MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

I think this is where decorum’s alt coin plugin will get shite moving. ICO’s are being regulated by the SEC etc and SAFE will be a scalable platform that can handle the frenzy traffic, and bring in new money. I don’t want to see a bunch of scamming going on so the projects will have to be credible and due diligence will apply but the investors will or can be anonymous. Not entirely sure of all the implications on those doing an ICO though. If they remained anonymous I would just not bother investing. But I do think that it will revitalize ICO fever a bit once we launch and honestly from a community perspective we should tout that ability proudly. Sick of not getting in on crowdsale a like BAT because of high traffic and insane tx fees? No problem :smiling_imp:

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The best marketing of Maid to new investors was made in the trollbox on the polo. Remember, Jabba was active right from the beginning of 2015. This was where many people first heard about Maid. Now when the troll box was cut out and no social media strategy from Maid safe, fewer people have heard about Maid. That we have fallen down on market caps does not help. I am a big fan of this project but frustrated by the lack of social communication to the public.


Visa is obviously feeling a pinch coming so they are having a little tantrum

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I remember those days fondly. Although the quality of conversation on there went downhill quickly as Poloniex grew :grin:

I think you’re spot on. That’s where I first heard about MAID and where I helped spread the word to lots of newcomers back then. Most people who were in crypto in 2015 have heard of MAID and do know a little bit about it. I agree that without that resource MAID got less and less exposure and fewer and fewer noobs found out about it.

It didn’t take long for the trollbox to start zooming so fast that you couldn’t read any of it after the first big ETH boom. I guess we’ll probably never see anything like it again with a market this size.

Me too but I guess the move to expand marketing is a recognition of that. We’ll just have to keep doing our own bit and wait to see what they come up with. The main thing is the code ofc. Still, my neighbours, postman, UPS delivery man, builder, tree surgeon, cleaner and almost all of my friends and family own MAID. There’s only so much I can with word of mouth, even with my huge gob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Give me that 10k. It will go straight into MAID. The return on investment over the next 3 years will be staggering


Sorry but Dogecoin being 1.5 Billion now while MAID drifts into the 70’s is hilarious and sad.
Basically this, from Jabba:

Though I’m really surprised he or anyone had such emotion poured into the thought. It’s kind of rubbing off on me now, lol. Must take deep breaths (I swear I was perfectly calm before reading such emotion!).


Looking to buy more MAID on a 4-hour close above 6170. Stochastic oscillators are turning higher from an oversold condition and prices have retraced 50 percent of the rise from the Dec 8 low.

The fact MAID is slipping down the charts (77th now), highlights the greed of so many new investors to crypto. They want to get rich quick. Let them pump the garbage, I mean come on, dragon coin?? WTF? So much coin pumping going on. Thousands of people are going to be left devastated with a bitter crypto taste in their mouth when all this garbage comes tumbling down in favour of proper, leading edge projects, like here.

If MAID keeps doing what it’s been doing, I’m fairly confident my investment and patience will be rewarded.
I just want to use the safe network, cancel Dropbox and upload my precious family pictures and videos without the worry of some hacker holding me to ransom. Screw the doge’s and stellars.


Don’t forget TRON :rofl: Seriously if that thing can almost touch the top 5, SAFE should obliterate that quagmire of a market cap chart without getting out of second gear.


Back in 2016, I and probably many others here experienced the SAFE network first hand by running vault software, and were a part of a decentralised autonomous network. However, for the past year or so all we have seen is client software, which while fundamentally important, is probably not much more impressive to a newcomer than a myspace clone.
So while I know Maidsafe is producing a far superior product, I am not surprised all these scam projects with huge premines and dev teams solely focused on marketing and manipulation of the traders, and not on technical development, are overtaking MAID in market cap. And I don’t see why that is a problem for the development of the SAFE network.
When the SAFE network is alive, and users can participate and farm safecoin, then the world will see how revolutionary this software is, and the price will reflect that.
In the mean time those who believe in the project should invest in MAID while it is undervalued, and those who are only in it for short term gains are probably better jumping in on whatever the latest coin John McAfee and friends are pumping.


I wonder how easy it would be to set up a new community SAFENetwork? Perhaps a few new people need to see it to believe it.

Top 40 coins now have market caps over $1bn !


Hmmm - I don’t think the problem is people believing but simply greed and the buzz created around other projects (and if you see that one project just started and already made a *100 jump this obviously has to be an advanced technology compared to another project running for years and still hanging around at less =O )
Maybe the bubble first needs to pop before people start looking at ‘what’s in the box?’


1 doge = 1 doge.
I had quite a bit of doge… it was cheap. Sold it all to buy MAID. LOL.

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It feels to me like most deep analysis prior to investment has evaporated from the crypto market. It is just a bunch of people chasing bubbles, looking for the next get rich scheme. I suspect technical analysis is less than an hour, should he technical material even be available.

Prior to the maidsafe ICO, they published many detailed documents, had source code on GitHub and were accessible to talk technically. I remember spending many days pouring over technical information, long before the fund raising started. Then consider the amount - a $10m target. At the time this was unheard of, but now sounds like small fry compared to the cash people are throwing at stuff.

I just find myself looking at the market cap space in disbelief. It seems totally detached from any sort of sanity or due diligence. It is a frenzy, with people switching investments by the day to catch the next rocket to another moon.

Gone are the ideals of decentralisation, even whether it is fully open source. In are the slick marketeers and the people hey feed off - those who just want to get rich, have little technical knowledge and have only seen the party swinging due to joining in so late.

Raising the profile of crypto may be no bad thing in the long run, but I feel it is really starting to hurt the space in the short term. I feel it will hurt everyone in the space when it capitulates, some more dearly than others.

While it is frustrating to watch this project languish, I just find myself shaking my head at the insanity of it all. I don’t want to join in chasing one variation of a theme or another, as the battle of he trolls and marketing reigns. So, I will continue to hold, continue to support and continue to look forward to the next alpha and final releases. I do so for the same reason as before the ICO - the technology and team stand up to scrutiny and are doing a great job and will deliver something truely extraordinary.


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I’m sure in the dot com boom there were plenty of crap companies valued way higher than say Amazon but when the crash came only the strong survived. Patience is all that’s needed.


At this moment Substratum has jumped over MaidSafeCoin on coinmarketcap, for what it’s worth.
To give some context concerning dogecoin and the current crypto craziness in general:


doge will get to $1 haha.
Just funny.

At a price higher than maid has ever been…

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