MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

This is high level stupidity. The EU has double the population and still does not have the GDP of the US. Things may very well change in time but for now the market matters and in a very real way.


This is unfortunately 100% true. We don’t know it would and because of that it could well be a waste of time and money. A lot of people buy and hold this project but I do t think many trade it and I’m not so sure anyone that might be whales would be willing to dump and pump against themselves or know how to do so either. This project gets people hooked with vision and approach (engineering, team, etc).

I am equally frustrated by all of this but I think David is right on this in the end. If we can get this going and just decide to subvert the current system and tread our own path then we have a higher likelihood of success.
I get having money tied up and missing out on what’s going on around this project too. People have bills and families and don’t want to miss out when they were prescient enough to be in this arena in the first place but feel like their wheels are just spinning. Lack of options is a lack of freedom but if our choice is infighting or self sabotage or abandonment over solidarity and follow through then we (with our limited options here) are probably choosing the wrong one. I’m on board with sticking it out. I can’t say I haven’t been impressed with the progress since scaling down the team and narrowing the focus. It has been hugely beneficial and sped development and efficiency of the project up drastically.


More to life than GDP pal. Especially when you piss so much of it away on military and expensive, inefficient healthcare.

How much of your vaunted huge GDP is because of this kind of thing?

But is OK , your markets are “free”. No Reds under your beds - it’l be fine…

Anyway - we are swinging well -off-topic here.

I contend you started it by whining “But I’m an American!! Do things to suit ME,ME,ME” “Provide me with an exchange so I can trade my coins while disobeying the laws of my own country”.

I was thinking the same thing. Its a massive shame.

… boom wise, there are many people who didn’t believe me when I talked about bitcoin, now the price is touching €50,000 I’m being asked for any new projects. People are interested in maidsafe, they are comming.



I don’t think anyone has implied or insinuated this. The issue is that some people feel trapped (i.e. can’t sell) or excluded (i.e. can’t buy). It’s hard to believe the stated reasons why the simple solution—listing on at least 1-2 reputable exchanges—is not achievable because it’s hard to understand why just about every other project can do it, but this one cannot.

Telling people to just sell and move on (knowing fully well that they can’t do that) isn’t a suitable answer. If, for example, MaidSafe effectively lists on an exchange like Bitfinex or Kraken in the near future, then no one can complain about this issue anymore.

Seeing as there are no timelines to the next testnet or beta, it honestly makes no realizable difference if they are released a week or a month later than they hypothetically would have been because no ones knows when they would ever be released anyway. At least getting listed is a more readily attainable win the community could celebrate.

I’d like to think that David is earnest about applying to list on Bitfinex and Kraken in the near term. Emotions are high right now, but hopefully cooler heads and reason will prevail.


Try Changelly again. I am in U.S. and just got the following screenshot:


I have not whined about anything. My response to your comment has nothing to do with access to exchanges. It’s not wise to cut off markets that currently have such massive buying power. Do you think it would be smart to just cut off 500 million Europeans? Your comment was factually dumb. It would have factually dumb if I said it about Europe. You just decided to take it as an “US is king” comment and lost co from of context.

Where are they gonna get listed where its open to US? Coinbase? Not happening. Gemini? Nope. @Knosis , you will still be left using places like simpleswap which is available to you now.


We noted the other day that under current operations kucoin for one would give everyone access.

I dont think its up to the team to just add Maid to exchanges. The cost have been out of proportion. I believe there is many big US Maid holders that also can do an effort her. Satoshi did not sign BTC to exchanges.


Kucoin is technically skirting US law as well.

That doesn’t remove the current endgame

:confused: :confounded: Of course we are.


It would be no different for American users than using simpleswap.

That’s how it comes across, sorry…

Yes it would be nice to be on a few more exchanges.
Should project resources be significantly diverted to make this happen? NO, Not at this stage.

TAANSTAFL and only so much Maidsafe Ltd time available - (this effectively means David and Sharon) , no matter how much very welcome community effort goes into ERC20 and the efforts by @DeusNexus ,@Sotros25 et al.


Kraken and Bitfinex would be great places to start.

The world has changed. Satoshi also didn’t start a legally liable company and attach it to Bitcoin. It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison.

It’s also not rocket science. Once again, the wheel need not be reinvented here. If tiny projects can get listed, this one can too.

When many words have been said—as has been the case over the past week—much gets lost in translation. I think we can take the above statement from David as assurance that MaidSafe is committed to applying in the near term.


That’s not for a testnet as you have been told by more than me. You continually are misrepresenting me here chap.


I tried yesterday and it would not load a trade. Today it does. Back to my point that it is interment.

Yes, sadly you are. There is no use banging one’s head against geopolitical realities.

“The beginning of all wisdom is acknowledgement of facts.”
(Kaiken viisauden alku on tosiasiain tunnustaminen.)

  • J. K. Paasikivi, President of Finland from 1946 to 1956.

(Some folks may need to look at a world map, and maybe study some history, in order to understand what this has meant for Finland.)

The point is, a small Scottish company is in no way to blame for the situation in the US.


Fair enough, I dont know much about those exchanges since I live in Washington state, which has additional restrictions. Can’t use or gemini, either.

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