’s business as usual.
Having said that, of course, I would love to see a more uniform distribution of wealth.


Looks like an all-time-high:

Great for all the hoddlers out there, but also for MaidSafe the company as they probably still hold some coins next to cash and BTC.


Really nice.

We are about to enter the

Why didn’t I know, buy, or pay attention to this coin when it was < $1.00 zone.

I actually bought in this time around. Wow.


66.7 cents (2/3 dollars) on poloniex right now. Great isn’t it.


As soon as people understand that the future is not a block chain, Maidsafe Coin will rocket. It will come before release I am certain.


I just hope BTC doesn’t take a dramatic crash and pull the whole crypto market down with it. Maybe I worry too much.



HitBTC beating Polo in volume. Nice to see.
Add the USD and BTC markets and it’s a pretty good walloping.


HitBTC smells… I think volume is prefabricated


Maybe in a parallel universe but there is a not much chance of that happening. Btc ain’t even mainstream yet.


Annnnnnd with the Btc rise we see another dip :slight_smile:


Yes, but still, I would like to see MAID moving faster than Bitcoin. Lately MAID seems to be performing about as good or worse than Bitcoin, and if that’s the case, then one might as well stick to his Bitcoins and not buy MAID.
Maid hasn’t registered a new ATH against BTC in years. I would be really happy to see that change. I want to see MAID in the 30K to 50k Satoshis range. Now, that would justify a party.


It will be a huge relief and vindication when/if MAID busts that 28,000 satoshi ATH. Given how bullish and mainstream BTC has become, and how tough/slow development in MAID has been, I’m not surprised that it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe with Alpha 2 we’ll break it, but if not we certainly will when testsafecoin comes out - even if BTC is at $10k im[optimistic]o

It is frustrating to be on the edge of your seat for so long. Not much has changed since last year. But by the same token, not much has changed in any respect. My reasons for the original investment remain the same. I’m just a bit more fatigued than I was last year.

Mind you, it’s all notional and psychological anyway. If SAFE works then I’m not selling for many years. None of the price noise pre-launch makes any difference really, apart from to my state-of-mind. :worried::thinking::crazy_face:

Bring on the party! :pray::exploding_head::santa::clap:


They are not correlated. Do you have evidence that suggests otherwise?


I think there is the situation that as BTC breaks another barrier, which it did just before, we see people selling alts to BTC to cash out. The dip recovers because some people sell one alt to buy another that dips.