MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


And down again… maidsafecoin has taken the lead! :slight_smile:


I’m gonna get me some more chickens. Some of these:

Anybody know these? (Just DM me if you do. Don’t chicken spam the channel.)


I’ll buy a house in the woods and I will play with squirrels


I love how the mood in this thread yoyo’s between suicidal and dreams and desires.


My optimism never waned. Cheap coin days are ok, just load up. Play smart. Play safe.


$2500 for a chicken!!!


Don’t forget any unexpected dumps (that is, pumps) into alts. It will happen at random.

And yeah, 1 cent sounds right, 2014 at 5000+ sats. Hopefully Gamerbits will help me and/or others get an even larger amount of MAID by the end of the year. Oop, did I say that out loud? (It’s all [un]fair game, after all! Wild West and all that.) But props to those who hold Gamerbits for longer. Maybe I’ll still hold a handful. I feel like, selling them when MAID reaches 500,000,000 market cap is a good time to deal.

Don’t forget to keep a watch out for the REAL decentralized exchange the Real devs appear with, once SAFE is realized.

The fact that people are suddenly flocking to this thread as if they have some type of fever is intriguing.


I bought some BTC @ around $400 per coin to participate in the crowdsale back in 2014. 1 BTC got 23800 MAID I think? Which works out to about 1.68 cents per coin. At the current valuation of 58 cents per coin, that’s a rise of about 34.5 times in value. I’m confident we’ll break $1 this year.


I don’t get the gamerbits ref. Fancy explaining?


very likely! on alpha 2 release


Its a coin. They are trying use blockchain to centralize games. Interesting enough


I think Gamerbits have some potential but the recent market was really down for that coin. Holding few for a month and eventually lost half of the capital. Hope it would go up. Moreover MobileGo and Gamerbits makes me confuse.

Aren’t there similar coins like gamerbits? I think there are are few.


I know what it is. I just don’t understand the comment. The ICO hasn’t finished yet, so the coin does not yet exist either, does it? Off topic I suppose. Ib4 deletion :slight_smile:


How can it be down? It hasn’t been released yet.


Sorry my bad. Mixed up with another coin Gamecredits. :man_facepalming:


The price of MAID in one to two years? Impossible to predict. But I do expect to see $1 this year and up to $10 by the end of 2018.

I’m not convinced Safecoin will ever be a “big” coin price-wise, although I can see $100 down the track, once mass adoption gets under way in 3-5 years perhaps.

However, in crypto land anything is possible and all of the above could happen a lot faster.


At $10 the market cap will be approx $50 billion, second only to Bitcoin. Wow


Bitcoin will be worth way more by then.


Google is capitalised at approx $650 billion. Will I live to see the day?


There won’t be 4.5bn coins out there just because that’s the total possible number. Most likely we’ll hit $10 a coin before we mine a single SAFEcoin imo, which is only a $4.5bn cap. We could easily hit that during latter testsafecoin phases. That might only just put us in the top 10 or so by then… at the rate things are going.

I’d expect it to take quite a while to get to 2bn+ SAFEcoins out there in the world. Given the burn-rate for using resources it would take some seriously epic farming and network interest to release that many coins. I’m optimistic about SAFE going viral, but even I don’t expect billions of SAFEcoins to be in existence in year one, that would take some serious farming and if there were ever close to 4.5bn coins out there then that would imply coins would probably be worth a lot more than $10 from what I understand. It would take huge amounts of farming and a lot of serious HODLing with insanely cheap network resources to create a popular network that people wanted to farm on (despite the S-curve in supply past 3.5bn or so), but weren’t spending coins to use. If we ever get to 4bn coins in existence I think we can safely say that SAFE has probably made it to the big leagues and it’ll be a hell of a lot more than $10 a coin by then.