MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

If this is just another testnet bounce then we likely are going to be reversing very shortly yet again.

Afraid it’s just the — Pump…and then the Dump. MAID is just too easy for the whales to manipulate due to current market restrictions.

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Maid +21 on a BTC -9 day … all it would have taken is someone who sees that 40c was a good price before we knew the basic network worked and saw a chance to put in 60k USD. Not enough interest to pump and dump this one, all price action previous was indicative of people wanting in.

It was a single high volume buy as the bots were dumping to track BTC, a little fade on declining volume, then slow rise on increasing volume. Looks like accumulation to me IMHO.


We all agree on the transformational power of the SAFE Network platform that is on our doorsteps. It remains the ONLY emerging technology that the public is crying out for that solves the data-security/privacy, performance, storage, and now the requirement for truly-green cryptocurrency because the carbon-belching, blockchain technologies (e.g., BTC) are in the process of being identified, vilified, and publicly cancelled. Once the tech is proven and in Fleming, the price and marketing should bear that out.

IMVHO, the only real risk on the horizon I see for MAID (bc the data cannot be consolidated, controlled, leveraged, manipulated, and sold as of yet) is that Gov’t, Big Tech, and Big Media will collude to devise a suppression plan that de-funds the SAFE token, gaslights the public into thinking SAFE is unsafe/unstable, and/or pressures SAFE Network users to disclose their MAID holdings and activity. They may not be able to stop/hack into the tech itself, but don’t think for a moment that they will sit idly by and watch the SAFE Network promulgate outside their locus of control. There is evil there that never sleeps, and they will stop at nothing to re-gain control and power over your lives.


I just see cycles. The price was due a rebound and it found support at 1k sats. Not sure there is much more to read into it.


Personally I think it’s this:

and on the back of that I’d be suprised if it didn’t go up further.

That news came hours after the pump, from eye balling the charts. Who knows though? People love a narrative, but could be anything or nothing.

Any other crypto project announcing 19000 tps per shard would be up 500x today. Maybe it will take a few days to sink in for the cryptonaughts. Or maybe it will only sink in once the tps are viewable in a public testnet.


Time to post it on Twitter and all social media

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Testnets that are not user friendly currently don’t matter to the price other then possible short lived pump and dumps. Nothing has changed.


For me and I think a ton of other traders this is the trend start we’ve been looking for. We’ve broken the previous swing high, which was criteria one. Second criteria is have a retracement and find the higher low, and thats what we just did.

Trend starts is the best place to enter or exit your trade (depending on the new trend) and often moves the price rapidly. (No financial advice, obv.)


I don’t give a toss about trading. I just want to see a working product that delivers what I have been dreaming of for the past 4 years. I can only imagine what David and the dev team are dreaming of. The price will look after itself once the MVP and Beta is reached


We need more Twitter posts!! Please join me guys in getting the message out!


It needs to be easily shown, not just words. Great that we got the 19k tps and new stuff daily but it’s often hard enough to explain bitcoin to people and I can show them. IMO no timeline on release equals a continued waiting game.

I agree. MAID price action has been strong the past 24 hours, while BTC, LTC, etc. have been weak. Very positive sign.


That was a big chomp. 200k


So far so good

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I’m not experienced or claim any skill in understanding market movements and charts but what I ovserved:

  • before the last up ramp, 24 hour volume was consistently around 1.5BTC
  • during the ramp up to 2200, we saw volume increase and I guestimated about 10BTC was invested
  • during the fall, volume was very low right back down to 1.5BTC and dipped to <1BTC and then stabilised back around 1.5BTC
  • during this rise, we’re seeing that volume rise steadily, currently up to 7BTC in the last 24 hours

So caveats noted, these cycles look like investment, push price down, re-invest rather than pump and dump.

Looking at the depth chart we currently have price ~1800 and a steady gradient from here to 2200 with a further investment of 6BTC.

I expect we’ll see the usual drop from those buying rumour and selling news as T6 passes, but this also seems to indicate people building their holdings and of course is creating liquidity.

As the testnets proceed, it will be interesting and encouraging if the pattern is maintained even if the price remains in this range.



We are technically in a phase of accumulation with a bottom and top. Normally the accumulation is done by selling the top and buying the bottom in a trading range by the market makers to get the lowest possible entry price. Higher highs with a higher bottom may indicate that we may break out of this accumulation phase. Break out of longer accumulation phases often result in a larger upward movement in price. We get a confirmation of whether Maid have broken out of accumulation when we break the last height with a full candle print. The last high will then act as resistance for a further decline in price in theory. Normally this resistance will be tested. before the start of a major bull market. What we are seeing in the market is a normal accumulation and for the first time since 2016, the TA is starting to line up for a potential bigger move in BTC price. When TA and fundamentals lines up together then …


Some nice price action. This project certainly deserves it. Still a bargain :wink: