MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic

Do we need to login/register to follow the price movement?

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No, they have a public page for that.


I am just baffled by the fact that on Poloniex there are significant resting offers, close to price, still on the book. Why would anyone want to sell on the eve of an event that should move the price up?


There are only a few of the more well known coins traded there. MaidSafe and Lisk will be big additions.

Thanks for the link.
MAID not listed yet, but assume it will be in a few hours. (3PM their time)

Maidsafecoin will hit the Chinese market about the same time the Brexit results will be announced. 3AM EST

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Just an impression but Lisk seems to be getting pushed harder than Maid on Yuanbau ?. My bet UK will not leave EU but BTC rising anyway, Should be an interesting day.

Tbh guys, can MAID even reach 17k sats? There’s a huge wall of sell at that point.

The sell orders will be removed as buy pressure convinces people not to sell. Fear not!


It’s possible the whales that have been accumulating will short the market massively since the public sentiment is that the price will go up. Make sure you have stop orders to prevent any losses if that happens… but hopefully this Chinese exchange really helps the price in coming hours/days!


Guys, is it just me or Poloniex is lagging right now?

Yes it took a massive lag but seems OK now.

Still, can’t connect :pensive:

Well lots on Polo can connect and they are dumping into BTC.

What’s wrong with Polo suddenly?

Guys, fyi, news of Brexit happening hit hours ago as voting leaning massively in that direction. Safe haven assets up huge including Bitcoin.

MAID beat TheDAO’s price on Polo.


MAID is officially listed on Yuanbao :grinning:

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Predictable crap coming from trollbox. :slight_smile:

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Looks like some pre-sale Maidsafecoins have been sold at this top:

2 MIL if I’m not wrong, at these prices mean ~2 months of funding?

@nicklambert: care to confirm? thanks