MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Bones, depends why you trade. Made most of my money trading alts; put some btc and took out a lot more when I sold.

You grow you btc stash with every trade. Trick is in picking something that appreciates against btc.

Nowadays however just holding Maid, sold what I could not afford to lose and sitting on this stash until the network goes live.

Very true.
Only reason I trade maid is to accumulate more maid.
At some points I’ve sold some of that maid to realise profit.
I trade as I’m happy to hold btc or maid, so I’m not fussed what exchange rate they’re at.
Sometimes I hold one , sometimes the other, but I try to keep most in maid so I don’t have fomo when maid rises.


Is not the last dip due to re-validation process on Bittrex exchange ? I was not logged there for long time and they push me to log in and make some KYC action again.

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I logged in within last week, didn’t re do anything , haven’t been asked to.
My orders still stood firm.

The lower maid falls against btc the more potential it has to rise against btc also


I’ve created a separate topic about trading MAID tokens as a NFT

Well one satoshi only equals ~$0.00065, and it can’t really go much higher (and if it did that just means said fiat’s worth in the world will also diminish, i.e. not necessarily that Bitcoin’s worth is increasing). I’m not sure how much people care about only being able to trade one satoshi at a time, to equal, eventually, say one tenth of a penny, as if even a single penny is worth much of anything. All the same, maybe people would feel more comfortable not dealing with “tiny decimals”, and thus trade against something like Ethereum, which would enable more microscopically incremented price changes. Then again, maybe BTC will always appeal more to the average trader, or there will be an average between the two against MAID.

I don’t think people will become nostalgic for a time that MAID was 1000 satoshis, and then push it up there. If it goes to 1000, it will be because of MAID’s own worth increasing by the Safe Network product becoming more of a reality or other functional benefits to gather a wider audience and/or investors.

Just bought a bunch of MAID, looking forward to tomorrows updates :smiley:


Yes I had to do re-KYC also. Some tips, use good light and background that has contrast.


Do you know something we don’t :thinking:?


I have not been active on Bittrex for a couple of months now but was able to sell XHV and buy MAID with no problem or KYC this afternoon.

Thank you to the weak hand who dumped :slight_smile: Shame I could only afford a fraction of a % of yor bag.


Selling XHV for Maid is a big mistake imo. XHV are just about to upgrade and release their XHV 2.0, they have fewer coins in circulation and their market cap is smaller than Maid (much room to grow). XHV can easily run to $100 while Maid to $1 is a big question.

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Now you tell me…

Are they going to get hacked again and fall from ~45k to ~8k like it did a couple weeks after I bought in?
Cos its going to have to do something really special to pull back that loss.
I still hold a few hundred $-worth XHV though.


Friendly reminder: the market cap means absolutely nothing.

  • You can’t trade it.

  • You can’t sell in it.

  • There is no way you can make money from it.

I don’t know which will be the first currency to flip bitcoin on the market cap, but this will happen and we will see insane numbers for a market cap.

I wish you to be alive and healthy to see MAID at $ 10k, because these numbers are in the game and are completely possible. But how many of the 16k addresses that hold MAID currently will wait for this price…

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Even if it takes another 15 years for Safe Net, people are pretty shortsighted if they can’t see how ridiculously lucky they are to be able to choose virtually free retirement times 1000, by just waiting.

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If we have to wait 15 more years, 1/2 the people on here will already be in retirement


It is still a big if. I heard the same thing from every other project, some of those failed and went to 0.

Its a big risk game, it doesn’t always work the way you think. The biggest issue is believing in something totally when it ends up being false. Have to always think of the what ifs…

I still have a healthy stack to buy a few islands if maid makes it big, but nothing that would ruin me if it went to 0 now.

So yes, I did sell for what I originally put in, so no harm no foul. Could not afford to lose that much or even wait years before I had access to those funds again.

Life is short, 15 years is an eternity when you are mortal, could be dead 3 times over by then…


Market cap and price in general is for gamblers, not computer scientists. There’s nothing wrong with gambling a bit, but it is what it is.

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Well good thing I said retirement times 1000.


Have you been following the team? They use a third party auditing firm that has been auditing Monero. They have dealt with the vulnarbility in a professional way and now are ready to fork and release an updated version. This coin can go easily to $1000