MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

I don’t imagine they’d be thrilled by @happybeing 's GitHub alternative :slight_smile:


In the scheme of things, Microsoft isn’t going to lose too much sleep over something like the Safe Network. Their main revenue stream is corporate licensing and I don’t see that going away any time soon. Their suite of products is simply too ubiquitous in the corporate world.

I see Facebook and Google as the big losers from the Safe Network. Their total reliance on data mining will be the end of them sooner or later. Hopefully it is sooner with the Safe Network.


what’s wrong with $SEX? really?

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Absolutely nothing, overall, the more money you spend the better the experience is


Full beta is 39 days away? I’m not sure what’s going on here, what are you talking about?

To your other points - there is a sense of panic and doomsday in your thinking there which I’m not sure is reasonable at all, and I don’t know if addressing your questions directly is a good idea… I mean that neutrally, as in, reading your comment I feel worried that you might be overextended, or putting too much faith in one definite vision of the future, or something like that.

The reality is things might not work out, no one can tell the future, and yeah that can a bit terrifying sometimes


Safe Sex is very important in this day and age


When I look for the exit the doors are locked. Worry panic worry yes. Absolutely!

If Maidsafe was depending on paying their employees and running their company with MAID they’d have this worked out. From what I understand they’ve sold all their MAID. MAID is no longer aligned as an incentive for the company. Which is why it is neglected. If the project depended on it being listed it would be listed with backup plans. When I asked about what the plan is for delisting I did not get a clear answer. Just that we ‘could’ land a listing.

I’ve brought a good number of people into this project. They invested based on what this project represents. When they came in the had they freedom to leave the party. Meaning if they were not happy they could leave. Those doors are locked and they can’t leave.

You mention these ruthless companies and orgs. You made good points that don’t exactly reduce my worries about giving MAID holders an exit. What kind of project locks in investors? We’ve been in this state for a long time. When we went down to one exchange there was expected action. We’ve been more than patient. Sure the plan to save the coin if we are delisted could be elucidated. My fear is there isn’t one. Out of respect for investors I’m obligated to ask morally and ethically. I’m not going to just shrug my shoulders and tell them tough shit. I’m going to fight for their representation.

We were supposed to have a testnet in Dec. and now scope creep has destroyed this. How do you know that in 6 weeks we won’t be told that more things need to be added?

I’m an investor in Radix. Look at how they are managing their release and launch. Night and day. I’m righty disturbed by being locked in. Maidsafe has their money and the don’t need to care about the coin anymore. What kind of project does this?

6 weeks from the last network staus update is April Fool’s Day. I don’t want to be a fool.

One of the main points of Crypto is being able to have control over your coins. This means buying or selling. We have the largest crypto community in the world locked out and those holding locked in.

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What scope creep?

Eh??? That’s far from accurate or correct, all of our supporters need a return and the coin price does matter, to us and them

I have seen you take a statement that was who knows 6weeks/6 months and turn in into a promise of launch in 6 weeks. That is worrying and will have folk confused. It’s not true from any angle, there is no 6-week promise on anything.

Where do you get the figures for this statement?

I am not sure @Knosis if you have recently turned to the dark side of thinking or not. I have not noticed before that I can remember, but the progress right now by the team is nothing short of commendable and your phrasing is accusatory and incendiary, why?


I missed this cracker! Again who is feeding you this nonsense?


I’ve been enthusiastically following you for years since the very beginning. I’ve told anyone that would care about this project what it represents. Humans need privacy and this includes the digital space as you well know. I want this for the world. The world needs this. I’m the biggest proponent of this project in my neck of the woods.

If the project depends on MAID how can we leave the survival of the project in the handss of one exchange? It’s been this way a long time. Why would we risk not being able to sell for the project for such a long period? I apparently wrongly assumed Maidsafe sold their MAID. If this is the case I point back to my question about a prolonged period of only one exchange. This situation has people locked in with no escape. Don’t you get that? How many months has it been?

I’m worried man. It is one thing to be patient and wait for delivery. It’s a very different situation to not be able to buy or sell and have to wait for delivery. When will I have control over my coins again?

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We as a business do not depend on MAID right now.

Stick with us, we are right there now. I know you have heard that before but this is the team to do it, unlike previously this team have the right design, no fighting, no including time, no total order of everything etc. This is Safe as it was meant to be all those years ago. So stick with us a few weeks more and see what we can do.

Don’t be I am not and I have an awful lot of folk that I care about and many depend on this being a success. Never mind the world needs it and I work day and night for this reason. Stay cool, it is cool.


If you and you pals really want to get out there are ways, I know ppl actively looking to buy in the near future.
And we have a great community member who sources coins for those in need, it works both ways, ask nicely and I’m sure they would gladly rid you of your coins if your not happy.


I go back and forth daily on all this stuff but he’s right @dirvine, the people here in the US are in a very bad spot, we can’t buy or sell and we don’t have control of that. I’ve had 4-5 people in the last so many months that would have bought if we had a way to do it. Additionally, the exchanges that have popped up have essentially been short lived chop shops. The criticism is fair because if delivery isn’t coming tomorrow then we all should have the freedom to move our investments as we please at least.

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I’m not trying cause a stir but you shouldn’t have to find someone else to help you, that’s the point. Maybe one day you want to buy, the next sell, we should have ultimate control and that doesn’t exist currently.

It feels like the oscillations between fear and greed are getting more pronounced with each week of this crypto boom. Over the last year, MAID has held pretty steady with Bitcoin, but the recent swings seem to be making people more and more anxious. I think there is a feeling that MAID may miss the boat this time around and that FOMO with other coins is starting to become overwhelming for some.

The community is working on getting exchanges and Maidsafe have said they will do what they can to support this. It is hard to know what more can be said here? Maidsafe didn’t request delists, they didn’t ask the US to change their laws to make it difficult either. Can we just allow some time for community and team to move current obligations forward?


Ok what have I/we done wrong? We saved the company/project as a community on the promise that it would be 100% launch. Ton of work, extreme focus from the team and we are nearly there. Now we are responsible for exchanges not listing us? Is that it, do folk want to deviate from launch? I mean right now, right at this time?

We have no people focussed on exchanges and that was clear.

A small issue we had with exchanges was delisting due to lack of trading? Do we think spending $1-250,000 on a listing will make folk trade? Why did they not previously?

The criticism should be let’s launch and fast plus get exchanges to work with us. The latter happens easier with the former in place.

I do understand, but I like William Wallace, I cannot shoot thunderbolts from my ass :wink:

Hold on tight and let’s see. Whats a few more weeks now after all this journey and the team doing so so much in the last year? Now is not the time to trip this thing up.


Complete lie and you have deliberately truncated the quote. Full quote was:

David was talking about test net and this will open the road to beta which will be next


Its normal to feel more frustrated when we are on a crypto bull run. The same thing happened on this forum in 2017. You see other coins booming and it hurts. You see bitcoin booming and think why didn’t I sell my maid for bitcoin. All normal human reactions. I feel it too. Express those frustrations if it helps but this project was always a high risk bet. If people didn’t know that they didn’t do enough research. It’s not @dirvine fault that we could of made better returns elsewhere. His job is too get this thing built and as far as I can see that’s what he is doing. The exchanges will come as will the returns on investments. There’s so many projects that crashed and burned and if we had invested in them we would of grieved the loss and moved on by now. The length of this challenge is what makes it harder but I still :100: percent believe this project will be delivered and good returns will be made.


You shouldn’t have to , I whole heartedly agree.
Its no one in Scotland fault that your govt is an ass though.


I can’t criticize anyone for lack of completion, I don’t believe that you and your team are dragging this out longer then needed. I can also agree with @bones that it’s not your fault that the US government has asinine restrictions on crypto platforms. With that being said, there isn’t any other project that I have ever tried to purchase that I can’t, without relative ease. To be clear, my maid is locked up and if it goes to zero, so be it, I’m ok with that. I would like to get other people involved and I don’t think anyone should feel locked out from buying or selling if they want, even if I have essentially waved the flag and have accepted whatever the fate is.

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