MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

I agree. For me the relatively low turnover tells me long term holders aren’t going to sell cheaply


HitBTC is again pulling MaidSafeCoin’s price down on

the Hit wallet was disabled for deposits / withdrawals for ages… if still so, then vol probably very low and not important…

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Not only that, but on Polo someone is manipulating the price I think. I see three consecutive buy orders and three consecutive sell orders with exact equal amounts.

But I guess this is nothing new.


38% of the total volume (673 BTC) of the last 24 hours.
That is not that low, if you compare it with the average daily volume of last month: 524 BTC (=15738/30).
But on the other hand MaidSafeCoin is number 117 in the monthly volume ranking…

Yep, blatant manipulation to keep it low, prob by the same person(s). He/She would like for most of us long-term holders to panic sell to buy XRP or any other dross in the top twenty for a quick buck.


they must have enabled deposits then. finally …

Interesting article I came across. Crypto prices are crazy at the moment. That’s why it’s so important to get the Safenet product right. It will be one of the very few real world applications that rises from the ashes


From the article this makes sense to me, and why I believe MAID is the answer:

“So, as 2018 plays out we as traders and investors need to be aware of the dangers of centralized liquidity and move our liquidity off of them, supporting projects that will build the kind of infrastructure Bitcoin’s initial design was supposed to support.”

Too bad this guy didn’t mention MAID in the post. Oh the ignorance! :joy:


That’s isn’t mental… completely bonkers. People are going to hurt when reality checks in.

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Because it is one of the few (if only) cryptos that has nothing to do with the blockchain?

Ripple? Are we on the same page?

Sure, and Ripple only has everything to do with the centralized banking system.


It could drop to zero I’m not selling!!!



When did Nick do the internal talk at Google? I’m just wondering if started going up after or before that.


Today I discovered goindeep, despite being a legendary crypto blogger with a focus on how awesome SAFE is, has some more serious ideas than me. If you are interested in his in his Action Group idea going ahead, show him some love on here:

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When I see the price of substratum I get really frustrated. Do substratum have a better marketing than Maidsafe or is it because it is a blockchain product.

Why? It’s just a silly little number, both projects are completely different and not anywhere near their respective endgames and therefore their real value.

Btw, yes is the honest answer to the last part. It’s fine though it won’t matter too much if SAFE does what it’s meant to.


Safecoin is just not on the radar. People who would laugh any crypto and not talk about it, now… can’t stop talking about it.

One friends workplace is now buzzing with bitcoin, litecoin, ripple, etherium talk. They are drawn to the large price movements - when asked about the philosophy behind each coin they are mostly clueless. These type of investors/gamblers won’t be reached by any type of marketing other that straight fiat to coin buying route.