MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

In principle, we do not have to tolerate him. We can vote for a ban, obviously he doesn’t like it here anyway and we can help him not to waste his time with us.

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C’mon, give the guy some slack…he even manage to create a new profile to like his own post…lol…cheesy goodness :rofl:


Mildly off topic. But curiosity question for David and Co: When the team launches Fully Operational Capability (FOC) after Beta, what spirit(s) do you have chilling ready for the toast? :champagne: :wine_glass: :cocktail: :tropical_drink: :beers: :clinking_glasses: :tumbler_glass: :sunglasses:


I hope you will do beta in 6 months or this year, because you said 5 months ago that
“I expect a testnet within 6 weeks and then head to beta (we need upgrades though). Beta is not gonna be less than 6 weeks and could be 6months or more away. We don’t know yet, but these are my personal opinions given the state of play just now. I am more confident as the team is more cohesive and communicative now. We are more a unit and see what each other are doing.”

Yeah no definitive date there and explicitly mentions it’s an opinion. We all want things now. That’s not always reality.


If you don’t like it, just sell your holdings and move on. But I do like your offbeat postings


Spot on the money.

20 cents, here we [never see again].

Hehe, I’ve stopped watching the price again for the last few months (still buying monthly) and come in here and there’s acres of gloomy screenspace. Thought oh man, it must have tanked… We bottomed out in the 40’s during a nice crash… still 4x (5x+ now) where it was a year ago. Zoom out, see the progress and new price floor and relax. Life got a lot better for me when I fully committed to a few projects and stopped sweating the daily movements. At least a couple years left here to fully reap the fruit. Accumulate as much as you can while still sleeping like a baby, help where you can, and enjoy the ride.


Pump happening now, some new live.


More like a dump on Bittrex.
Where are you seeing this?

Just on coinmarketcap, a bit of overall rise I suppose

Well bitcoin is pumping… check prices in btc, never check Maid valuation in $.

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I still like to check the USD pairing, even though it probably has far less volume and so not as relevant.

Looks like .70 cents is our 40k for BTC. We hold above that and I reckon pumpage may resume.

We only get there because very little people trade maid. Holders do not trade and whenever btc pumps the price skyrockets. Has very little to do with maid, just shows how hardcore maid holders are.

If we start seeing maid gaining over btc that’s another story.

I would start getting excited if we moved over the 0.00002 hump, or maybe closer to 0.00004. Getting back to our old btc prices is the dream however.