MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

It usually takes them months to reply to support tickets, not days or weeks.

I totally agree with Jabba. In a view years they will realize there is no way without crypto currencies, because a not tiny part of the industry and economy will work with crypto. I would hold my crypto too.


I am not planning to sell all of my crypto rather a part of it to get my capital back plus some profit. I know long term the move is going to be only upwards and I am totally long term hodler. But still, what is the meaning of making profits if you cant enjoy it.


Have you looked in to Monaco or TenX cards?

Is it the trading that they are to make illegal.

Or is holding crypto going to be illegal.

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I sent 2 MAID transactions from Moni to Polo. 1 took 8 days to confirm and now is complete, but Polo hasn’t processed or credited my MAID balance.

2nd is still in mempool …

I do not have much confidence in the Polo support I must say.

Has anyone actually got a reply from Polo support recently ?


They made a committee to make a decision regarding blockchain and how to handle it. In the meantime the finance minister is keep comparing bitcoin to “ponzi schemes”. Both trading and holding might be illegal as I understood.


Looks like nothing’s going to happen immediately

Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday ruled out any immediate action against cryptocurrencies.


Why was MAID never pumped ?

I just think I can explain most of crypto price dynamics, but that one is a mystery to me. I do not understand to be honest.

I’ve wondered that before too. It seems to be one of the few to have been shunned by the pumpers. Maybe it will prove to be a blessing in disguise in the long run… or maybe it just hasn’t been our turn yet! :wink:

There is zero chance this is happening.

I’ve already bought my fair share of MAID. Acquiring more than that, would mean putting all eggs in one basket, when I would be wise to diversify. I would be very surprised if I am the only one who had those thoughts, so I wonder if one of the reasons why MAID has stagnated relative to other crypto, isn’t for the fact that a core segment of the project supporters have done their buying and are now looking to diversify.
MAID needs fresh buyers, I think. That’s most certainly not all there is about it, but it must be at least, a part of the answer.


What a Christmas! MAID ATH after ATH and a sense of this being a new level, or even just warming up. That’s my guess anyway. It seems a long time since the last ATH and the project and community seems to me to have grown in many ways, while remaining true to something that draws most people here together. There’s a steadiness here that I value and appreciate, including in this very speculative topic. (I don’t post often here, but I read most of the topics having never broken the habit since being a moderator).

I’ve been watching reactions to this which contrast to my own (which are more, yup as expected and will continue, in time) so I’d like to present my perspective, and I’m curious what folk on this topic think about the following, whether you agree or disagree with the broad points, or any particular sub-points…

  • there are a lot of cryptocurrency style projects just now, and while they have attracted interest and much investment (due it seems to marketing rather than substance), a very small proportion of them have done so through merit because a lot of the money is either ill informed (ie jumping on a bandwagon) or from those aiming to exploit the ill informed.

  • it is inevitable that the limited prospects of all but a very few projects will become apparent over time, and as this happens money will move away from them to projects that are delivering, and at the same time the market will become more educated and discerning.

  • Maidsafe are not guaranteed to deliver, but of all the projects out there, it has one of, or perhaps the most credible proposition, with regard to actually achieving something useful, and if Maidsafe do achieve those aims SAFEnetwork will blow even other successful projects away in the process.

  • If the above points are correct, the effect will be a move of lots of money from many projects to a small number of projects, or possibly just to one, in which case there would be a very much larger boom in MAID than we’ve yet to see in this whole bananas cryptocurrency boom.

If you disagree, I’m very interested to hear which particular points you disagree on and why. I have my own reservations, and can criticise this too, but I’m interested to know what opinions my fellow hard headed crypto intelligencia think about these points.

So I’m not saying this will happen, but that it is how I see things right now, and is part of why I am more interested in demonstrating capability than anything else. I’m not saying marketing is not useful, please don’t think I’m against those doing that useful work (I do it too - see my posts and tweets etc), but I don’t share the idea that without marketing this project to the point that the price is hyped to that of the ‘top ten’ or so, it will be in some way doomed, or risks not giving enormous returns to investors.

I think that if Maidsafe deliver, enormous returns are pretty much inevitable because this market is over invested in so many projects that will deliver little or nothing. This is not investment advice, it is personal opinion! I have been wrong in the past :slight_smile:

So it is my fallable opinion, that if SAFEnetwork achieves its aims, I don’t think there’s any chance of it being less than another bitcoin + Ethereum squared. I may be wrong, but that’s what determines my activity.

So, my suggestion is to relax and support the project in the way you most enjoy, whether it is marketing, building, educating, socialising, just watching, or anything else. But I’m interested in reasons for why you might think my proposition is flawed, weak or wrong… or right! :slight_smile:


Very well said! For this to pan out, alpha 3 and 4 will need to deliver (to deliver the substance we all are here for). The momentum that they provide will start the wheels in motion of the much larger trend you outline.

2018 should be a fun year! :slight_smile:


I wish I could. :wink:

If I had felt less certain I would have done things that meant I could own more MAID now than I currently do. I’ve always been a bit more fixated on the destination that the journey though, to my expense. Meh, who can complain anyway… it’s almost 100x where I started at now and I’ve had insane luck from other crypto punts too.

I’d love to debunk my confidence. The people I told to invest 2 years ago probe me constantly about diversifying, but I always say the same thing, I can’t see any other endgame so if you want to defer to my judgement then BTFD HODL and accumulate… same advice that has made all the crypto-riche ™ their fortunes.


The answer to your question I think is here: Why pump something that you want to accumulate? Buy as cheap as possible and shake away most of the early ICO investors whenever you can. The strategy seems to work fine. You pump for selling and not for buying. When the time is come you pump it 10 000% and sell it to the public.

It’s too bad that there has been so little effort in marketing this project. We would have seen a higher gradual increase. where the public got a real opportunity to come in before the real repricing happens.


You nailed it IMO! Not sure how many of you were around during, or invested in, the .coms before the bubble poped. But I was there. Still I did alright, with a %20 annual gain. I had great advice back than from these investment bankers who have since retired.

The point is, like happybeing is saying, most of these crypto projects aren’t likely to delilver just like all those .coms that vanished over night.

The same thing could easily happen here in crypto land. Those investment bankers told me to look at the team, passion, and idea behind my investment, and they were right.

MAIDSAFE has got it right, and when the time comes I think you’ll see a ton of money pouring from other projects, those who get out in time, into MAID.


When you see up to 40% of some ATM’s budgets allocated to Marketing it may explain a lot


In my case its like That.

I think a decent strategy is get crypto rich however you can with slush money then intentionally pour it into something worth while (SAFE)!

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