MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Spoiler: the Moon is far enough for everyone to mature in the meantime and buy something less tawdry than Lambo in the end :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :biking_man: :biking_woman:

Correct, I truly believe this dude was onto something…


Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted investors make a profit, I really believe they will make a huge profit, but only because we chase value first. I mean long-term profits and not short-term sell out profits. If folk want Lambo’s I think that is fine and up to them, its just how they would feel driving past a starving child that I feel would be a bit too much for some people. However, people getting cash and spending it will help many others and that is great. So horses for courses, but money circulating is a great thing, I have no problem with that at all and again, I think profit is amazing, but it cannot be a business goal beyond not being silly when you are providing value as then people want to pay. Profit only business I think are the ruination of society. (bank robbers, wars etc.)


That’s a great perspective that I think is missing from many people.

I see so many people driving by in £80k cars, and knowing that half of that amount is enough for 100 years of average income in a very poor area makes me hope that the same people are being generous while investing so much in luxury.

It’s good to be rich, but to be rich and lacking generosity is a missed opportunity to help others.

I hope that if / when many find wealth through MAID / other cryptos, they focus on using much of it for the good of others as well as enjoying it themselves.


Remember that the money which paid for the car in turn paid those who extracted the resources, those who designed and constructed the vehicles and everyone in between.

We shouldn’t feel bad about this. For the most part people want jobs and it is much better for society when the money is transferred to those who contributed. It is certainly far better than rent seeking to accumulate more wealth at the expense of others.


Yes. But the money that pays for the meal for the starving ones pays the cook, the merchant and the farmer too, but it feeds the poor instead of vanity of yet another future junk owner.

There indeed is a difference. And feeling bad wouldn’t hurt at least some of the people who put themselves before the rest way too often. It definitely wouldn’t hurt worse than freezing to death on the pavement.

On the other hand, people probably shouldn’t be forced to feel bad about it. You either do, or you don’t.


The only rational form of investing is value investing.
Anything else is speculation and essentially it is a fancy way of gambling.

What I find amusing is that some people seems to think that pumping (hyping) and dumping (fud-ing) and inside trading are legitimate ways of profiting, lol.

Hype for the sake of hype is a scam.

It is akin to making a trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist yet.
You make teasers when the movie is ready (or about to be ready), not the other way around.


The answer to when Lambo is simple. When the network is live and as many apps that is needed to attract 100 million - 1 billion people has been created. When above is done the Lambo thing will sort it self. So start creating value for the network and make as much apps, that attracts billions of people, as possible.


Personally, I would rather have a job where I build part of a Lamborghini, than have no job and be taking hand outs for food. Of course, it isn’t just lambos, it is the entire industry which exists purely because wealthy people spend money.

I am much more interested in how we can prevent people from exploiting others to get wealthy, rather than judging how the wealthy in general spend their money. If you earn the money through contributing to and supporting a technology which could make the whole world a better place, should you feel guilty about spending some of it lavishly? Have you hurt anyone in the process?

It starts to get very murky when we stop being happy with genuinely free association. I understand that this is an emotive subject, but we must surely put freedom of association first.


People buying expensive cars etc is important in pushing technology forward which ends up benefiting all, so I’m in no way against buying nice things. Technological progress drives economic growth & is a big part of the reason for the unparalleled wealth we enjoy today & the speed of global poverty reduction.

But I think it’s a shame when people value those cars / luxuries far more highly than they value people who are are nowhere near able to participate in the supply chain for luxury cars or to even own even a basic vehicle themselves.

While some are so massively far behind materially, it seems wrong to prioritise & value unnecessary personal luxuries far above helping others where possible. People can enjoy luxuries without feeling bad, but if not coupled with generosity it may show a lack of empathy & perspective.


I suppose most of the people who live off of food stamps would rather be building Lamborghinis than eating crumbles.

Really… Can you see that the way we spend is principally intertwined with the way we make? I sure can. You can’t separate the former from the latter. And if you read my post, I suggested it’s in the eye of the spender.

This is completely crooked and twisted perspective to my mind. It’s not a matter of what you should feel. You feel what you do. If it makes you feel good to buy a lambo, go get one.

Speaking for myself though, the truth is, I despise cars, the air pollution, the entire oil industry along with oil wars and the terrible regimes that benefit on the industry (which, as you said, exists purely because wealthy people spend money).

I would never even consider buying anything as ostensibly distasteful as Lamborghini. I’d buy Tesla, or even better, the best electric board available, or better yet, I would walk forever, everywhere. I would walk across the whole planet and help random people. The ones who I feel were unfortunate instead of lazy.

But of course, it would be my lambo of sorts if you will.

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We all profit when the world is a better place.

Money is niether good or bad, just a tool for doing good or bad. Money is vital to the future Safe Network, beacuse it will never be built without it. But it’s a balancing act between development and profit taking for more development later.

I think MAID is in the buisness of bringing balance to a world where the gap between the rich and the poor is gowing wider. I began as a profit hungry investor here, now I see how we can all profit from this project.




Aftershocks of losing Bittrex I suspect, paired with limited news on Alpha 3. Perhaps the Maidafe team is planning to announce the new exchange partnerships and Alpha 3 at once. Whatever the two new exchanges are, I hope they, in sum, approximate the volume potential BIttrex provided.


MAID is available on Changelly and they have just partnered with Binance.

Not the Binance listing many wish for but many new eyes will be on Changelly.

Something is better than nothing!


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I was merely pointing out how crazy it is the price was up, but because of so much money pouring into the market again, the coin was knocked out of the top 100.

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My comment twas only in jest for the most part David :slight_smile: , although I do generally get the impression from prior speeches and comments your views on capitalism are a bit less than favorable. I agree with everything you pretty much said in the comment. Maybe once the network is established and working swimmingly and the value becomes realized we can all play a role not just with the freedom of data but with newfound wealth to be agents of change. We should make a goal that if the token hits $____ value long term we do a MaidSafe International community engagement where we all fly out somewhere, immerse in the culture and help regions struggling with a financial backing and hands on engagement(habitat for humanity/food aid relief). I would totally be up for something like that!

I also see lots of people talking about how to get community developers involved in the project to build apps on top of the SafeNetwork. People who are developers working long hours for companies generally just don’t have the motivation or time after work hours to dedicate to another application(myself included). So I think generally if the token does provide huge value growth over the next 5+ years to come that alone can at least free up early investors that are developers to break away from a standard day job and actually focus time on developing applications for SAFE. I certainly fall into that category. Hoping by then we have tons of examples and possibly ways to test code live in browser that either simulates engagement with the network OR actually runs against network directly to teach us. Also if a lot of the network interaction is API driven, a simple document of REST CURL’s and arguments going into it with real world examples and explanations of those parameters would be super helpful, maybe Swagger/OpenAPI specs would work best there(I personally come from the API development space and API gateways).

I also see some good value in releasing videos on youtube that go from 0 to 100 from a developer perspective on a variety of different OS’es for developing on SAFE. Some variety of this:

Windows/Mac/Linux videos separately

  1. Setting up a local test network to interact with a play SafeNetwork in its entirety locally.
  2. Creating and testing a simple application from the ground up on this local test network.
  3. Once satisfied with testing, how to take that and publish this app to the real network.

My thoughts would be some docker containers we can run/modify ideally for the fastest ways to get into things quickly.

^Ofc this can’t be done until all the pieces are together and we are in a beta state, but something like this would certainly be a big help to me since so much dev info now is scattered on random forum posts and that is not how the good word should be spread when this network goes live.

Onward and upward. Keep up the great work this year! Loved the DevCon live stream.


No worries, I knew thery were in jest, I just wished to take it further. Thanks though.

In terms of my views on capitalism, I have none really, I suspect it is like socialism and communism, none of them exist beyond a dream in a book. I believe where there is money involved with people then all rules are broken, the poor suffer and the rich get stronger. It is probably natural, but it seems free markets etc. are also a dream, price seeking is another one. They are all great, as dreams :smiley: I have no alternative answer though so cannot really offer decent critique. Perhaps the answer is a resource based economy, I wish that would work.

Yes I think this is exactly where the new dev hub will go actually. :+1:


Capitalism, socialism and communism are all great ideals. Only one thing gets in the way of them. Human Beings