MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Love that last paragraph :slight_smile:

I agree with @Toivo re little price action, the ‘Bring on Alpha 3’ was in my best William Wallace war cry!

Development targets are what I celebrate, price sorts itself if the mission gets completed as intended.


Yes, I’m in this for the long perspective and not so much concerned about every price movement. I have just been thinking during the releases that “now this going to be a clear step up in the long term price”, just to find out that has not been the case - yet.

I don’t know what kind of MAID owners make these price movements? Are they naive small investors like me, who genuinely believe the next release is going to change something in the price of the coin? Or are they more of a loaded and experienced investors playing the “buy the rumours, sell the news” game?

Anyway I’m happy of having contributed my small money in the benefit of this project, however it turns out to become. It is a vision worth pursuing and supporting with whatever you have.

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So how can I use it and for what?


I have the view that most “anybody” can do with the Alpha 3 is setup a routing node and this way donate resources to run the Alpha 3. Nothing more. I might be wrong here.

Alpha 3 (Fleming) is going to be:

“Secure Autonomous Network: an autonomous secure routing layer that will see the network architecture becoming more decentralised, enabling users to run routing nodes and providing secure transient data in the process”

What does that “… and providing secure transient data in the process” mean? Does it mean that users can provide transient data, such as some kind of messages? If so, that is exciting and more than I expected. And if that is open to people outside this forum, I would expect some price action too.

We’ll see…

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Must be a potpourri of people and interests. It’s like asking who keeps the price where it’s at. I know for a fact there still are people left who never uttered a word on here, never really talk about MAID – and they sound very skeptical whenever they do – and yet they still keep their ICO MAID in hundreds of thousands. Partly because it cost them little to begin with, partly because there is this tiny voice inside their head that tells them “keep doubting but never sell!”

There is a polar opposite to every extreme, so there must be small fish guys who are full of optimism, they trust this project and yet they panic-sell whenever a downswing comes.


This is what David said:

So it provides the secure and decentralised backbone of the network. I think you can’t “use” it for something. Its just part of how the network works.


The safe network will definitely be able to route messages. There is already an email app on the test net, but we will see if/when realtime messaging becomes possible. The possibilities for this project, to put it mildly are very exciting.

The thing is that the Crust test was something of an event to me, because I was able to at least:

  1. Connect to others directly
  2. Watch from dashboard how the test goes
  3. Invent a funny username for myself
  4. Show these things to someone else

Is there anything I can do with the Alpha3? It would be cool to be able to do something, that would showcase in a tangible way what this Alpha 3 is about. Maybe some kind of dashboard, or anything at all. Or is it just that I have computer running and “I guess something happens there…”

@dask Yes, I know of those and I have checked out a couple of Safe sites sometimes. But the Crust test was the first actually decentralized thing I myself participated. The test net is not that exciting as it runs on some server somewhere.


Fair enough. Depending on how long you’ve been following, you may not have participated in the last Vault test which was decentralized and demonstrated that data storage works.

I imagine there will be some sort of dashboard for alpha3, but the exciting bit will be knowing that your vault is actually doing the routing and that you are connecting to a decentralized network. Otherwise I imagine it will look like it does now, just with vastly different plumbing under the hood.


if I correctly understood in alpha 3 there will be an anonymous chat, something that does not exist anywhere …


between alpha3 alpha4… will it be long?

Nobody knows. But I can’t imagine it will be as long as 2->3. We already know the storage layer works, once the routing is thoroughly tested it won’t be as big a job as inventing and coding an entirely new routing and consensus architecture. That’s why alpha3 is the big deal. If it works, then SAFE will work and the countdown begins for real.


Oh god, are we going to have a realtime SAFE-4chan? :smiley:

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Yeah… alpah3 is big deal… real deal. I have been waiting like… eternity. haha


Do you have some source for this? Sounds really cool to me, but I wouldn’t want to spread any unfounded claims.

I have been confused by the talks that Alpha 3 is about “relaying messages” and then again that “users cannot upload data”, if I remember right. So what are these messages then? I have been thinking that they are the messages the network uses to run, like sending some PARSEC results form node to node etc. I really don’t know.

I have to strongly disagree with that statement. When Parsec was released it took Maid from top 100-80 market cap to top 60-50 in market cap. Even though Parsec is a very, very important part and development, it was just a piece of the huge importance of alpha 3 which will provide proof that the SAFE-network works and that nothing can stop it from completion.

I bet that alpha 3 will put MAID in atleast top 30-20 market cap which would give about 2,65-3,8x, with the market price level at alpha 3 release.

It can’t be stressed enough how important alpha 3 is, it is like a medical company gets results that a new developted drug works even though it is still waiting for final approval, the market will react very positive to such results.


Yeah but PARSEC was exciting - and promoted as such. Alpha 3 is already presented as boring. Proof is in the pudding but the pudding itself is not very tasty even if it has fine structure.

And medical companies work in a clearly defined and heavily regulated framework, where such things as “approvals” exist. Maidsafe does very different thing.

I really do hope that the importance of Alpha 3 will drive the price, but if it really is boring, I wouldn’t count on that.

I am quite convinced that if successful it will drive the price, though it may be slow. People have been watching the project for a long time, but alpha3 will remove the most major part of the technical risk and make SAFE investable for serious speculators and all those who have been waiting for a signal that it’s possible and not just 10 years of vapor.

It will also be the starting gun for the second wave of app developers, as now they would be able to be sure that some form of network will exist. At least stable APIs and good examples await! It may actually require a couple killer apps to go online before people who have been sleeping on it become aware of its full potental.


Bitcoin tech is also boring and out of reach of many (implicitly boring), same as ion drives, quantum entanglement, fusion drives, relativity and other boring things that make life changing possibilities into realities :wink:


For people who understand the importance and power of new tech, alpha 3 will not be boring. :slightly_smiling_face: For the regular people who don’t know anything about tech and just want killer apps it might be boring but they will also be late to the party. Many people who understand what the tech can provide in the future, they wan’t to get onboard as soon as possible when the risk decreases. What will drive the excitment for alpha 3 is knowing what that technologi will do in future and what that technologi will do in 10 years time. For smart money I believe it is not that important what tech does today but what potential it has for tomorrow.


Alpha 3 de-risks the network. It’s a huge deal! And anything from boring to smart money, who wait in the shadows. It’s likley that smart money is partly responsible for keeping the price down. They wait patiently to drive the price up. Alpha 3 may do this.