MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

this one just posted 2 weeks ago:

Not a great channel, but somewhere next a big name will do a review.


Andreas Antonopolous would be a great person to get into the Safe Network as well. I have heard him mention it once on a podcast so he is aware of it at least.


How willing will any of these people be to start talking about or touting maid again (or for the first time) without having a user friendly tangible product? Today was a massive day but still hard to show its ability to the masses.


Yes I agree with you.

I am sure the user friendliness will follow soon, that is the easier part, but if the network has proven to be pretty stable, than I think it won’t hurt to put out the word and start telling the world by doing some interviews.


Hasn’t Max become a BTC maxi in the mean time? Haven’t checked lately.

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From what I understand he’s a BTC maxi. Calling all other coins shit coins.

Are you referring to Haven protocol?

Yes, but also as a journalist he has a strong interest in freedom of speech / expression - so a window there.

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Such low volume. I can see coins outside the top 200 with over $100 million in daily volume. We are struggling to break $3 million. A binance listing is so needed.

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Yes, exchange listing is what’s really needed. Are you pushing to get more?


What’s required to get Binance listing, or rather have we tried and if we have what is the outcome / status?

A million or so in ‘bribes’. Unless you are getting so big they can’t ignore you.

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Has a poll or something been held to see if people want to contribute to that ‘bribe’? I mean a bribe is one way of looking at it but the other way is that we buy a secured and trusted exchange to trade on. Comparatively, the community has probably lost over 1.0m in coins buy having to trade on dodgy exchanges. What are peoples arguments for not paying the exchange listing fee?

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No one wants to sell at current prices. That’s a bigger issue.


Binance fee is ridiculous. On top of that, it’s not that simple either. These exchanges are nothing to sneeze at when it comes to their requirements. Legal documents (some require a working product in order not to be a security), huge listing fee, they require a high volume and liquidity already there, and they require an assurance of liquidity and volume on their exchange (most of the time they request market making services, which is hard for the Maidsafe team as a registered UK company due to regulation).

This is how the community can help to get better listings done:

  • Stop market buying or selling, place orders to be filled. This fills up order books and will allow for better liquidity.
  • Spread the word, upvote Reddit posts, share Tweets etc. I know some of you are already doing an amazing job, but the vast majority isn’t.
  • Make request for coin listings yourself (e-mail Bitfinex, Kraken, Coinbase, Binance), an individual doing this won’t help, but if the requests pour in, someone will notice the name eventually.

Work is being done behind the scenes too, but its a long, slow process and a true minefield.

Additionally I had an idea of creating a listing fund myself, fully community driven. 100% of the fund will go to the first AAA exchange listing MAID (Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase or Kraken), or 25% will go to the first B+ tier exchange listing maid (KuCoin, Bitstamp, Huobi, Bithumb) I might be forgetting some here. This could be a great way of decentralizing the project even further, and if we can reach out to some media platforms, this could be a great publicity stunt too.


We’ve seen a near 4x increase in about 6 weeks, a new ATH in USD, a new US supporting exchange and people still want more exchanges to pump the price?

What is certain is the sunk cost of getting on one of those big exchanges. You also then become a target of pump/dumps, have the Reddit filled with shills and all the rest of it.

Those who want to buy and hold will find a way in. The team is settled, the community is great and the product will speak for itself over time.


Well I know I won’t be selling till the price reaches 10x from here, and only 10% of my stash at that time


If you compare with other coins (most of them shitcoins), then we are not growing that much. Price is important, it will help to fund the project development, and give more visibility to it. It’s not the same being 150 rank in CMC that being TOP 25… There is no rush, but it’s a good moment in the market, and we should take advantage of it.


Ill start thinking about selling a little to buy storage and a decent NAS to support the network.