MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


When they reached 5 cents I remember thinking wow this is awesome “what a return”, then at 8 cents I was scrambling to get more because they “were going through the roof” now at 40 cents “I am waiting for them to take off” :thinking:
The human psyche is a complex mess!!!


I wish I would have known about this project when they were 5 or 8 cents. Old good days.


You think wrong, because after few years you will say “i’m very happy now because i bought It at 30 cents and now It’s like 20 dollars”:slight_smile:" I’ts still developing and we are still all very lucky because maid will reach few hundred dollars for one safecoin after maidsafe goes live


Its really a high potential project but reaching to few hundred dollar might take some time. Hoping for the best.


That’s what I though when I bought ETH at their ICO. I then dumped them all for a tiny profit! Not going to allow that to happen again!


Some one tried a pump on Bittrex, it went to over 14K while Poloniex stayed at nearly 11K. So I sold the MAID I had left on bittrex which I bought at 8600 for 13-14K while the price was falling, then bought back at 11K. Nice tidy profit taken from the real traders. Sell buy within 1/4 hour, wish I could earn that every hour working :scream:

11K is the approx price of MAID on bittrex and poloniex at the moment which means MAID is 48 cents,

EDIT: I would have said something if I had been sure prior, but once the price started to fall there was only a minute to catch the high price. It is not often this happens and really just a fluke. I was watching “Black Adder” (streaming) and looked over at bittrex chart to see it jumping. Love that show.

Mind you a fluke but expected that there would be a pump n dump, just didn’t expect it then, or to be only on bittrex or to be so quick.


ETH ICO date and launching date were not so far apart. But for the case of a complicated project like Maidsafe it would be years. I am a super believer that eventually the waiting will pay off


Would anyone like to speculate the price of Maidsafe Coin in 1-2 years?


Too far ahead for me, I’ll speculate that if Maidsafe release Alpha 2 with a healthy dose of fanfare… I’d place a small wager on a dollar spike.

I wonder if the lost trollbox will affect news related spikes.


Then it’ll be party time :smiley:

Edit: apparently the first suggestion was for $2 party:

Oh well, we can always have one party for $1 and this more extravagant one for $2:


Should we call it the pre-party in Blackpool? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve been following the project from the crowd sale. I clearly remember the days of market cap of six to eight million and prices of sub two cents.
We’ve come a long way indeed.


I was able to convince a friend to buy in the 2 cent days and he is rather happy I convinced him.


My mate wasn’t convincing enough at 4c. He got more convincing by 7c. Thank god. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I got it @ .10 , back when it was @.44 add more and lot more when it was @.35 … @ 1$ I will party in @Austin. $5 would be seeing spinning roulette in Vegas.


Lucky for you. Hope you hold atleast few thousand coins, :wink:
Well when I 1st came to know it was around 0.45 have seen some ups and downs from then within range 0.30 to 0.60. Lets pray that Alpha 2 would boost it to cross a dollar.Seriously Maidsafe’s market cap is too low.


1.4c gloat gloat… 2015 was the year to get into crypto. I got pretty lucky with my timings.

Fully prepared for all the philanthropy I’ll have to do when I’m super rich. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I won’t touch most of my stash until post 2025 most likely - except to reinvest it in SAFE Apps. ‘Billionaire or bust’ is my philosophy :triumph:


The rate of increase is getting steeper. I think $1 will be here sooner than many think. A year is a long time in crypto!


Wish you best of luck. And seriously I am holding myself asking how much maidsafe you hold. Damn curiosity! :triumph:


Totally off the topic. I am planning to quit my job and be a globe trotter. Praying that Maidsafe would give me that opportunity :crossed_fingers:. Just have to wait till Maid or Safecoin is valuable enough :sweat_smile: