MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Cloud platform didn’t gather enough intelligence about Maidsafecoin, yet :joy:


MMmmmmmm… coinmarket cap now says we are an “Untracked Listing”

Can’t see a price anymore, still can see the charts for now.

A bit annoying for the newcomers I introduced to the project.
They will have to check the BTC price on an exchange, then convert it to FIAT.

Maybe we do need ECR20 …

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Unusual traffic?
Bet that’s just a standard statement they use.

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I think its ok… same thing is happening to BTC.

It looks like random mixer of errors

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It was sold recently iirc, I guess the new owners don’t know how to work it properly.

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Use, I have not used CMC in a long time, coingecko is much better.

8 Likes is cool too :dragon:

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Binance , the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, has reached an agreement to acquire CoinMarketCap , one of the most-referenced crypto data websites, in an undisclosed deal. The companies officially announced the acquisition to Cointelegraph on April 2.Apr 2, 2020

After the CoinMarketCap acquisition, wonder if Binance will open trading to the US market??

I can’t see why they would, different rules and regulations.

Edit. Isnt that what is for?

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Just send them to tradingview.

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For a bit of perspective, here’s what the price of MAID would be were it ranked at the following on Coinmarketcap today:

  • 50 = $0.64
  • 40 = $0.81
  • 30 = $1.30
  • 20 = $2.63
  • 10 = $7.71
  • 5 = $14.69

Now imagine what this project could do if it had the funding those MAID prices would provide. MAID has held all of those rankings before. As a community, there are different tactics we can employ to help get MAID back to where it has been (and higher). One tactic is around improving access to MAID. If you want to help support a community-driven approach to expanding MAID’s exchange footprint, please provide your thoughts here: Community-Driven Exchange Listing Proposal.

If you have other suggestions for how we can increase visibility and influence for this project, please provide those thoughts here: Marketing Initiatives.


Make sure to share valuable input in the links provided by @Sotros25 in the post above. :point_up:

Wow, that is crazy. Not sure if anyone has seen the crypto ranking video where Maidsafe is at the top for years and then around scam coin era 2017 gets pushed down. Wouldn’t it be amazing to watch that video in another couple of years and see it rise up to take XRP’s place? I would love that.


We’re not returning to the top ten without a usable product.

Randomly picked a couple of snapshots from CMC:





Yeah, 2017 was the year that saw us slipping down.

I imagine we’ve got it backwards here. If the project did something convincing to the masses, the MAID price would go up. As it is, the current market does not value what has been achieved as to put us back among the cream of the crop. We’re still in the high-risk, no-product territory, and we’ve been there for more than a half a decade.


I think it’s about balance. MaidSafe has to deliver (and soon), but there’s also a lot of work to be done to make sure that the market pays attention as they deliver. I don’t think it’s one or the other, but rather both.

That being said, I do agree that:

In the meanwhile, I do think getting back into the top 50 to 20 should be achievable.


Without a delivery schedule, it is very difficult to market something that people don’t trust will be delivered. But we are contrarians. That’s why we are still here and true believers.

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I think the Fleming release will change everything.

A massive de-risking of the project to standard investors.


I don’t see any way the price increases without more access followed shortly (6 months or less) by some level of user friendly product. While great things take time, to be fair if something usually takes 15 years and you’re not going to outer space, it’s probably dead so I understand why people wouldn’t want to buy. In addition if people start reading through the last 3 years closely they will see the greatest creation ever in PARSEC only to have it be thrown out 2 years later. Follow that by buzzwords from other projects like smart contracts, defi ect. there is a real up hill battle to climb that gets harder daily. However, we must try to endure because the reward of freedom and cash gains are too high.

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