MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

That’s right and that’s why we need an ERC20MAID token to be able to trade on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap

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Nah, spending btc for goods. Getting harder every day here in the US. Not easier…

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Yes, totally agree, the volumes will need to be high! Definitely one thing that can save all this is decentralized exchanges! It’s definitely not helping MAID when it’s impossible to buy it in some parts of the world right now.

Having in mind how easy it is to do this looks just like conspiracy to remain invisible…

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With crypto there is still a lot of shadiness, the problem is exchanges creating fake volume and not reporting true numbers for all their trading.

The numbers would probably be pretty bad in general if they were not the doctoring numbers. Then you have pumps and dumps schemes… Maid has just gotten very little attention from those people. I guess it’s good and bad at the same time. Hopefully we get some real traction once the network is up and running with a growing army of users.

Friend these people need a SAFE place to trade. I’m not burning with desire to see what will happen if several million people push their safecoin into HitBTC…

We need DEX…


I agree with that mindset. I believe there has been some investor(s) with very deep pockets supressing the price ever since the last bull cycle in 2018.

If Cardano can be a top 10 coin with a marketcap of almost 4 bln, being just another under development smartcontract project with a limited use case compared to Safe Network, then shouldn’t Maidsafe be a top-10-shining star as well, having an overly complete fleming getting ready to be launched?

We’ll get our day in the bright sun, I am sure, but some recognition by the crypto community for all Maidsafe has done till now, would be more than justified :trophy:


I sound like a broken record but all these projects promote and market and more importantly are widely avaliable on many exchanges. The future network has all the advantages in the world but currently may have created the largest barriers to entry of any project with real promise.


I absolutely agree with this. The price action of MAID is not normal. Cardano, which is going no where, had a peak market cap of $20B+

There is merit to:

However, there are hundreds upon hundreds of crap projects with next to no funding listed on all manner of exchanges. Something just doesn’t add up.


The people I recently introduced to this project have completed their purchases.

Expect the price to drop now… as it usually does when I bring someone on board. :rofl:


Then how are they on all those exchanges with no funding? I guess after lots of consideration to what has been going on around us, I’m unsure what the tipping point will be in relation to maid seeing price action. It’s kind of like which came first…but perhaps it just suffers from “14 years of development” Bc to your point, a 20 billion market cap would put maid u see current supply between $40-$45. I agree none of it makes sense.

More than money, relationships make the world go round. Building valuable relationships where it comes to influence and exchanges doesn’t seem to be a strong suit (thus far) for this project.


We have talked before and that has been one of my concerns about it for a long time. Then, does that eventually erode an amazing project that is literally better than everything avalible when it’s completed or do they find there way out of purgatory?

If I go to I can’t get an order for larger than $6k. I’m in the US so I have to use them. That is what you call a thin market.
You could put in an order for $20k two weeks ago.


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All I can think is that there are people wanting to get out and buy other coins for now until they stop going up, and then it all trickles back into this and other coins.

And people/investors hold this project to much higher scrutiny because they believe in its substance more than anything else, almost as if everyone more closely involved can’t be quiet about it (and they don’t have to be quiet about it), and that then rubs off onto everyone else/the investors. That’s just my analysis whether internalized or not for most these years, since I felt all the emotions of it several years ago with following closely all the trading ups-and-downs and thoughts/feelings between everyone resulting from it. But maybe it can be broken… I mean, when the floor finally goes up to 20 cents or wherever, that’s a pretty hefty ability to actually branch out into having a marketing team again, and all that. So maybe it’s all up to new perceptions?

It’s funny since there is so much substance, but what I meant by that is the substance of publicly interactive results (test nets or even greater), deemed to be needed for anymore rises of this coin from aforementioned scrutiny. So yeah I think investors need that new perspective… or ironically not, since “we’re so close” anyway! Way closer than the other close times.

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The current health and financial climate is pushing people to seek out places that can promise some level of purchasing power preservation.

Gold just keeps going up.
Bitcoin is now thought of as much of a wealth preserver as gold, especially if you are living in countries like Venezuela. While gold continues to leap up, it feels like we won’t see bitcoin retreat.

SAFENet, although it’s future is bright, right now people want to put cash in to something that already has confidence.

I think we might be lucky enough to pick up even cheaper Maidsafes, just before launch.


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But are they going to be actually cheaper in real terms? Bittrex just plunged to 840 sats now at 880. But I have to spend BTC to buy this “cheap” MAID and Im paying a good bit more for my BTC than I was two weeks ago.

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