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How much MAID did NVO raise, does anyone know if they have been selling.

Edit. Found it, not that much.


How much? ,…,…


765k maid. Twenty Char


Would have been silly for them to dump it at these low prices anyway.


I think NVO got around 7 mil. Insane and frustrating that maidsafe had trouble raising 2 mil on bnk2thefuture. At least their btc is worth more now and that’s what most contributed with. Hoping the best for both projects :slight_smile:


It bugged me back then and now, I don’t think the bnk round was advertised as well as it could have been to the crypto guys at least.
I said it then a simple banner on cap would have brought more crypto eyes. I felt it was very under the radar.
But it was aimed at a different crowd I presume. Those with more long term views.


Total crypto market cap also hit 100Billion. Now near 80B. Just another reason to add to the pile.


Were at 32c after spending most of last year at 7c. I would call this a correction after hitting the ath of 50c iirc.

Time to load up imho.


I agree load up on both MAID and BTC. Thats what I am doing as soon as I get paid, haha.

If MAID wad ready with network solution isn’t it likely it could have offered Bitcoin in part a solution to it’s current issues?


Yep. Lock down and pile on. MAID is unique in it’s not proof of work but resource and farming data instead of mining. I can seriously only see good things for MAID and its SAFE net. Like even know everyone is getting hit hard and this will continue until after Aug 1 and I believe it’ll probably even kill some alt’s all the while Maidsafe team are working away at the network build and release. I’ll be piling on much more soon and I hope to get back some of the MAID I lost like an idiot of the last year or two in newbie trading mistakes :expressionless:

Onward and upward.


It was aimed at a different crowd, we ran a couple of press releases that were fairy well distributed in business press as well as an article with IBTimes and the promotion through the BnkToTheFuture platform. I think the crypto market like the fungibility of tokens vs shares (who wouldn’t) and I think they understand tokens whereas stocks and shares are less familiar.


I think they understand tokens whereas stocks and shares are less familiar.

Actually, it’s not that they’re not familiar, but many people investing large amounts in ICOs are basically doing it for the ponzi scheme aspect of it, which is definitely happening (and does work for them) regardless of the fundamentals of the project behind the token. They want fast in, fast out, 10x returns, rinse and repeat. Stocks don’t fit the bill for those people.


Could be a substantial update tonight. Nice retrace from the high, might be a great place and time to add to position…


I’m not expecting the update today to have an effect on price


I think it might be. And already added a what I could.


Personal history tells me that when I start thinking this, it’s usually the best time to buy.

And when I start thinking I might as well mortgage the house because crypto is obviously just going to keep going up, it’s the best time to sell.

I admit I’m still learning that lesson though … :wink:


It’s sooo volatile that i just try to hold thru the storms but it’s always very painful…


Yes great time for buying if you have money left and not seeing vanish everything away before your eyes. :baby_chick::smirk_cat:

Actually I ask myself many times if altcoin land exists of professional traders coming from btc with their profits then why don’t they keep the money in altcoins… Wtf do we all have todo with bitcoin in the end. What’s the reasoning behind it ? Regulations ? Technology can’t be the problem in my eyes.
Looks like the trend is set till at least 1 Aug.


It’s less painful if you’ve committed to development targets instead of monetary ones. :slight_smile:

The price now doesn’t matter at all if you know that you aren’t selling your first bag until 12 months after the launch of real SAFEcoins.

If you ever feel stressed by it just look back at BTC charts and imagine yourself as a big holder back when it was yoyo-ing from cents to the $1-$3 range. Folks who held 50k BTC back then must have found it pretty stressful seeing their notional wealth jumping to 6 figures and losing it again in days.

I’m not saying MAID is certain to succeed and follow BTC’s footsteps, but whatever boat you’re on will have its stresses. Investors get holding fatigue and it wears the nerves for most people to see huge changes in their situation over short periods of time.

All this volatility is fairly meaningless though. BTC could have failed or succeeded and none of that price ‘noise’ from the early days was really relevant to what makes it a success or a failure.

I’ve resigned myself to this bet and to waiting for utility and real value, not speculation. I still enjoy watching it go up and it still hurts a little to see it go down, but it is easier to swallow knowing that it doesn’t matter. People’s emotions and sentiment are meaningless. The market is naive and ill-informed. Meh, nowt else to do but shrug it off. It’s a great time to buy if you’re liquid enough, otherwise it’s a time for distractions and focusing on other things I reckon :wink:


So, popped it has. I suspect we will get a decent dead cat bouce over the next week or two, but this will probably be the last time to cash out near recent highs for a while.

The last bubble took a couple of years to recover from. It will be interesting to see if the cycle gets shorter considering the high enthusiasm that still seems present.