MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Testnet without rewards now being a testnet with rewards. This went from a few weeks after Christmas to now 6 weeks with no certainty that it will be done. Is that not scope creep? If there was never an announcement for a network without rewards then we would not have this issue. Saying one thing and doing another is what causing confusion here.

Hey man, if you really think it is going to take up to six months to show the world something get this coin listed. I’m not even sure what to say to this. You are serious that it could be 6 months and the project depend on one exchange for income yet this is not a high priority? Do you have personal assurances from our exchange they’ve got our back? Or is it just hope they will hang in there?

You’ve maid it clear any distraction from development means we might not launch. I think this is a false argument if we are talking about as span of 6 months. You mean no parallel work could be done over such period of time? I don’t believe it. How can it not be a priority.

You’ve gone from saying we can only do development and not focus on broad exposure of MAID to world on more exchanges, to when I pressed you on it, saying yeah we are working on getting listed. It sounds contradictory. You could have said we are working on exchanges in parallel with development. But you didn’t say this, you said development 100% not 99% or something like that. When you step back don’t you see how this is contradictory.

I’m referring to the US market. Even if my figures are totally wrong my point stands that we are locked out of MAID. This is not a short lockout but many months. If the project depends on MAID being sold how is it responsible to let whole thing hang on one exchange?

I’ve recently been made aware of the fact I can’t buy or sell MAID which is why I’m concerned. Anyone I ask here in the US that holds MAID immediately becomes uncomfortable. You do understand why right? Can you empathize with them and take action?

Calling my thinking dark side because I question the strategy of trusting one exchange that excludes the US is not fair. We’ve been patient in the US and it seems you don’t mind that those that supported this project from here are locked out. If you did care it would drive you to get listings. When you say you don’t have time, and I suggest you hirer a respected community member you shut it down. I don’t care how listing get done. I care that it happens in a timely manner.

Now that it is clear Maidsafe is reliant on MAID being sold it must be a top priority no? I’m not trying to be nasty or rude. I’m seriously concerned.

I look at this and ask why aren’t we doing the same. Why is listing or development a binary? This is a tiny coin in comparison to this project. They are far below us yet somehow still manage to be listed. Is it OMNI? Well we have a community member trying to solve this issue. He even proposed a possible solution to high gas fees. I see no comments from the team. No support for his work even though our project hangs by one exchange. Please understand why I’m worried.


Not really an answer and not directed at you @waveman352 or @Knosis , I understand the frustration.

Here is a wee snippet that’s worth knowing. There are a few of the team (I think/feel) ,and I certainly am, already financially independent. Not from this project, but from cryptocurrency in general. They and I don’t need to be here, we are not looking for more money, well I am not. Those who are not financially independent could walk into a job with more money tomorrow.

So you have to ask yourself, why are we here? why take all the crap we do?

The answer to the above will reveal a really important thing. We are here because it’s the right thing to do, for me I have moral obligations to be here, for others, I am not sure, but I think the whole team feel we need to do this. The reasons I feel I need to be here (ignoring my duty to investors and supporters) is the biggest reason, that is the world needs to move on, it’s time.


Freedom to exchange is important and I can understand the US holders and other potential buyers. It’s fundamental and part of the “contract” when investing in Maid. Sorry @dirvine but you can communicate your efforts in this regards better out of respect for the holders/buyers that are locked out of exchanges. I understand that is a nuisance and a big hurdle but it sud be done. Full transparency and an action plan are needed. Let the community help.


Fella, you need to stop twisting words and making false assumptions. If you think I am out to hurt folk or that I am somehow completely devoid of business acumen you should sell up and move on.


That is already underway and has been discussed to death in the last few days. I hear you but I could not be more transparent and the community could not be more helpful.

I agree.

That’s not true and since the ICO nobody is buying MAID from MaidSafe, we are not an exchange.


You can sell Maidsafe at anytime. That is good for you.

You’ve got it so we can’t leave. I’m blown away you can’t see this! Wow. David. Take a step back and think about it. If I had a say listings would be near the top. But you have total control and you make it clear.

How do I do this Plato?

There are HitBTC and bittrex. You can sell it. Just do it.


I am muting this convo now, it’s way out of control. The feelings are too raw and there is no way to help more than we are doing. Sorry folks!


As stated in my other comment, if maid goes to zero I’m good. I would love for this to succeed for the network and the financial gain but similar to you, I am fine financially.

I would like to say this though before I stop and retire for the day as you have been generous with your time…right now it’s just a couple of us from the US market kind of chirping about exchanges. If for some reason bittrex de-lists tomorrow, the sense of calm you see from the rest of the people who are commenting who are not from the US, won’t be quite as stoic in their evaluation. I look forward to the projects launch. Enjoy your day.


Feelings are raw on both sides. Only one side has the power to change things.

I’m in the US!! Did you not read what I wrote?

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Finally people start attacking team now.

Why community leader class start marketing ? And let it go to affect dev team? I dont understand.

@Sotros25 @happybeing

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I’m willing to take all your maid of your hand at 700 satoshi each, no exchanges needed. We can have a trusted 3rd person to get it done.


How many maid do you have? I buy at once. Send me DM and I will request escrow to team.


Nobody said you are out to hurt folk. No. I’ve never once thought this.
You are restricting market freedom by relying on an exchange that does not support the US by choosing not to add exchanges. You’ve now made it clear that the project also hangs on this single exchange. I’d think it would be vital to have backups but what do I know. Saying I’m too busy but won’t bring on help for this is a choice. It’s not my choice.

US IS a big market, Not as big - or anywhere near as important as it thinks it is. Better get used to the fact that you are no longer as important as you once were and you need to modify your behaviour and expectations just cos you are a US citizen.

Take a look at how badly the English/UK have failed at this and see what could become of you unless you learn a little humility.

The world will NOT stop just cause you stamp your feet.
US are very good at handing out sanctions to other countries and people. Now you know how they feel like because YOUR government sanctioned YOU.
Don’t whine here , all you do is piss of those who cannot help you.


Pressing for answers and solutions is not attacking.


Please let team focus only development.

Marketing ? Research? Price talking ? All things are acceptable with community members.

But I strongly recommend not to push dev team. We invest huge money into maidsafe. So I will fight everything to hinder team’s development. Because it is the only way to success.

If this project is based on blockchain? Marketing and business model are top priority. But Maidsafe is totally different field. The only thing in common with the blockchain is that tokens are issued.