MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

I dont believe hitBTac’s price and trade volume.

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Coinomi supports tether on Omni, so it should be trivial for them to add support.


Fake in terms of volume? The market works whenever I use it. Withdrawals aren’t great though - very slow for MAID.

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Just looked at HitBTC’s system monitor:

Shows Omni coins aren’t currently available for deposit / withdrawal due to a system upgrade. MAID’s average withdrawal time is 21 hours!

Pretty poor performance, certainly not ideal, and far worse than Bittrex.

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This is very suspicious BSV using Maidsafe logo, @dirvine? .


Acht I would not worry or bother about that. It’s a common symbol really.


Yes, very common indeed and for a long time:


That’s what Cryptsy did in the end. The way to get your withdrawl processed was to loudly yell scam in the trollbox then the mods would “escalate” your withdrawl lol.

And that was fine for me cause I have no problem being annoying as hell if you have my money. The “nice” people that were just like I am gonna be patient and wait my turn got exit scammed.


Great idea. I’m having to walk someone who’s not so technically minded with a Trezor One right now. It would be great to be able to point them to a trusted app to store their MAID.


Have you shown them @Dimitar post?

Which I now need to look for so I can link it here…

Here it is [How To]: Buy/Move/Store OMNI MAID :safe: hardware and software wallets


I forgot all about this! Thank you! :pray:
I’ll have them load this and we’ll walk through it. For regular folk an app would greatly simplify storing their MAID.

So glad you sent this. :slight_smile: It makes it so much easier to explain the steps. Allows me to ensure sure they get it right.


add another to this list of people I know that should be millionaires except for some exchange exit scamed them or got hacked (or usually claimed to get hacked but maybe exit scamed)


Down below 950 again but with BTC looking like it may be on a bull run then that is not entirely unexpected.

So I dont know if you can really call this a cheap buying opportunity.

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Looking at the top 50 addresses one month apart.*/

13th April vs 14th May 2020

Only 3 of the top 50 addresses have changed their balance, plus 1 new address.

#2 address 1DUb2YYbQA1jjaNYzVXLZ7ZioEhLXtbUru
Has about 84,000 more coins now.

#25 14quvdxXj7h4kcfhhuKX39wRc6X5sodkjM
Was #9 in April, has reduced balance by 2.7M MAID from 4.7M to 2M.

#24 33kNLszpARRe1A94zLY7m8JESHe3Shunkg
Has reduced balance by 100K

#47 moved 1M MAID from 1E9erSqTATYgG5n9E1VEUfErBEZGk4BryC to 32nyU4rayFP8AUyQ6jATUEK4NGwc6ysLbr, presumably just updating their address to multisig.

#49 1DTtrjiycH1Z4DtAhv4nvAGDGXAaX9XrxA
new address with 973K MAID

#51 1PoSHeNs4usDJ4HrZzTxMjfwcFvsaCx1cP
Bumped out of top 50 but retains balance of 952K MAID

So there’s almost no changes in the top 50.

14quv must surely be hitbtc exchange since it’s the only top 50 address with any movement in the last month beside the bittrex address.

The rest of the top 50 are all holding, no changes.


We hodl onward. I imagine even sifting through the top 10,000 addresses you probably do not see much movement across most of them. We wait with baited breath on the prized MVE/MVP thingy to see the light of day. I wonder if that #25 is MaidSafe selling to help with business costs? Haven’t done the detective work trying to follow their addresses although I supposed its public to find from the community funding thread we had last go round. We will consider that capital seed funding round 2 :stuck_out_tongue: .


Am I losing my mind or was there another way to browse the rich list on omniexplorer?
I’m almost certain there was, the more time I spend searching for it though the more I am starting to doubt myself.

Edit: @runswick linked to it here so my sanity is intact. Dead link though. MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1) - #1931 by Runswick


The interface changed, and the site no longer supports it. But you can get a list of all addresses and balances using a link, then sort that list

How to get top accounts
How to get address balances
How to get top 50
^^^^^ for helping to search for this post in future


And there I was living in the belief that the way forward was simplifying things.
Living and learning.


I for one see coins not moving as a BAD thing. That means when we hit their level of completeness (which maybe is final version) the market is gonna get shocked by all these mofos taking their profits. Some people think that is whats best for the market is if every HODL. Well if you have a use case for all your coins then that works. If you are eventually gonna sell them I think it is way better if you are always playing on the market and not just blasting it when no one saw it coming.

Kinda reminds me of the TRON game. Sure its a cool product with lots of potential. But Justin Sun an early investors still own a massive amount of the market cap. Any time it’s doing good they are gonna want to take profits so it can never really truly explode.

What’s best for the market is not whales HODLing an axe over your head. What is good for everyone is if more people own less coin each.

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Almost certainly it is hitbtc, not maidsafe.

Looking at 14quvdxXj7h4kcfhhuKX39wRc6X5sodkjM on omniexplorer it has maidsafecoin and tether and synereo amp balances. I think it unlikely (although not impossible) that maidsafe has balances for synereo.

I can’t be bothered doing the detective work but since a) bittrex doesn’t let accounts generate new deposit addresses and b) bittrex has a fixed cold storage address it’d be possible to see the number of people that moved funds from 14quvd to bittrex vs withdraw to their own wallets.

Any pattern of 14quvd → hitbtc hot wallet (1K1wA1?) → bittrex deposit address (unique per trader) → bittrex cold storage (1Dub2YY) would be possible to find and that gives some info about number of traders and volumes etc.

So what’s best for the markets is lots of people holding lots of tiny axes over your head?! I think I see what you mean but not sure if it holds true in reality.