MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Lets go together to the new world !

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Anyone heard of Any competition yo maid ?

Yes, see here friend: What’s up today? - #3261 by jlpell

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Orders are extremely thin. Right now it’s some bots trading peanuts on exchanges.

No way to buy big unless you buy the order book and overpay the current price…

I did that with Oxy… lost 60k. Last time I do that with any investment!

I have also experienced your pain, friend. What I want to point out to you is that the crypto is high risk, obviously. But in addition to a high risk of loss, you also have a high risk of winning. Bitcoin made 2,000,000% up in 7 years, Ethereum made 180,000% in 2.5 years. With such profits it is worth keeping everything to 0, because 1 thing is enough to make x10000 to change your life…

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What do you suggest? Did you already sold?

Personally I sold most of all my alts some time ago, MAID occluded. Now I just play the numbers, sell when it’s high and buy when it’s low. Made a lot more with this mindset, but to each their own.

Its hard lately with MAID with the low volumes, hard to get any real large orders going unless you want to buy the book to the top!


I was lucky to get into this at the very start, so yeah, it was killer if you held back then. Question is, not sure we are going to get many great successes like we did with btc, ETH etc. The next big thing might not be crypto, there’s way too many “me too coins” out there, the market is really diluted. Not sure we will ever see this in the crypto space. Hope I’m wrong…

My opinion is that the crypto has not even started yet. 99% of humanity still considers it a scam. There will be many things that will make x10000 in the coming years :dragon:


The problem with crypto is regulation, I used to be able to get anything I wanted with crypto, it’s being harder and harder lately unless you sell for Fiat. Companies like, All4bitcoin etc were pushed out by regulations. Lots of places selling gift cards are offering less and less options again due to regulation. So for me it’s not going better, getting a lot harder!

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In Europe, the opposite is true. More and more businesses are adopting crypto. More and more crypto projects are trying to reach ordinary people with real products, not just investors.

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I’m confused. You are having issues buying major coins? Alt coins? Honestly with a little creativity, the only coin I have an issue buying or selling in maid.

I don’t believe in conspiracies, but it’s almost like someone wants MAID to be invisible so the price is low :lol:


In the US crypto is being regulated out. Even coinbase is forcing KYC for all users. Getting harder and harder to spend btc directly and exchanges are not even able to carry certain coins like maid. Have to be very creative to buy certain coins.

It is clear about Bitcoin, they are preparing it to be a currency only for the rich. With 42% of all bitcoin controlled by 2000 addresses, this is normal. For etherium, however, the ecosystem seems the opposite…

Lots of coins with low volume, I think the problem is exchanges are faking volumes for a lot of alts, maid does not interest them, if maid works it takes then out of the loop, not in their interests…