MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic

Interestingly and unfortunately, SAFE will likely be born from the possible upcoming Global Recession.


Your words are playing out well. Especially today!

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Why is it unlucky?

The safecoin is good tool for general people to escape from Banker’s debt based recesseion. :slight_smile:


@bridge Unfortunate because during recessions people lose their jobs, retirement, homes, etc. It seems imminent though. But I do hope the network can play some kind of role in the global economic recovery.



Cause and effect?

Maidsafe is doing very well in the current market.


Losing MAID/XMR does not seem bad. There has always been very low volume and surprised it was ever a thing.


Freed 3 more minds yesterday, they love the project.

One mind just texted me… they bought.


There is so little for sale they moved the market I think.

I should be handing out t-shirts.


omg omg omg , pump… $0.19. Next target $1900;)


Finally… Price goes up after I persuade someone to buy.

Edit: and a rise in BTC too


How is everything going Zoki, have you got the new Pi 4 going, is it good?


It’s wonderful to see the price rise as bitcoin comes off its recent high. I hope this helps the team with resources. Be well.


It’s still the same, maybe even better? 0.4 BTC is enough to push the market to 1840 sat ($0.191). Isn’t the supply dry like a desert?

Edit.: Some whale could just easily make my dry supply alerts untrue by the dump back to 1500 sat. And it’s pretty easy too, just a need to market sell 2.8BTC of MAID. :slight_smile:

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Not had time to play with the Pi 4. :frowning:
All or any free time I have is going in to my @bitbotbroadcast bot.
I’ve got two more financial indicators to implement. PSAR, and the AKA ichimoki Cloud.
Then i’ll start designing machine learning experiments on historic poloniex data to see if trading
bots are worth it. I think I will need to build further “indicators” atop traditional market indicators,
machine learning algorithms like 0-1 values.

not comforable sharing my code, it’s mine, :stuck_out_tongue: but here is a small snippet.

My market indicator file is…


1209 lines of beautiful python code.

I would recommend any coders here that want to learn about markets, to just implement the indicators themselves. I have learned quite a lot about financial markets.

Stay tuned… I hope to post machine learning results here at some point.


There are some tutorials out there on using machine learning to predict prices, but I think they are doing it wrong. You can’t just feed raw prices to a machine and get signals out.

Been working hard this weekend.

The route you take after learning about maidsafe, eh…


You have alot going on Zoki and love the energy you have. :slightly_smiling_face: The twitter bot is a really cool project.

I have also been coding in python the last 6-8 months, an Poloniex app for SAFE. 900 lines of code but alot of space also, been doing tkinter, multiprocess threading, request libs, pyinstaller, It is almost ready to show the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

The initial thought was to do an artificial USDC/MAID ±0.5% trade manager, but it was alittle over my head as I have never made an app before.

Interesting that you will give AI a try. I have had thoughts about a trading bot but my energy is not there to do such apps. I am looking forward to what you will show us. Past values I believe is not in general good indicators to predict future value, economics litterature say that technical analysis don’t work even in weak markets. I believe it would be beneficial to be an economics professor/maths/physicist to make an AI bot. If I would try to build an AI bot then I would look for ways to mine data from crypto news and correlate with market movements.

Very exiting, interesting to see in which way you will try to tackle the challenges, wish you the best of luck and I would like to have your energy to give it a try myself.
When you find a way to make a machine learning bot work, Keep it to yourself or a small group of people you want to be successfull. If you find a way to exploit info to make huge gains, it is only possible as long as not to many others is doing the same thing, but remember to add me. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just got interestend in maidsafecoin one man who will buy 1 btc worth of coins, It will move the price lol


Really? Its probably not your ally, otherwise you would not increase price by saying this… :smiley:


So it looks like Polonex closing all those long positions has not impacted Maid’s price to any great extent. What do community members think?


It seems to have freed it to allow the price move more naturally. I’m like the fact we are not bouncing along 1500. To Fleming and beyond!!


Has it happened yet? I thought the 22nd was the last day?


Yes that was the date. Thursday Fleming + a short squeeze… Wouldnt that be nice :joy: