MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

When lambo? I’m sorry; I couldn’t help myself. :joy:


Not at the current price :grimacing:

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We are going to test top 100 bottom again.
With so many coins raising quite fast will be not easy to remain in top 100.

I dont expect much movement before Beta

Nothing real is happening in crypto ATM. I’ll only believe it when all the boats stop following the tide. I’m waiting for real differentiation by market participants and selective pops around the few legit projects hitting real milestones. Before that, I’m just chalking it up to short squeezes and traditional market fear/hope flowing in/out.


I see MS as one of the few legit projects.


Yeah all fake money…))

new MS video today on youtube titled ‘Safecoin’ ! I hence predict we’ll all have native SAfecoin before the end of the month ((( :slight_smile:

when Sköda !!! ? ? (:

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When Lamborghini ?..

Few years I think :wink:

You can buy it right now image


Do not discuss the Lambos, it may anger the Irvine :smile: . We are supporting this for humanityyyyy! But if a Lambo happened to drop on my doorstep I may decide to keep it. Hopefully if those that do own large amounts of Maid do become quite wealthy over time, then the MAID community can be a powerful agent of further good change on this planet. Or at least a combination of treating yourself as well as those in need :wink: .


Free gift for you, haha

Nah I think this better fits these type of topics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: image


I want to live until age 150 or maybe 200, how many Safecoins will i need for that?

The rich are more than willing to sacrifice money for extra longevity. Nine of 10 wealthy people agreed that “health is more important than wealth.” Asked by UBS how much of their fortune they’d be willing to give up “to guarantee an extra 10 years of healthy life,” the average responses varied by wealth level. Investors who are barely millionaires, with $1 million to $2 million in net worth, were willing to give up a third of their nest egg for an additional decade of life. Investors with more than $50 million were willing to part with almost half of their fortune. -Bloomberg


Pretty sure any person living in a war torn or famine ridden environment would give up more than half or a third of their wealth for a longer life (no matter how small their own wealth was)

Those type of articles really sh1t me to be honest, let’s throw a party for the over priveliged and their perceived humanity, pfft pretty much what is wrong with world :rage:

Sorry, a bit off topic from me :laughing: if you work out the longevity thing Chris just give me a shout I’ll donate :+1:


I’m thinking cold storage, SafeCryogenics but how do i ensure my private key triggers the thaw.


The reality is, that to live much longer is quite cheep. You just need to change your lifestyle and change priority.


Anyone read singularity is near?
Person born today could live forever.