MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


can we talk something positive here? suddenly why talking about delisting etc etc?
PS: and im not diversifying or selling my safe tokens. i believe in this team. And i will ban and remove anyone talking negative from now on.( can i really do that? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign

u know seeing different coins flying like rocket e.g Neo, cvc , i dream of maidsafe flying same way one day. Am i normal?:joy:


It will happen, just not sure when. MAID has gone up to 0.0002 a few times before on good news and will do so again. I’d expect the Alpha 2 launch could be that moment.


no, i mean like Neo hitting $25 in few months time. like that :sunglasses:

  • and its not all about Greed. its more like u seeing something successful u believed In. period !


The problem is too few people hold too many MAID coins, and they are dumping everytime BTC rises. I’m just picking up as many as I can at these low prices. When there’s blood on the streets and all.

It is a bit depressing though, seeing all these random altcoins flying up, with no real value over whats already out there.

I’m prepared to wait another 12 months before I consider selling anything. I just hope there’s some kind of product by then!


Lisa dont change your statement. Once u said you will not sell any Maid coin untill it hits $5. now u r saying 12 months. dont confuse me pls.:sweat_smile:


I hope that the small number of individual sellers works in the price’s favour. When the next major release happens and the speculative money flows in, sellers should pull their orders and the price can really move. Obviously that means the price crashes back down soon after but we shouldnt expect new higher floors until we have a product, really. Or testsafecoin at least. But volatility and volume is better than what we have now!


storj skyrocketing, damn. That should be us…


Storj is a bagel. We are the Bakery.


I know. Just wish our time would just come already. So depressing seeing all these lesser projects booming.


No coordinated marketing may be the reason. The market is unaware of us


Who are the people making the market at the moment? Who is selling MAID? I’m riding the waves, and I know if I attempted to trade the market moves against my choice.

Where this project is going, I’m afraid to sell/trade my MAIDs. The current price is cheap, we’ve seen it rise and fall and rise and fall again, but it’s all in a healthy sub $1.00 range.

Look at the latest bitcoins action, and other ALTs - at any moment, MAID could start to climb and fast above $1.00. why risk selling - you won’t be able to buy back, and you won’t get a chance to dream about being in the 100,000 coin wallet range again. Become part of the 1%.

Am greatful for the sellers and market makers though, my next buy is coming up soon.

I’d like to see awareness of this project to pull in more help, on the price… I’d like it to stay lower for a bit longer.
Attention and price rise do go hand in hand though, eh?


@Zoki Well its worth 37.4 cents still even though its down against BTC.

See my post above where it was 35 cents previously. So its value is being maintained.


Obligatory alt-coin doomsday talk.

All the sweeter when everything comes pouring back. … Just wish I knew of a better way to convert MAID to BTC than Polo’s (or Bittrex’s?) daily limits. But most is in cold storage anyway. I also wish I knew of good sources to find out information, as sadly I used to use Polo’s trollbox to get feeds of thought processes (yeah…), and now I have no idea. I think there were websites saying that Bitcoin would be a couple tens of thousands per coin by next year. Just suck it up as usual! And wait.


MAID has dropped to 7600 on Poloniex, but did not on Bittrex (low of 9400) Someone on Poloniex wants to cash out real quick by the looks. Shame I was not on poloniex anymore otherwise I would have picked a BTC worth of MAID real cheap.


The MAID price on Poloniex is manipulated by one or more whales. It’s not uncommon to see huge buy or sell walls from time to time.


Anyone know how much the bnk2tf btc funds for maidsafe are currently worth?? Not sure how much they’ve burned through but I’m glad they received mainly btc!


It looks like MAID is fairly stable around .33 to .38 in dollars even when it drops to btc…


u r right. check out the Maid Volume on Polo !


I feel the need to quote this in full.

7600 maid is bananas. Where were my buy orders???