MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Not even true. Some manage to get yes/no questions right less than half the time… When they start proclaiming the end of the world is nigh, it’s probably time to buy.


Something like that. :rofl: All predictions fail, some horribly so…but SAFE will moon.

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I should have put it in quotes. This was a statement about “the fortune teller” from ,here.

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Ah. I only watched it now. I’m the cynical algo trader maybe? (The algo is under refinement atm haha)

I don’t care about crypto as much as I care about using it to make money, thus the qualifier. Though I do have one and a half good ideas about using crypto for great good but that needs more money to start with.

Sorry to respond to this twice but I did a quick calculation and the result is quite impressive and very relevant to what you wrote here.

I fit crypto returns with a Student’s t some time ago and I got something between 2.1 and 2.5 for degrees of freedom in most cases, with 2.35 being a typical value. These values closely matched a research paper I found somewhere at the time so I consider it safe to go with. Not to mention, it’s much easier to overestimate the tail exponent than to underestimate it, which means we usually err on the unsafe side.

The variance of a Student’s t is df/(df - 2) which is about 6.71. What this means however is that … (bunch of stuff deleted because: read on)

Ugh, I slipped past the Ballmer peak and my mind is not working very well atm. So, the difference is between the population variance and the square of the sample standard deviation, and it’s much smaller, on the scale of 1.5 for a thousand samples. Not so dramatic, but still important.

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So how low are we gonna go ?

I have stopped buying. I will not sell.

I now think sub $0.05 is a possibility.

I have a comfortable initial buyin, enough not to play the FOMO game.

Just waiting this crash out.

8 or 9 cents is my guess :slight_smile: . Prepare your wallet :smiley: .

My thoughts on the crash…

Bring on Alpha 3…and maybe ummm Bittrex International :wink:


… I just cannot believe the attitude of some people I know. Doesn’t anyone know proof by induction? Is it not on the UK syllabus anymore?

From my point of view technologically SAFEnetwork is inevitable. It will be delivered successfully.

Global politics is another, and… Damn, global govs are so slow.

Well waiting for alpha 3 we do have to bet on prices.

We should all put 100 Maid on the table and guess what will be the rate December 31st.

Winner takes it all.

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Mr swissprivatebanker. :slight_smile:

I’m partly counting on you to pick up business from the rest of us noob’s here, when it comes to independent financial matters.


Lol when Maid moons, I ll help you all cash out I promise. But then really I might just retire eventually :wink:


I remember there was an end of 2018 price prediction topic on the old Maidsafe Reddit. Lowest guess was a bit over $3. I think most have learnt their lessons when trying to anticipate, well, anything crypto :laughing:


Getting ready to back up the truck for my seasonal present to myself. Thanks to this swoon, I will hit my target holding after almost 5 years of accumulation. Best of the season to everyone.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

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I’m not so sure how that will affect the price though. I have foolishly bought into MAID a couple of times before or during earlier releases, like Alpha 2 and PARSEC, just to find out the price went down soon after. I think that may well happen again. There has been an upward trend recently, which I think has been in anticipation of Alpha 3, but it has been shadowed by the collapse of bitcoin now.

I don’t think Alpha 3 is much of selling point outside of this community. If I understand it right, it is just about getting part of the system work, but there isn’t anything that is actually useful to anybody. So is it something that would get more people to buy MAID? Who are these people that are supposed to buy? How many of them are there?

I would be very happy to be proven wrong though.


I think its the most usefull part of the whole network as David stated.


Hopefully before long, you’ll be very, very happy. From the MAID price perspective, Alpha 3 should, at the very least, mean people won’t hurry to sell MAID at every BTC dip, as they should feel more confident about the progress.

You also need to realize there are people following this journey and even reading this board without ever contributing or engaging. It’s not necessarily this community only. It’s plenty of people who have been rather passively following this project since the ICO.