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Ranking 105 in coincap :cry:

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Isn’t the main problem with these different systems is that central power usually ends up corrupt because they have the keys to the riches? Create a system that doesn’t reward them actions and you have a better one (not easy I know). The best book I’ve read on a new system like that is:

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I think humanity in general thinks too much about this stuff and creates machines and mechanisms so vast and complex that we lose sight of the original actions and consequences.

Take the UK tax system. There is a massively complex rule set, with additional rules layered on top to fix flaws in previous rules. Who knows what adding another one will do, what incentive it will drive and what repercussions there will be?

But the tax system is just one piece in an ever expanding and more complex rule book. Layers upon layers of freshly minted rules, set to counter many of those that came before it, resulting in another twist in people’s actions and inactions.

For me, those who provide value should be rewarded for it. Those who take value from others should be punished for it. We then all get a fair crack of looking after ourselves and those whom we care about. Isn’t that what it is all about?


How about those who no one cares about?

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You will need to be more specific. No one values them and they are unable to convince anyone otherwise? Who might these people be?

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That not even knowing what it is, you already know that the ones who take should be punished while the ones who give should be rewarded.

EDIT: The original post went along the lines of:

Have you ever heard of the guy named Vincent van Gogh.

Your concept of value is downright scary.

I somehow managed to substitute it with another answer to the answer answering this answer, which caused uneasiness on Traktion’s side. Hope all is well now.

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Considering I haven’t even defined what my concept of value is, I’m not sure what you find scary about it. In fact, it isn’t even up to me to define it - everyone should and does have their own values.


Nope, I didn’t say that either and please don’t edit your post after I have replied to it.

I didn’t mean to. That should have been the answer.

What is this.

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I know what I value, what I would reward and what I would punish. That doesn’t define what my values are and nor does it force you to agree.

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Oh it does!

The mere notion of punishing taking and rewarding giving (of the value that suits your definition of a value, whatever it is) defines a value and priority of sorts.

I’d dare saying you would consider anyone who forces what you just suggested into practice as valuable and therefore deserving of reward.

And I don’t like it. Of course you don’t force me to. If you did, I would have said that I don’t like you as much as I don’t like your concept of value. Which is not necessarily the case.

No, not at all. I haven’t defined what I value, how I reward it, nor how I punish those who abuse it. I haven’t said you have to agree to my notion of value and nor have I said I would force you comply with it.

Yes you did. Rewarding giving what you value and punishing taking what you value is obviously one of the things you value, although it remains unclear how you would reward it.

I didn’t say you said I had to agree or that you forced me to, quite the opposite, so I really don’t see what you are trying to negate here, but I see that’s all you do.

Rewarding can be simply a smile or a thankyou. A punishment can simply be being civil rather than affectionate.

You seem to have an axe to grind about something. I’m not sure why.

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Your concept of rewarding giving and punishing taking value (I was a bit vague there, I concede) is a whole lot less downright scary as of now.

Hope all is well :yum:

I’m sorry, I got paranoid. This is because while capitalism and communism may not be inherently evil (although I have doubts about communism, which in fact is totalitarian), fascism is. And it seems to be gaining strength as of now. And I went nuts here. Sorry.


Ha! All is well! I have a habit of breaking things down until they get a bit meta. My heart is usually (hopefully!) in the right place though! :slight_smile:


I don’t know, maybe some disabled orphans somewhere in South Africa or something like that.

I’m not trying to laud the virtues of fascism, or anything (I’m not a fan), but it’s no more inherently evil than communism. Fascism is an economic system, not a social system.

What people attribute to fascism is not really what fascism is. Nazism is not fascism, it’s an evil social system with fascism as it’s economic model.