MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

And now imagine MAID drops to 5000 and struggles to break through the 8000 mark.
You would be reading those comments thinking damn, why didn’t I sell at 10 000.
My point is that speculation is pointless.


Yes, this is my thoughts right now. I don’t know what to do

With the level of maids I have accumulated on each and every dip my friends think I am mad not to diversify.
I have had the busiest vacations ever. Sailing in the morning, creating wallet for clients in the afternoon - diversified portfolio for private banking clients, mind you ;). For them I buy BTC, ETH, DASH, XMR, XEM, BTS, MAID. some GNT and SNT, some NEO.
Whatever. People want diversification. I offer diversification.

Anytime I take my fees for brokerage and securisation services, I convert everything I have earned in MAID for myself. I have too much skin on the table to even start thinking the project may fail.
I have even bought bitcoin with hard earned money and held the fork rally to get myself more MAID.
let it dip further, I will buy more. My only fear is dilution on safecoin issuance when farming goes live.

I was away, but I am back now, will start being more active on the forum again.
By the way, I am in for the Thursday firsting feast this week @JPL


Spread optimism,Think positive. Everything will be good then.
And btw speculation is not pointless. If you have bought maid, why did u buy them? Because you speculated it will give u a good return after sometime.


Maybe dev’s can answer this ?


I have real problems trying to justify that there will be any problems with dilution when farming goes live. Firstly its not like there is going to be a massive issuance, its likely that the first few months will be the worst time for farming SAFEcoin because of all the people putting up vaults and there not being much data in comparison. Thus the number of coins issued are very small. One coin per 1,000,000,000,000,000 GETs Then think of all the coins recycled (destroyed) for the data uploaded in order to have GETs It is even possible there will be less coins on day 30 than at day 0.

Issuance will change/improve as people learn to balance the amount of vault storage to network needs, then he farming rate will improve dramatically

Also if you look at SAFEcoin as purely value, and then take BTC as an example, there was 50 coins initially per block issued and look at its value. In comparison those 50 (then 25 then 12.5) coins compared with the total BTC existing will be more than the resulting issuance compared with the total SAFEcoin existing. Yet BTC increased in value despite the supposed dilution.


I trust the Tone Vays’ commentaries on youtube. He provides great analyses.

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He is not entirely keen on SAFE. Find some of his commentary here (search for MaidSafe):

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I am not an expert but I don’t agree with all his concerns on maidsafe. For an instance, if someone is worried about legal repercussion then he doesn’t need to run vaults in his computer. It’s too unlikely that all western countries at once will bann users from farming or dedicating space for decentralized storage. If this is the case then all decentralized storage companies will have trouble. About airport checking- if I were in that kinda situation then I would remove my vault from the laptop before passing security! Even I do it now (remove unnecessary/unknown data/files) every time I travel internationally with my personal laptop.

I agree that it can be frustrating to wait 10+ years for a product. I hope that at this point we can hope to see something by next 2-3 years! It’s so hard to judge crypto project nowadays. If I remember correctly, few years back I came across some forums where people were preaching that ETH is a scam. Look at ETH now!


Pardon my ignorance guys and gals, I may have even asked this before but what does “sats” stand for?? And why is it beneficial when buying to have low sats? I’m trying to learn a little bit more about trading, my day trading skills are basically non existence though I am good at spotting projects or coins with utility which has done pretty well for me. Although I know the market could care less about utility in most cases.


‘sats’ -> Satoshis, the smallest unit of measure in BTC.
1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC


Gotcha! Now I remember getting that answer. Thank you! So it’s measuring against btc since that’s what we purchase maid with on exchanges.

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I was referring to his expertise on analyzing BTC price only. He does not call MAID a scam like many of the other alt-coins.


Is there a chance to see alpha 2 today?

No, it won’t be today unfortunately, there is still a backlog of fixes being applied. So the team are still flat out with them. It will be a couple of weeks. There are a few things happening, bit we doubt there will be anew testnet tonight either, but we can never tell until late Thursday morning usually.


Oh dear I had better get into my time machine, its almost night time thursday here.

oh wait you are in the backwards part of world still catching up to us and never getting closer than 10 hours behind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not sure if this belongs in this thread, but a quote from the Forbes article:

“‘It’s important to have holding periods for both the entrepreneurs and the investors, to avoid pump & dump scenarios. This is very similar to the vesting periods for company equity. Instead of all the tokens paying out in one day, pay out a percentage every month over a period of several months or years.’”

Lets use $0.413 dollars (the current asking price for MAID coins) as an example scenario. The day of launch when MAID coins “become” Safecoins and the early investor pool of safecoins are released. The Market cap stays the same and Safecoin prices adjust accordingly. So at:

Pre Launch:
MAID asking price $0.413 per coin
Total MAID coins available: 452,552,412
MarketCap = $186,926,321

(At Launch MAID Coins become Safecoins at a 1 to 1 ratio and )

Post Launch:
Total Safecoins available:
(452,552,412 Current MAID plus 226,276,206 Early Investor Release): 678,828,618
MarketCap = $186,926,321
Safecoin asking price = $0.275 per coin

So Mathematically there will be a drop in value and this creates a situation where the early investors could dump their Safecoins and receive an almost instant 33.3% increase from the current price. Or am I missing something??? Another way to look at this is anyone investing in MAID now will see a 33.3% drop in value the day of launch. With that said, from there anything could happen and I want to avoid speculation for this example.

It’s all about supply & demand.

If the early investors all dumped their coins as soon as the network they’ve invested a lot into launches, and demand doesn’t increase due to the launch, then yes, the price could be suppressed significantly.

But what’s the chance of the market cap prior to launch being that low? And what’s the chance that all early investors will dump at once? What’s the chnace that there will be little increased interest post launch?

I’m more concerned with the far bigger amount of dilution set to come through farming rewards over time, and pay the producer if that happens. I don’t see the need for it in the Safe economy, other than to spread ownership away from early investors and towards farmers, app devs, and Safe network devs, even though their incentives would be exactly the same without the dilution due to the way the network will aportion rewards. So I don’t think this around 80% dilution will help the network, it’ll just spread the resource ownership (which may be the intention?).

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Aside from the sketchy article quoted and the numerous rebuttals to a list of fallacies.
On this particular qoute and only considering this qoute. A 33% drop on todays investment at launch based on those calculations assumes NO INCREASE from today through beta and test safecoin and launch for that matter.
Entirely unreasonable scenario.


The point I want to highlight is the percent drop in value. The numbers (how high or low the Market Cap is) really don’t matter in terms of percent drop. The percent drop in value will be 33.3% regardless of the current ask price.

This will happen even if no early investors sell, unless the market cap increases once the early investor safecoins are released.