MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

I don’t disagree with any of that and don’t make price predictions, which are pointless without a timescale as well.

What I don’t see you considering its what value all those projects will have, and what happens to investment in this area when they are faced with Safe Network. I agree with you in an unchanged landscape but one in which a product arrives which invalidates so much else is going to have a hell of an impact, or we’re all very wrong here. And I can’t see that happening without a big shift in the valuation of the project.


Thinking about that video on the cyclical nature of human history is there a corresponding one for economic of boom-busts?

Tulp Mania
Ticker Tape / Black Tuesday
Dotcom Bubble
2008 Credit Crunch / Subprime
Crypto Bubble Pop???

I’m sure I’ve missed a few!


If the project succeeds then I agree. I’m mainly commenting on short term price gain. Bitcoin was proven and revolutionary for many years but it only started increasing in value when in gained liquidity from mt gox

I also think most blockchain projects price will implode come the end of this year.

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East India company

Was it liquidity or willybot?
To be fair gox was about when I first found btc, so have no idea what it was like before that.

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Before Mt Gox you had to find a miner and ask them to sell you some. Or mine them.


Here is a point of view from Raoul Pal one of the founders of these extremely popular investor education site RealVision. Not advocating it, just pointing out that this is the narrative on the other side of the “mania”. Time will sort out who is right.

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I believe filecoin couldn’t be traded at all until about 6 months ago. They seem to have done alright since.

It is natural for people to feel envy. We should just reflect on the value proposition of safe network. This is a long term hodl.

I bet Filecoin aren’t on Omni

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I bet Safe Network Tokens won’t be either.


They weren’t anywhere. You couldn’t buy or sell them at all. They were illiquid.

The main big difference is Filecoin is not a privacy coin like Safe Network Tokens are.

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@Sotros25 could probably explain it - unrivaled marketing, some of it unintended. For a few races a couple of years ago the Doge logo was painted on the hood of one of the cars in the NASCAR races in U.S. - got a lot of exposure from that and the subsequent reporting of it. And now, Elon Musk has apparently picked up the mantle.


On New Year’s Day this year, Bittrex announced that it was removing three of the most popular privacy coins.

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I’ve not listened to it all yet, but assuming it is crack up boom stuff. I agree with much of that, but Doge specifically? I can see why the money is flooding into the space, but there will always be wolves and sheep.

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That isn’t a feature of doge itself though. The technology has nothing novel. Any coin can be marketed, hyped, loved for whatever reason. Given it doesn’t move the state of the art forward, it isn’t clear what it has to offer beyond that.


The video is more related to the denominator: money supply. Does talk about how that plays into all limited supply commodity type things which I guess would include Doge. Doge is also probably now a captured market in very few hands.

This will be helpful for the network as long as we launch before it happens. When the pop happens, and safe is one of only a handful of project s left standing that made it through the storm, people will have an easy time piling in to the project. There will be no more crypto noise/hype. Safe gets all the fomo then. Think “bubba gump”.


I love that. This was such a good decision. I was able to buy Monero so cheap thanks to it. It is a question of time till all CEX exchanges remove anonymous coins and the only option will be dex.

If there is a coin to survive fiat printing and all the TAX increases, crypto bans and confiscations related to that collapse it will be anonymous one. Blockchain is worse than bank account. My bank account can be checked only by me, bank officer and tax office. Blockchain can be checked by anyone. So there is a little chance crypto will survive as a hedge agains hyperinflation collapse. We have seen crypto bans in Trukey, India and Venezuela. We have seen gold confiscation in Turkey, USA, Britain, Argentina…and many other countries. Crypto confiscation, crypto taxation or crypto ban in collapsing countries will happen sooner or later. The only place where to hide your wealth is anonymous crypto or gold bullions.

We need to prepare to be mostly on decentralized exchanges and to have everything as anonymous as possible.


Many times the public does not require justification. Herd mentality.