MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Nah not mad, just more wise. Need to keep up with recent technological changes to keep afloat. Someone well said, Knowledge is money


I feel the same way about some of the brand new stuff coming out right now. I’ve been in BTC since 2011 or so, Maid since crowd sale, Augur since crowd sale. After that I kind of got burned out and took a break until recently starting to get back into researching what’s coming out these days… Wow am I behind on not only the changes, but things that were impossible even a year ago that are being done right now!

That being said, so far, I’m still most bullish on Maid out of everything I’m in. It’s had a meteoric rise, and I see there being a lot more up in its future as things progress.


It’ll change into alpha 2 if the testing proves it is good enough. The dev update said that they are running the testnet internally now and hopefully have public testing soon.

Wow 100K$ at crowdsale would mean they are now millionaires and be a lot more wealthier very soon.

Someone has over 30 million MAID, imagine how wealthy they are now with MAID around the 1/2 dollar mark


transferred from their address used in the crowdsale


@sangu. Where did you find this out from?


You can find some distribution stats for MAID here:

I wonder if we can see past the top 50?


Well good on these people who have kept the faith for this long. I doubt if I could have. They deserve all that they get. I am a wee bit envious though


You have exchanges included in that list. I have shown which exchanges 3 of the top 4 addresses relate to (133 million of the 450 million coins). And I am sure some of the other top 50 belong to exchanges.


Actually #2 position is a crowdsale person. They transferred the 34 million from their crowdsale address. They split it up from their crowdsale amount of 44 and a half million MAID.

So 1 person has 34 million MAID and could easily drop the price if they ever sold quickly. Wow to be some people hey, they are sitting on a gold mine.


It’s Brock Pierce’s… he said in an interview they bought 10% of MAIDSAFECOIN at the crowdsale, no other wallet has held that quantity outside an exchange so it must be his I reckon.


To trouble for the rest of us small fish is when one or more of these addresses hodling 58% decide to dump. I’d rather this 58% was more evenly distributed.


The one you really really need to worry about is the 2nd one in the list owned by a single person. The other big ones are exchanges and they cannot do the “dump” since the coins belong to people using the exchange.

The 5th is < 10 million and while they can really cause problems their effect is short lived.


Same with most crypto assets though. Distribution starts off rubbish and slowly gets better as it gains popularity and gets spread thinner.

It’s not nearly as worrying for long-term bets like MAID where only 10% were pre-sold. I’m never selling MAID, I’ll be waiting for SafeCoin, so Brock has <1% of the supply that’s relevant to me and those top 50 wallets (including exchanges) have less than 6% of supply.

In coins like IOTA 100% was pre sold and there are whales are sitting out there with 8 and even 9 figure fiat value wallets at the moment. Now that is scary for anyone holding a lot of coin!

I guess if you are planning to sell MAID pre-launch then it is a concern and you’d better keep an eye on Brock and one or two other wallets. With 34M MAID there will certainly be one or two more fairly big sells in the next year or so. Although it might not have that big an impact if MAID is trading volume of hundreds of millions a day like most of the popular crypto assets are at the moment.

I’d guess the big players will wait for high volume to sell into and they won’t dump everything just as it starts gaining popularity either. I wouldn’t worry too much.


If he was smart enough to buy that many 10 years ago, he has patience. You can bet he won’t dump but will maximise his profits when he does decide to start selling


The ICO was 3 years ago…


Hi Sanju where do you check that?


see here . . . . . . .


Thanks for the link Neo :+1:t2:


Oh boy… anyone else happy to have hodled through the dip?
Fear of missing out on bitcoin gains was putting a little pressure on my nerves.

MAID has made a nice recovery. As a bitcoin multiplier MAID is performing very well.


Same! What’s interesting is that several of the addresses mentioned on that Maid rich list, are also huge holders of other Maid related tokens like SafeExchangeCoin and Decorum. And at the same time relative low on Bitcoin holdings. For example, check the third address. Just wow.


Well the 3rd one is Bittrex exchange’s omni-protocol address. So yes one expects that one to be like that.

@jabba mentioned somewhere that another one has a lot of SAFE, SAFE-FS, SAFEX, Decorum and very likely held by a whale.