MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

And that for something that means like ‘under the floor’ in Latin :wink:

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Easy come, easy go. The core of MAID coin holders is incredibly dedicated and loyal, which is easily recognizable just in this thread alone. If you haven’t sold by now you probably will hold for a long time still.

What happens to all the shit coin traders who are chasing garbage coin the top when nothing is delivered? Easy come easy go.

When the dust settles MAID will still be there, and at that point a lot of people will be asking why?

Edit: We the community make safe strong. Hold true.


Did this poll few days back in price & trading topic (before Substratum overtook us in market cap so I wonder what the results would be today…). Sorry if you saw them already in price & trading (this one is updated with extra 2 votes).

If anyone cares about doing something about the current sinking market cap position situation by giving marketing a boost, please join the Marketing Community Action Group thread and upvote the hell out of OP who despite being a legendary crypto blogger on medium with a focus on how awesome Maidsafe/SAFE network is, has some serious marketing ideas.


Siacoin in top 20 now too at $3.4bn. A few weeks ago it was cheaper than MAID…


It has a working product for long time and the team is keeping polishing it. I had 100k sc once a time hold it for 6 months sold it just before the pump. Bad luck :cry:


Understanding competitive dynamics is core to business strategy. What are concrete tactics we can learn from how the competition operates and markets? I’m going to put serious thought into laying out a schematic, but wanted to get other people’s opinions too. Naturally, this will have to become a separate topic if people are willing to engage.

Sure, but not much has changed in the last few weeks.

10 months ago, siacoin what $10m and maid was $70m.

I feel you. Truth be told, I actually was in SIA first because I thought they had the best go to market strategy. While I felt (and continue to believe) that MAID’s mission is far superior, I hesitated on pulling the trigger on MAID because I was uncertain about the ability to deliver while the market opportunity is ripe. I still believe in MAID, and have long since sold my position in SIA (which I don’t regret). Every one loves a good deus ex machina, but in this story, I don’t think more status quo will cut it.


Dogecoin is an historic project and one of the only coin that was fairly distributed. I am not shocked

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Where do you think it’s going? $100

I remember that time I bought 15Million of them on or whatever in 2013, literally minutes before the massive pump, lol. Got up to $20,000 at that peak, but I sadly kept holding all the way back down to where I bought in, thereabouts. I would have over $200,000 if I still had them, decently 60,000+ more than I have in MAID right now haha.

Well, back to hypersleep I go. I can’t unleash the beast yet. Hell, even if I have “a million” I probably still wouldn’t care/unleash the beast until Safe Exchange goes online (which is after Beta and Safecoin). Being the third worst performing coin against the Satoshi on all of Poloniex is a blessing and a curse, basically, is what I’m gathering from all of this.

I can only surmise that the Thursday update will be a glorious relief and put people’s feet back on the ground. Even that’s a “gamble,” but after three weeks… something positive is bound to occur in the ol’ psyche.


How do you know there will be an update on Thursday?

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Was in last Dev Update


Here’s the quote from the last dev update. They happen every week in general (Christmas / New Year being the only exception I believe).


Cryptocurrency mania, Gaurdian style, and a subtle plug by the author for his HODL.

Personally, I’m content that MAID is steadily sailing in calmer waters and not subject to this kind of manipulation. Anybody who has bought now and again and held will have been rewarded very well, and not faced the kind of risks this article highlights.


Back on-topic briefly

Very interesting article, particularly when applied to MAID and compared to other coins in the top 100. With total supply out now rather than a decade MAID would still only be $11 a coin, some of these coins have huge amounts of inflation coming and noobs have a very distorted impression of what a ‘good value’ buy is.

Btw, this is the only thread where we can discuss stuff that’s kind of off-topic to SAFE but on-topic to MAID. As above. :wink: If people can’t post it here and they get moved to off-topic if they post elsewhere then what happens to all that kind of content and the community activity that could develop around it? #stifled


Great article! When I first discovered MAID I was surprised to see it being part of the crypto market. It really doesn’t belong there. It belongs on the NASDAQ technology index.

I think it’s hard to value it within crypto parameters, especially because MAID is just a placeholder for the real internal crypto currency that will come later.

The SAFE network is a symbiotic system of its own, created to replace the old Internet. Yet it will give new decentralized creations a second life, and will reach far beyond even what is conceptualized today. In this way it’s value is monstrous, both economically and socially, and beyond comprehension at this point I believe.


Noce find! Maid has to be one of the biggest bargains in the top 100 now. People say maidsafe need to deliver, but the time to get in is before they deliver.

I am sure maid will have its day. I just can’t help but feel incredulous over the other coins getting pumped though.


Time vindicates or condemns us all. It’s annoying having to wait so long to say ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ to the world though :wink:


“I TOLD YOU S…oh, what’s that? Every other coin is worth billions and ours/mine isn’t worth half of one? Well shucks.” Time to create a Dogecoin forum account. Oh wait I already did 4 years ago >.<

I’m not sure it will ever go to a billion until something major. What major thing? Well, I don’t know that one. Data chains successfully integrated with Routing? Alpha 3? Vaults/Alpha4? I think it should happen before Alpha 4, given the nature of the insanity that is crypto.
Thus I think the $1B would likely coincide with 1) INsanity 2) Major Thing Before Alpha 4 Being Major Thing #2
:sunny: In my optimistic view. Or the insanity intensifies and naturally brings everything to $1B regardless.