MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Do you think maid could cost like 0.03 dol?

Get the pasta, there wont be much genuine tagliatelle available for a while


Back up again to 979 a 2% drop not 5%

I’ll probably also miss out on buying this dip :confounded:

Buy tomorrow or next week. Panic sell does not stop today.


It’s a blood bath out there in crypto. At least MAID is back in top 100 I suppose! :rofl:


Rumoured that chocolate and toilet rolls are the best option for barter economy :grin:


Buy chocolate toilet rolls


the drugs will be gold friend. Even at the moment, some drugs are gone. Plus cash for the black market!

:thinking:…With enough drugs and cash that is worth more as paper, you could make your own chocolate toilet rolls! :pill:

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Is this the crash of crashes?


Rank 207 at 5.9c. the flu panic is taking everything down.

I have a very bad feeling about markets right now. Did not think that crypto would fall stronger than the stock market, had hopes that it might have a negative correlation to the stock market and go up a little.

If this continues for a 1-2 months then I have a strong feeling there will be a similar recession as of 2008, when demand for goods and services drops companies will have to cut the work force which leads to less demand of goods and service, people without jobs needs to sell their overpriced houses/apartments and the recession circle is complete. I hope that things can get going again and that money starts flowing into crypto. I have a feeling that a recession will hit bad for a few years ahead.

Let’s keep our heads down until the heavy rain stops falling and keep coding until we see the sun.


What I dont understand is where is the money going? Gold, Shares, Crypto down… Is it going in to bonds?

Probably crypto is sold to cover (leveraged) losses on the stock markets. That’s why everything drops, gold as well.


If the safenetwork would be up and running it would be a safe heaven! Maidsafecoin would skyrocket right now… :sob:

Of all the things out there, crypto will be the least likely to recover because of its perception. There is no reason that quality stocks will not recover because the only fundamental damage that will have been done to them will be reduced cash flow, sales ect, which will have been caused by the virus.

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So maidsafe as a company mostly will bankrupt?

I’m setting up an outfit to sell hand sanitizer


That’s what you took from that? quite amazing!

In any case you don’t mostly bankrupt, it’s a kinda binary thing and no we a not close to that, even with this downturn. Affect runway? well of course, no more or less than any other business right now. Depends on further trends up or down, down == less runway, up == more, quite simple. Managing this is hard and requires luck as well as steady planning.