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Hm, Google. Let’s go beyond that and just make it $1 trillion. Would be 4758x increase of current market cap. Pretty much winning the lottery at that point.
About half my day is usually spent doing these calculations.
Actually j/k, it’s just when I’m really tired/bored/price activity is happening.

If you really want to change the world yourself, just like MAID will have done for a number of people (like 7 billion), then you really just got to keep investing in more things—even if you make Powerball Jackpot type winnings off of the new auto network. I really don’t know what more amazing thing could be invested in, but maybe there’s still something. (Oh yeah, MaidsafeExchangeCoin … ! [No that doesn’t exist, just made it up.])


And the same will be said for those we convince at 1/2 dollar too in a few years

Yea, I was after that by a little and about double that price.

Well my grandchildren & children come first :grinning: after preparing for my future, then others are in my sights now.

Should be retired by then so I’ll be dipping into my stash before then. But at this rate (10+ times in 2 years) MAID/SAFEcoin will be worth 8$ each or more. But if the current BTC bubble rises to 10K$ this year or early next year as some claim it will, then 1$ per SAFEcoin this year is more than possible. Obviously it could drop too when BTC bubble corrects itself.

Now that puts a new meaning on “dark meat” when serving roast chicken.


Tone is great for bitcoin imo, just ignore him for altcoins. He doesn’t understand them at all. He can’t even argue. But for bitcoin, I think hes valuable.

Also the world crypto network for discussions and stuff like that. It’s with jimmy song, who is pretty good I think, and some others who at least aren’t that bad.

If you want more neutral, technical infos, Jimmy songs blog is great!


confirmed (

I think he meant he’s going for the quick flip of the ICO coins back into MAID


Not sure if mentioning other coins is that far off the rails, considering BTC, ETH, etc. are also mentioned all the time w/r/t MAID. So the title isn’t necessarily saying that other coins are taboo to talk about.

But anyway, I don’t like completely dumping a coin—particularly when it “comes from” these forums—even if there is something about it that caused it to not be “good”/integral anymore (e.g. SAFEX). I’d still be holding SAFEX, but I got too much of an other party involved (i.e. Mom!! I convinced her to convince myself to sell it, by explaining to her that the designer didn’t really stick with his pure original promises), which influenced my decision to sell literally ALL of it, at 250-260 satoshi… coincidentally: just before it Really exploded. Basically what I’m getting at is that any coin that I learn about from these forums, I have a general, “don’t sell any of it unless absolutely necessary, and then only a little bit” rule, just because I like this place so much, regardless of developer integrity. Illogical, I know. (But it’s done me well so far more than anything in “crypto.” Oh, and obviously Maidsafe has integrity, even if it’s impossible to pinpoint time-frames and even new coding implementations.) I really don’t want to cause myself to be convinced to sell that much ever again. Just, with Gamerbits, I feel like the “game”-plan (haha) is already SO set in stone, that it’s impossible to not see the amazing potential it has for growth, in three areas: market crowd interest in buying up the low $900,000 ICO; investing it into MAID (a lot of it, in my opinionated case) later; the impact of the “bits” concept itself, what with Twitch and eSports and all. I’m definitely on the sidelines of being interested what happens to it, more than other coins on CMC—merely because it’s on this website, & I apparently don’t have any not-that-close friends anymore (who would be close friends with those that don’t HOLDL?), to lead me on to some good coins out there.

I basically wanted to get to that final point, but I typed a bunch of words to lead up to it, oops.


The title says it. MAID is the topic.

If the post is related to MAID directly then its fine to include talk of other coins because they do indeed affect MAID. But so does economics or what drugs some traders are on, or coffee in the morning. But you would not think discussions of the price of coffee is OK because of a flow on effect would you. And its a matter of degrees.

So the rule is the post has to Directly concern MAID or Direct effects on MAID making sure that the effects are noted. Otherwise there are other topics that can discuss these things. For example price of BTC (other alts) does affect MAID directly and as long as its noted how it is affecting MAID then BTC (other alts) price is OK.

Now having said that a few loosely related posts occasionally is fine. But if we don’t enforce the rule then 99% of the posts could become about other Alts, general economics and other loosely related things. Then the noise would drown out the important topic of MAID price & trading.

Remember the golden rule – Maidsafe forum is for MAID/SAFE no matter the topic, unless its in the category #related-projects or #off-topic


Ah ok, thanks for the expl. Even if it incurred wrath. :japanese_ogre:


Entirely agree, with Alpha 2 in place soon we will have new apps and the people promoting those, Maidsafe Solutions will no doubt be out guns blazing too, Maidsafe’s new digital marketing dept, data chains and and and… The growth I believe will be rapid. I would not be surprised if Decorum goes close to a $1 when Clikes come to town, so $10 MAID’s end 2018 are easily fathomed.


Bitcoin is still going strong and were regaining some lost ground.
Btc @ 4325. Maid @ .00014

Sure is an interesting year.
I also think $1 this year, and $10 next year is easily achievable imo.


$1 is under our previous BTC ATH now crazily… 28k sats. I agree that we’re likely to bust through that target this year.


Even in 6 months, a $10 Maid price would probably not even get it into the top 10 market caps. Right now it would get it to #5. The way the Crypto valuations are heading, I think $10, with beta, is conservative.


Ok guys. Time to fess up. Who has been buying in the last week.?


Was a great buy at 3 cents and still a great buy at 60 cents!!)


Are we expecting the Release coming Thursday?( just curious)


No, probably another testnet. This testnet is going to change then in to alpha 2.


Anyone else noticed how lately maidsafe price and factom are almost twinned with each other?one moves up the other seems to catch up very quickly and there is not much between them.


just a coincidence :slight_smile:


[quote=“SmokeTM, post:2311, topic:9923, full:true”]
No, probably another testnet. This testnet is going to change then in to alpha 2.
[/quote] David, Dev’s is this true? :thinking:


Just found out that top 50 richest address are holding around 58% of the total Maidsafe coins in supply. If this project launches as planned, some people are seriously going to be crazy rich. :smirk:


Can’t get mad at the people with early vision and some extra cash on hand. If the project launches as expected, even those of us who didn’t have the 100k to put down up front will still have a lot more than we started with.