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David Irvine said a year or two ago (paraphrasing from admittedly so-so memory): In the near term the price is anyone’s guess, but over time, price tends to follow value.

So it’s a double-edged sword:

PRO: The ability to take advantage of the market’s extreme lack of efficiency. An investor’s goal is to buy low and sell high—that’s pretty much it. Because of the crypto market’s inefficiency, there are a lot of opportunities to buy low.

CON: Watching your token from a top project languish or fall in the markets while clowncoins soar can feel demoralizing.

As much as I’m susceptible to the Con (the past 1.5 years wasn’t exactly fun), I personally try to remind myself that focusing on the Pro is the best way to succeed as an investor. In fact it’s the only way.

It’s just that it’s anyone’s guess when price will begin to more accurately follow value. So sometimes you have to wade through deserts, and sometimes it’s a brief stroll. You can try to time it, but the problem with that just happened to me, actually: I was interested in investing in a token (QNT) but it had been falling for several months and so I decided to wait for it to plateau. Instead, it rebounded off its steady downward slope and shot up. I decided to wait for the pull back. It never happened. Long-story-short: I never ended up buying in, and the token is up 169.92% over the past month.


I invested in the maidsafe ico in 2014 and have been following it ever since. Bc of this I feel emotionally attached to this coin and have really high hopes for the tech. I think we all do bc otherwise we would have sold and not looked back a long time ago.

Even though good news came out recently and progress have been made if I look at the charts from a traders perspective Maid looks like a total shit coin. I trade a lot myself and if I was not familiar with the project that would be my immediate conclusion looking at the charts.

We have multiple weekly closes below the lows of 2015. That is really really bad. We are below all ema’s on the HTF with no local bottom confirmed. So people and bots look at this as a free fall and will wont go long or buy unless a bottom is confirmed. We have a change for some bullish divergence on the 3d if we can close above 0.0002110 also 2d 0.00002005 but will it be enough I wonder…

My point being as a trader I can completely understand that people avoid this coin like the plague… Not even talking about the low liquidity that an whole other very big big problem in itself.

as an investor it might seem hard to understand that such an promising project is struggling so hard. For myself the portion I still hold I will hold to the end since I do believe in the project and see the enormous need for it but with bitcoin dominance chart looking super bullish its a hard time for alts especially the ones that are making new lows like maid.

with all that negativity said Im still long on the tech haha been following it for 5 years already can wait a few more I really hope they succeed the world needs it


Many people thought Bitcoin looked like rubbish too, once.

I do not mind waiting a few more years either; like you say, the world needs a technology like this.


Ya the sooner the better ! :smiley:

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And this is our advantage…

Some Warren Buffett quotes:

“Buy a stock the way you would buy a house. Understand and like it such that you’d be content to own it in the absence of any market.”

“Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is. You can’t buy what is popular and do well.”

“The most common cause of low prices is pessimism—some times pervasive, some times specific to a company or industry. We want to do business in such an environment, not because we like pessimism but because we like the prices it produces. It’s optimism that is the enemy of the rational buyer.”

“Long ago, Ben Graham taught me that ‘Price is what you pay; value is what you get.’ Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.”


We’re on that right now :wink: Let’s all do this, let’s all get behind the cart and push like hell. It is right there now, we have the bits all we need do is order them, connect them and launch and doing so release little bits, like safe client libs with mock vault. Then with vault phase I (real), that can be a hosted server even, then we add parsec to vaults to confirm order of actions, then routing (pre node age and split) to create a single section (real) network, then node age etc. and the vaults are decentralised and guess what ? :wink: So there is a plan in play that takes us from here to launch visibly and measurably.

We will keep refining this plan and message as this is real progress with real deliverables and all the team in one single vision, interacting and working to a single minded course of action. It makes 40 people look like 400 when we do this. Together with the community then the whole picture is different. We are at the “hot gates” here folks, no more should we allow invasion of privacy and removal of freedom from the people. Folk will notice what we do in the next few weeks and this next release we are launching will hopefully present an option to the world, an option that has never existed, until now.

It is time for the warrior poets (a creative determined team) to shine and show the world, once again, we lead the way here, we may not be the ultimate solution in years to come, but right now we will free many people in this world. We started this, we are still “on point” and we have a duty to fullfil. The time for us to show ourselves is right now and from here to there we will release some great news or products each week until we get there. That is worth everything to the project. :+1:


“Folk will notice what we do in the next few weeks and this next release we are launching will hopefully present an option to the world, an option that has never existed, until now.”

Sent a shiver down my spine. Wow :clap:


Where are we ordering the bits from and how long does delivery take? Is it digital delivery or on USB Sticks delivered by Fedex.

sorry could not resist just sounded like ordering pizza with a bit of this and a bit of that as toppings


I would like to take the opportunity to praise the recent changes with the clear goals and plan for the different parts, also that all rfc pieces was presented, all parts in play. I believe that it did not just only made it easier for the community to follow but also focus and streamline the work to get to the finish. Very good moves that presents opportunities for success.


Wait until you see some of the front end moves that are happening. @JimCollinson has done some amazing work alongside with @joshuef @bochaco @Krishna and the team. They are now able to see the big picture, realise all the APIs with data and safecoin etc. I think you will love what’s coming now we have the foundations that allow those guys to move. They are brilliant when they can move. This is all down to the whole team, I think they have been wonderful in the last few weeks. I see names in conversations that were quiet, I see people excited and motivated. It is all down to the plan allowing us all to realise just where we are and see the destination right in front of us.

Not saying it is all simple and rosy here, just that we can see each other, help each other and see the goal very clearly. It just makes it all work It needs every one of us to drive towards that single goal and project management just greases those wheels.


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what caused the spike in price today?


They are getting nervous because fleming is on the horizon…:money_mouth_face:



What prices are the buy orders prices at?

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Poloniex or hitbtc? (Atleast 20 char…)

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What does Sum(BTC) mean?

If you will take all buy order in order list you will get 580Bitcoins for 311 402 418 MAID.


…why the price spike…

Clear, user friendly, road map: Check
Clear, detailed, task map: Check
Impressive Dev tutorial website: Check
Long list of accomplishments, and test net: Check(see long list I posted a while back)
Staff/Management/Board refocus: Check
Great Community:Check
Potential Utility of Network, advantage to first movers: Check
Massively underpriced asset considering above: Check

I think we are close to lift off. Especially with the margin trading shinanigans coming to an end - who’s going to put downward pressure on price now?

Here is that long list of accomplishments,
at a minimum… Twitter pump - Sat March 23

It’s all coming together