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Support (BIP91 signaling) looking strong, no doubt the reason all markets are less wobbly. 16% shy of 80. Increased 15% in the last 7 hours.



Well BIP91 locked in and BTC jump up to 2900 for a bit.

Unfortunately MAID went down. Well I picked up a few hundred more MAID at these low prices.

  • Bitcoin will not fork.
  • Bitcoin will split and 2 or more forks will coexist.
  • Bitcoin will split and the other chain dies or will be insignificant.

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Im not on the up and up on this but I did receive an email from coinbase saying they won’t support the Segwit chain as it will be “unstable” so I think that will probably affect some people’s decision.


That’s politics talking, they added LTC with SegWit.


They wont support UAHF


@s3r610 The uahf bitcoin is the segwit fork correct?
If people stick to their guns then coinbase will follow in suit but they are like @Savage says being political with these statements. Which annoys the piss out of me :smile:


No UAHF was Bitmain plan if UASF was activated. UAHF is a hard fork


@s3r610 Oh gotcha didn’t catch the hard fork soft fork thing! Thanks for clearing that up. I’ll start reading more into all this I think, coming up so should be informed.


No posts here for 7 days! I’d imagine there’s a direct correlation between maid’s price and post activity :grinning:

Will we see 10k or lower? I assume today’s dump is btc related. Looks like btc heading towards ATH while BCC dies a quick death.

Obv maid not doing too bad in fiat terms though. But 11k seems absurd from inside our bubble. Wish I had more btc or the foolishness to sell other alts to buy more. But I cant really convince myself that Maid can moon sooner than any of the others. Alpha2 could have little effect on price, or it could be weeks away. Decisions, decisions.


Maidsafecoin has found support at 10k sats twice already in the last year. I am surprised to see it flirting with 10k again tbh, but support is probably there.


Hmm… starting to wonder if it was just a bear trap in bitcoin. Close to New ATH and still plenty if enthusiasm. If true, we could see another big surge.


Maybe alt-Investors are buying into Bitcoin to cash out on the Bcc fork ? It’s an easy win if it goes well, but I’m not going to risk the ones I have by exchanging now into btc…


Yea… That’s what I was thinking. Maid is currently priced in bitcoin which may not help. I think as soon as the BCC is out of the way btc will flow back in. But, I’d not risk my maids though.


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Hey has anyone used the Omni Decentralized Exchange?

It looks like you can buy MAID on there etc. But it looks like everything says 0 volume?

Does it work?


Ive never used it. However afaik it works. Ppl need to offer first and i think most just use centralised exchanges.


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Seems MAID is taking a beating with what I assume is people wanting BTC before the 1st Aug hard fork.

I am wondering that it might be more profitable to buy MAID now and sell it later rather than get BTCC and sell it.

Anyhow I now have more MAID now than I ever have had.