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I’m not sure, but expect they’ve got close to the right number. When working on complex problems that have uncertain outcomes & solutions, throwing more devs at a project won’t always be worthwhile, and could become counterproductive.

So for the core of the project, I’m not sure whether many more devs would be a great help (though they’re are working on recruiting some who they expect to help them progress)… but I’m just guessing - David Irvine or Viv could answer meaningfully!


Thanks. I really meant how many app developers are on board and how many would they prefer to have


Sorry for misunderstanding!

I guess with app developers it’s the more the merrier… with the Alpha network running, the higher the quality & diversity of apps, the stronger the SAFE network offering becomes.

Perhaps a few keen app devs is optimal at this stage while the Alpha network is limited (put restrictions, forum members only, IP whitelist) & APIs are still works in progress, but on balance I’d expect more app devs to bring more value to the project.


@Cryptoskeptic, I’d say that Maidsafe are not really looking for app devs to employ (yet). But as @DavidMc0 says the more the merrier since they work independently to Maidsafe.

The app devs who start now are more likely to be successful when the network launches since they have the opportunity to have a much more polished App and a chance at getting the upper hand on the SAFE network before the established companies on the current web find out that SAFE is taking over.

Maidsafe though are writing specific modules and like cooks in a kitchen you can only have so many before they start falling over themselves.


My communication skills are really poor. I meant app developers to create their own apps fir testing on the various Alpha networks


Do you check the “Introduce Yourself” topic out much? Just asking because it seems more and more developers are posting on there saying they are interested in developing for the SAFE Network. It makes me wonder how many aren’t posting there and are just getting down to work learning what’ll it take to develop for the SAFE Network.

One last thing is the stats on the dev forum that shows 40 people in the last 30 days signed up there -

Seems like a good trend to me.


Hello, as i am also a long time holder of MAID here is just a quick reminder of how much we lost to other coins in 2017. This is just a quick reality check to counter balance those 1$ celebration threads etc.
I ran a quick script to see how coin prices (to BTC) changed on poloniex in 2017. (1.1.2017 - 1.1.2018, only coins listed for whole year are present).
Sorted from most profitable to least:

[0]EMC2: 48.97826086956522
[1]XRP: 22.545596868884537
[2]DGB: 18.285714285714285
[3]XEM: 14
[4]STRAT: 13.433412199831386
[5]STR: 12.796714579055442
[6]BTS: 12.428141912206854
[7]VTC: 11.635122628412773
[8]LSK: 9.681744749596122
[9]VIA: 8.942580164056675
[10]BCN: 8.600000000000001
[11]NEOS: 7.257905930755554
[12]NXT: 7.212284069097889
[13]PINK: 7.013452914798205
[14]ARDR: 6.384256861729674
[15]NAV: 6.098593134496342
[16]SC: 5.7105263157894735
[17]SYS: 5.558403154263185
[18]BURST: 5.256317689530686
[19]ETH: 5.118009528822456
[20]DASH: 4.6558131725690215
[21]XBC: 4.4507359101272534
[22]LTC: 4.040093290743216
[23]BTCD: 3.5050649191294427
[24]FLO: 3.460674157303371
[25]DCR: 3.2520027322710328
[26]FLDC: 3.094488188976378
[27]DOGE: 2.9523809523809526
[28]OMNI: 2.725425794553123
[29]VRC: 2.475702451105987
[30]BLK: 1.88374531835206
[31]XMR: 1.8597402578022086
[32]RADS: 1.7687890330439493
[33]RIC: 1.7210043842168197
[34]BTM: 1.6745035742652896
[35]STEEM: 1.654645761616283
[36]LBC: 1.606355988783549
[37]ETC: 1.5844483445236983
[38]BELA: 1.5596514745308312
[39]GRC: 1.4892703862660945
[40]POT: 1.4462459466201047
[41]FCT: 1.4284552345265653
[42]AMP: 1.3243348222955913
[43]XVC: 1.2496904663640116
[44]REP: 1.2296787746958282
[45]GAME: 1.2018306029050871
[46]EXP: 1.1906721933969102
[47]NMC: 1.178401324274645
[48]XPM: 1.1205999531286617
[49]PPC: 1.119387669274119
[50]HUC: 1.0431584640346134
[51]ZEC: 0.9316235126202729
[52]CLAM: 0.9222895830636298
[53]NXC: 0.8473601936362262
[54]XCP: 0.8244218601805376
[55]SBD: 0.6013025475671337
[56]MAID: 0.5624862839103938
[57]BCY: 0.337327167137805
[58]PASC: 0.27814094844887893

Dont want to look trollish and maybe i am stating the obvious here, but this is the image most people out of SAFE community see. We must look outside the bubble sometimes.
On the side note i am still positive about SAFE network and believe in it from my developer standpoint. But apparently we have to work harder in 2018 :slight_smile:


Great post to have.

Nobody wants to close their eyes to the bigger scene.

Good to keep in mind. I have several plans to help with this in a meaningful way.

But I also like to have my money where my mouth is, so this only pushes me to work harder to make SAFE have these kind of gains, except about 99999x what they have, because it’s a project that actually can change everything.


Yeah we’re one of the only ones that didn’t perform better than bitcoin. This year may be no different if the network doesn’t go live. But it doesn’t mean anything tho just means our technology and marketing isn’t there yet. It’ll all be fine once the network goes live


To be fair Bitcoin and other projects are out there in the wild being tested and built upon by huge numbers of developers. You can’t really expect SAFE to outpace the general disruption before it has launched a product that proves robust etc. When/if it does launch something to disrupt blockchain you can expect that to vastly outperform the legacy technology imo, but not really before then.


Great numbers and it echoes what most of us felt, I think.

On the positive side, it means that maidsafecoin may have spent a year underperforming (relative to potential), which makes it more attractive to new comers.


Well as I observed there are several drawbacks which are causing the trend to shift sideways. I personally think we need to enlist Maid in more exchanges specially the popular ones. For example (personal observation) whenever a coin gets listed to a well known exchange (say Binance) the price skyrockets, the news of listing does the same.
We also need more marketing which can be done at the proper time. Also as there is no time-framed roadmap so the pumpers and dumpers are staying away IMO.
But I think the growth is just fine, I dont want maid to grow really high then suddenly burst. A relative good growth is better for future. I have seen many coins which increased few folds and suddenly dropped for long time. And why are we shouting that much? I stared investing in June/July and maid already increased 3 folds. That is good enough return to be happy.
Remember, all’s well that ends well. We have a long way to go.


If MAID existed in a vacuum, my (selfish) preference would be for the price to stagnate so I can keep accumulating. As is, the rise merely mirrors the cash flows into crypto in general… which is good enough to keep MAID ‘relevant’ … e.g. in front of people’s eyeballs and keep the devs well funded. Priority 1 as I see it should not be more exchanges: MAID will be crippled until the coin can be liberated from OMNI. Priority 1 should be exactly what the team is doing: steady progress towards the only event that matters, launch of a fully specced alpha or beta network. Once the coin is live on a functioning network, it will explode. Until then the project merely risks leaving a bad/confused taste in the next wave of investors. Only people who see the long vision and are ready to hold hard go through the hoops at present and that is a healthier mode IMHO.


I have some Maid on Poloniex but have heard they will start doing KYC on all their customers from early Jan. Is Omniwallet the safest place to store my coins? Is it also wise to use a standard bitcoin address rather than segwit?



Where you have heard about that? Do you have a link or something like that for more information? Can’t find something on Poloniex in their “Terms of Use”.


yes, please do that.

Get them off



So is Omniwallet the best place to store they?


Any alternatives for polo ?


One alternative (the default should be holding in a non-segwit omni address) that I am experimenting with now is to accumulate through bitshares, where one can buy open.MAID which tracks the price almost perfectly. Have to work a bit to beat the spread and get entries, but definitely works.