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I wish I could just buy maid using fiat.

BCC . LOL! There are a bunch of people ready to pull the trigger and dump BCC on the market,
buying bitcoin to get ‘Free’ BCC at these prices is a bit silly.

Here is my not so secret play…

  1. Load my kraken account with fiat.
  2. Watch BCC launch, and probably crash and undershoot in value.
  3. Buy cautiously depending on price, BCC may not recover - who knows.
  4. Wait for BCC to recover, then cash in a boatload of MAIDS.

What could go wrong?


Oh nothing can go wrong with crypto markets. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::yum::scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue::sob:


I’m also steering clear of btc and bcc and just picking up what I perceive to be undervalued alts with my btc. I imagine they will all resume upwards once this wierd btc fest is over.

What could go wrong? :slight_smile:


I think so - I was planning to hold a few BTC to get the ‘free’ BCC, but I’m now planning to put it all in Maid / Eth now. It’s likely Maid will at least double compared to BTC in the coming months, and ETH rebound after the Bitcoin /BCH rush. I expect BCH will crash as those who dont like it dump to get ‘free’ BTC.

I have a similar plan to @Zoki - if it plays anything like ETC, which went very low when despair / rush to sell ETC kicked in, but then recovered once it was clear that there were a bunch of people who were loyal to the concept. I’m expecting the same could happen here with BCH.

Will be fun watching this play out, and I’ll try to be sensible enough to not lose to much if / when nothing goes as I expected :smiley:


Yeah, way I see it is a few options.

Either stick it in lending for a safe 3-5% for the next 24-48 hours - if you’re lucky you’ll make 10% on your BTC over the period.

Or buy some alts this evening and hope to get 50%+ gains - bit of a gamble because BTC might boom post fork so alts could drop.

Or hold BTC and get your BCC (and prob get about 10% in value), but it might not survive or be worth much by the time you sell it… or it could be worth a lot more if you hold and sell later?!

The way I see it the safest play is just to hold your BTC, get your BCC and do nothing. You can’t lose and it gives you the free hedge in case BCC does get adopted.

I can’t really be arsed with any stress on this one because I have no idea what’ll happen, so I’m playing it safe and I’ll just take the free BCC, sell half as quickly as I can (for BTC) and keep half ‘just in case’.

You guys buying alts will probably have made the best play, I just don’t fancy any risk at the moment and a little voice in my head is warning that BTC or BCC could moon so I should just hold a piece of everything until I have a better idea which way the tide is going.

Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things
Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things
Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things

Changed my mind (again!) and hedged a little by holding some btc alongside maid purchases. GL all


So my scenario now.
On fork btc instantly drops by 15% to value the new chain, then bounce back hard on a huge relief rally that will last for days.
On this rally we will get close to 4000$ per btc in a few weeks. The increase makes altcoins go down as people sell them to participate in the btc rally.

When eventually dust settles in a few weeks and btc stabilises between 3500$ and 4000$, we will have the best entry point in most altcoins. Some alts will never recover the collapse, but the sound projects like MAID start a long unbelievable shot to the moon at this stage as people eventually diversify from bitcoin to enter single conviction trades on a case per case basis.

Tldr 3rd week of August is the bottom for altcoin, and a level we may never reach again for MAID.


Sell the lot at 10, get back in at 5! Bold. I like it :slight_smile:

Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things

So is btc fork on the 1st of august and segwit activation on the 8th?


Well it’s now 1st August 00:24 UTC

Fork predicted at 12:20 UTC.


so a whole 'nother 12 hours from now?


Lets keep the discussions centred on MAIDsafecoin please, or they will be moved. BCC fork is only of interest in this topic when it affects MAIDsafecoin.

Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things
Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things

How quickly do you think that MAID will rise in price after the fork.

Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things
Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things

I think if they drain it immediately maidsafe could gain from it starting tomorrow. Another option I see is they give Bcc a push to start rallying and drain it then and maidsafe is positively affected afterwards.
Another option is I’m totally wrong :grinning:


A split to the main decentral reserve currency, i.e. Bitcoin, is a major event in the cryptosphere and is likely to cause big movement to the MAID price. You can only buy MAID through Bitcoin, so it SHOULD be dicussed here for the next few days.

Anyway we are under 5 hours from 12:20 UTC.

Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things

Only while you relate it to MAID. There is another topic already discussing this split and you should use that one if the post is not MAID specific.

Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things
Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things


three cheers for rigidity!

In other news, maid may go up. Or down. Or neither.


Does anybody have a clue, why there is such a big difference between Bittrex and Poloniex price in a last hour? Its very non common situation as I see it…

Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things

I think bittrex is having a few issues

Edit: not related. Mainly login issues


there is no volume on bittrex

even on polo the market depth is shallow as hell

yesterday there was a bloc of 155BTC equivalent of MAID on the offer with an average price around 11.8 k sat

today if you want to buy as much, you have to bid up to 16.8 !!!