MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Thanks @upstate! So there is no passport or ID verification on Bittrex needed?

I was allowed two withdrawals without verifying on Bittrex, but now need to verify to withdraw anymore. doesn’t require an ID process but I don’t know if they have Maidsafe available at the moment because I can’t access the site with the New York State restriction BS. I’ve used Shapeshift in the past to exchange Bitcoin for Maidsafe.

Boah, no exchange without verification left. Guys we really need a decentralized exchange as soon as possible.

Nice one, but I can’t find out how to use Barterdex is there a “how to” link?

Edit: Found it

In terms of coins out performing coins, it’s true that MAID could do better. But compared to my buddies pathetic ETF trades on the stock market this year, MAID has kicked his ass.

The problem is that we live in a crypto investment bubble of outrageous gains and losses almost on an hourly basis.

On the other hand, we need to perform in that bubble too. But IMO MAID rising at a moderate pace, but rising, is acceptable for now.

I’m just saying that I bought some more MAID not long ago this year, and I’ve more then tripled my money in that short time. My stock market buddie is jealous. I told him he should at least put his money into BTC, but he failed at that too. By now he would have 3 million in a few short months.

Somtimes I think we are all brave pioneers here in crypto land. And MAID is still mostly undiscovered territory for most. But that is about to change.

The SAFE network is truly the new frontier, its significants is staggering.


Sadly safe net is owned by another entity.

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I am right in thinking you can send MAID to any bitcoin address but to see the coins and move them at a later date you would then need to load the paper wallet into omniwallet?


I’m removing the links to SAFE dot Net since it has nothing to do with the SAFE Network or Maidsafe and people are wasting their time by clicking on the links.


Doesn’t look like we will see maid at under $1.00 anymore. :frowning:

Looks really comfortable above $1.00, trying to push through and remain above €1.00 at the moment.

ROI wise, at least doubling your money is a great return in the non-crypto world. Could have performed better , but buying in to other blockchain coins means giving up tickets on this awesome ride. Don’t feel unhappy about not holding other coins, really. It just feels like price rises in other coins like even Dogecoin are there to tempt weak hands /brains away from safecoin. Don’t fall for it.


Oh right, sorry, My mistake.


No problem - it is one or the reasons I am not sure about the SAFENetwork branding, as the abbreviated version is something else. Maidsafe is unique though, which is good, but people seem divided on whether they like that name.

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I still have that 2400 MAID I accidentally sent to one of Poloniex’s BTC addresses. It’s been 20 days since I sent in a support ticket with all the information they need. Not a single acknowledgement, so far. I even offered them incentive to keep some of it for their troubles lol. To me, it feels like Poloniex is already a ghost town, waiting to show its true form. But they still want our identifications!

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But does that really matter? You still have to sell your maid into btc.

I disagree. I see the opposite. I think they are just truly really under pressure by so much work. But if you read their updates you’ll see how much work they are progressing with.

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You can use There you can withdraw up to 5K NZD without ID.

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From memory they don’t even look at recovery until its like $5K worth

Good luck with that @Audity

I can understand your annoyance but id say kyc is just inevitable now.
Polo looks fine to me.

I hope you get those coins back.


Poll Results!

In case you guys didn’t bother to scroll up today here is the summary of the earlier poll with a little bit of spin and a suggestion for a strategy (sorry if you vote after this post, I doubt anyone will).

This is probably the only poll I have enjoyed watching the results of for a very long time (indirect moan at current affairs). I was only actually expecting about 8 people to participate and for everyone to move on pretty quickly.


There is a number of ways of looking and spinning this including what about all the people who don’t care about price & trading (personally I don’t when it comes to maid and in my defence, I did try to post this poll elsewhere). I would argue the figures of this sample show that the community is inclined to stay afloat of the current market cap position (just under top 50) with 84% of the poll participants supporting this and with the first-past-the-post (:face_vomiting:) crowd pushing for the upper half.

I’d like to remind people that this poll is not about the price of the Maidsafe token and about our position on the coinmarketcap site. Personally I would very much welcome a grand fall in the crypto market with maid going way below $0.50 and even $0.30, as long as we stay afloat the top 50 (I voted for top 25 but happy to side with the wider community and not upset those with opposing views & abstainers with over-the-top marketing strategies). Likewise I won’t complain if the market remains stagnant or grows with us remaining in the top 50. Personally I would, however, be very concerned and annoyed if we slipped below top 100 even if the USD value of Maid was up 500% from the current price.

Strategy Suggestions: Moving Forward/Staying Afloat (what some will probably consider over-the-top marketing strategies)
(I don’t mind if because of this section the whole post gets moved to the Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign section).

First of all, I don’t believe Maidsafe should spend any resources or developer time on top of what is planned for marketing - this should be an almost entirely community organised campaign. Here are just a few ideas of what we the community can do with minimal to none of the devs’ involvemnt:

  • We the community should probably establish ethical guidelines of good behaviour (no spam or keyboard warrior stuff etc) when it comes spreading awareness of Maid’s existence and what the project is outside the realms of our community. We can therefore create an army of fluffy bunnies who don’t upset or spam anyone and simply engage in friendly discourse within the wider crypto ecosphere giving people hard facts which will in turn make people sell off their shitcoins and disable such coins (as well as scamcoins) being higher up in the coinmarketcap site than us (there are currently a few dozen of these above us making us look awful).

    *I think it’s worth trying to revive (see OP in the marketing thread, link above) for more focus on how we can remain in top 50 market caps (and in order to hopefully prevent good ideas being lost in the depths of long threads).

  • Poster design competitions with winner(s) taking maid raised by the community (funds of those who would be willing to contribute voluntarily; I know I would); in this case we would need a confirmed maid employee to look after the funds in order to avoid fraud. Later the same can be done with raising funds to get established crypto Youtubers to start mentioning us (with a “this video is sponsored by Maidsafe community” declaration).

Honestly, these are just ideas and I can see them being poorly received (especially the latter). What will work 100% though is a strong community that works together and works out best solutions after an initial idea is presented.

(Edits: forgot some closed brackets)


Looks like India is going to make cryptocurrency trading illegal. Really stupid move IMO, any idea what to do and how to convert to fiat if that happens?

Why would you convert to fiat?

Personally I’d say everyone has a moral duty to disobey immoral laws. I’d learn how to obscure yourself rather than run away. The great thing about crypto is that it is censor resistant and you don’t need anyone’s permission to hold it. I’d say you’ll seriously regret selling out of crypto myself. If they make trading illegal and difficult then just HODL until they realise they have to jump on the bandwagon too. No country will want to be left behind in a few years, so I suspect they will all turn their policies around soon enough.

Cashing out through localbitcoins is pretty easy though, if the time comes that you decide you need to.