MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

I’d say I’m a small holder and I have split my holdings. I even have a couple addresses with just 10 MAID in them. That’s because I want to have some small amounts available for rehearsal before moving the amounts that matter.


1 Maid- 10 $? I hope it is a reality I dream of that … with what I push the price … trying to become a reality !!!


I have wallets with varying quantities for the exact reasons mentioned of initial tests for transfers as well as wallets that hold moderate amounts. I would agree that most people who have been just buying and holding probably have wallets split up in various amounts.

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Ever since the spike to 20 cents, I’ve felt the price has been pretty erratic.
This might be one of the weirdest graphs I’ve seen


I’ve been using a normalized price indicator and super squeeze trend of MA’s to study how trend looks without the huge logarithmic swings.

The yellow line is the super squeeze (basically an weighted index of several MA’s that produce a squeeze, the closer two MA’s are the higher 0-100%, then when majority of the squeezes are very close the super squeeze is going up to 100%, signaling a big move). Once this one starts to drop from 100% to lower values this means that the MA’s are all widening and momentum is increasing rapidly due to distance between each MA increasing.

Now the super squeeze can be at high % for a long time and that’s what we have seen with this yellow background, so what is more interesting is to find consolidation/trading patterns.

The screenshot includes Elliott wave count of this super-trend and since we have completed 5 (3 up waves) this would naturally retest (4). Since the pattern is inside a triangle which should break-out within 60 days while super squeeze is at high % and the relative price at the bottom AND increasing, momentum would favor uptrend reversal.

Take note that relative price doesn’t tell us the price, only that it is gaining strength and when to expect this to appear.




Not so weird. Someone bought a ton, either to hold or on spec. They disturbed the equilibrium in a lowish liquidity market. The gap was filled (in BTC), in other bases it regressed to long term VWAP and the resolution was higher prices on higher volume over a comparatively long period. The only reasons to buy that abruptly are to either accumulate an optimal amount at the price/liquidity, or to send a signal. Either way, a positive event.


I checked upon the price which the last spike had and majority of volume was bought around 2000-1100 satoshis. Some good accumulation, the last pump was mostly because the sell orders pulled up to a high price but the whales didn’t buy there, as you can see volume is not present there. It’s mostly those people who chase the pump buy high and then in vain sell low where the liquidity is at.

So once we leave this accumulation zone the orderbook and liquidity should support increasing price and slowly push price up over the coming weeks/months.


Thank you the great analyses :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Nice to see the bump to .13 cents today. Maybe 5 cent was our bottom :+1:


I generally don’t associate price movements with technological progress. I think its just likely market flows and general sentiment.


Hum… It is too short point of veiw. I think the whole development process indicates that the real SAFE network is coming closely not only this weeks dev updats.


Buy back sharpish and take the 15-20% hit

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Seems legit, though…pretty standard volume.

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The volume IS up, but not hugely

ah, yeah, I see. I wasn’t looking at a chart, just based it off of what I’ve seen recently. Certainly isn’t like the pump a few weeks ago.

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certainly in a small market like this one person speculating on technological development can make a big difference. I think we might be carrying as much of that as we ever will though. To really see some big movement we need to see people actually engaging use cases and building hype. I mean I know there is strong sentiment that just getting the product out will result in gains, but I disagree with the crowd here. The big gains will come from marketing marketing marketing.


I would contend the crypto bubble was not caused by the tech though. It was caused by media hype and people that just want to buy some kind of digital gold bar and sell it for more. I don’t think the majority (at least the majority of later investors) were like yep this technology is worth X. In fact, there were many people like me that didn’t even understand the tech at first, but still wanted to buy in. What they were thinking mostly is just there is this hype and I want to jump on the bandwagon.


I am really sure, it is maybe impossible to boost up maidsafecoin by traditional crypto marketing.

Only showing the working end product is last key for maidsafe.

The software tells everything end product. People use Chrome because of high speed not marketing. And the “Web” is the most powerful marketing tool, and maidsafe has “web”. Then, what marketing do you want ?


well its not like it’s either one or the other. Lets look at 4 scenarios:

  1. No good product + no sales skills = hardly anyone will buy
  2. good product + no sales skills = some people that really do their own research will buy
  3. No product + sales skills = lol well we have all seen this can work sometimes, and this is usually the most hated salesperson
  4. Good product + sales skills = parabolic demand levels

The product is coming and we are all cheering on the dev team to do their end of this. The big question mark to me right now is if we can we be in that number 4 category rather then number 2. IMO we are talking about orders of magnitude of price difference depending which one we fall into.


I don’t want to tease but MAIDUSD looks pretty sexy on large timeframe, it broke up a wedge we have been in since ATH and completed what appears to be an ABC correction.
If development comes nicely together with price movement this could sustain price nicely and create a so-called harmonic pattern to 50 cents.

Just note that these are just trading guidelines. 17 August would be a similar time range compared to last uprun from A to B and is also therefor we could expect the price to rally more upcoming weeks/months.

As always, just do your own research, these patterns can be easily looked up online and confirmed, nothing too fancy or complex.