MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

I would dispute that there ‘must be something missing’. Markets are made up of people. People over-value and under-value things constantly, that’s how you find value. Every big company and technology started small and grew bigger, were they a bad idea when they were tiny simply because their value was smaller? The relative growth of much simpler ideas is not really relevant is it? I can’t see how anyway… store of value is very simple stuff, smart contracts is a buzzword to sell with some serious and cool implications… a new data paradigm is a lot harder to grasp, accept, build, explain. It would be pretty amazing and useful if it worked though.


If you use the ranking on cap to determine the value of this or any other project you need to rethink your strategy :wink:


Imo, there is an impatient wider market out there and this is sucking the money out of maid. New ICOs, but but, big speculation. It is all about hype to secure the funds.

Does this change safe net’s long term viability? Nope. We seem pretty close to where we should be from the last funding round. I think people just wish it moved quicker and are speculating on getting sugar rushes from other projects.

The long term value proposition hasn’t changed much from my perspective. Blockchains will never be great at what safe net is aiming to do.


When we get the next wave of inflow from btc it will be a whole different story.
This is the cycle of btc / alts .
Surely everyone here knows that by now.
Im very happy with the price considering bch and current btc price.


Blockchains will never be great at what safe net is aiming to do.

Blockchain tech needs the maidsafe network. To much hard disk space is used to store the blockchain.
Blockchains will only ever grow. Anyone tried to run their own core blockchain? Crashed my mac.

Imagine, a maidsafe Bitcoin wallet app. Thats whats needed. Distribute the blockchain across the SAFE network. Anyone developing one? As soon as we have that, boom, more utility.


Did anyone hear about the File coin ICO? They presold 50m and delayed the public ICO until Thursday. It’s already in use with clients and set to have a pretty big raise Thursday.

Yeah, and they just sold a huge amount of coins to insiders at a far better rate than the next participants are going to get.

You also have to be a millionaire to participate, which sucks. Someone didn’t look at the JOBS act that lets the non-rich participate in equity crowdsales or similar.

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The biggest reason MaidSafeCoin is relatively low is obviously that the SAFE Network hasn’t launched yet and it’s also quite difficult to find out what exactly SAFE is, how far along it is etc. The website just gives a few hints. It took a while after ethereum launched before the price started to increase a lot.

Ethereum has grown so huge because of two factors. One is the scaling problems of bitcoin and the multiyear stagnation in development making lots of people look for alternatives, where ethereum was the candidate that seemed most promising with a good team, good marketing etc. The other factor is all the ICOs. Ethereum is now the main ICO platform and there’s tons of interest in ICOs. Once the SAFE network is up and has an easy way of creating tokens, we may also see lots of ICOs on SAFE, in fact many of the ICO projects on ethereum would work equally well on SAFE (though most of the code would have to be rewritten).


Yes there are a number of factors affecting MAID at the moment.

  • BTC sudden rise is seeing people selling MAID to get BTC to sell it
  • traders are seeing MAID taking too long and over time have sold to get into other coins that they feel will make quicker money. How fast they get out of MAID depends on their world view of crypto.
  • MAID is taking too long for some and they feel the need to get (partly) out of MAID
  • Other ICOs - both fomo and diversifying
  • Biggest being that SAFE is a difficult project and some are going cold towards MAID which fuels the above reasons.
  • and I’m sure others can add to this list.

The interesting things and most promising is that MAID is still above 10K at this time. It still has a lot of credibility in the crypto world.

Also marketcaps can be manipulated for low trading volume coins. Take safex for example for a long time a few hundred BTC could see up to 1000% rises. A few hundred BTC in MAID is maybe 10%.

In some respects this is good for MAID because the bigger players (hopefully) are the ones getting out of MAID and their coins are being spread wide and far across a lot of people.


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Could MAID fall so far down the chart that it begins to get delisted from exchanges? We have to be realistic here now.

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This thread is only for discussing MAID. Thank you.

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what is this …?

that is completely ridiculus Oo … volume might be low lately - but 200btc makes still 0.3 btc earnings for polo (at least) and thats ~1k USD on a day Oo … do you seriously think polo would skip those at least 30k per month …? Oo …


I didn’t think it possible however I have seen Polo delist a load of coins before. All it takes is MAID to drop down the list, off the investors radar, volume to dry up, and BOOM! our listing is gone.

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Generally those delisted coins have had issues with wallet stability, or very low volume. Due to MaidSafeCoin being based on Omni, and volume being fairly good, I don’t think there’s good reason to delist.


I wouldn’t be sure if Omni is that great of an asset to the project, as they rarely update it and especially now with the BTC fork. It was also one of the reasons I had trouble getting SAFE-FS coin onto a few exchanges, including Polo (& Yobit).

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For Maidsafe/SAFE it doesn’t really matter since its only a token, a promise, for SAFEcoin later on.

So true, and I’ve seen days, in times past, where MAID volume has been way under 200BTC and no question of delisting. Bittrex is like under 1 BTC volume for a period plus no significant future activity promised. Poloniex is as you say and there are coins that have seen months of 1-5 BTC volume or less not delisted too on Poloniex.

MAID (Maidsafe/SAFE) would have to be in serious trouble for it to be delisted.

Like the last month or so has seen a massive amount of BTC trading which traditionally meant low MAID volume, yet we still have reasonable volume (for MAID) of 171 BTC in last 24 hours. There are no signs that MAID volume is going bad. Just a slack time because of the other markets, and we’ve been there so many times before.

Also MAID is above 11K today, which is better than a few days ago.


can we talk something positive here? suddenly why talking about delisting etc etc?
PS: and im not diversifying or selling my safe tokens. i believe in this team. And i will ban and remove anyone talking negative from now on.( can i really do that? :stuck_out_tongue: )

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u know seeing different coins flying like rocket e.g Neo, cvc , i dream of maidsafe flying same way one day. Am i normal?:joy:


It will happen, just not sure when. MAID has gone up to 0.0002 a few times before on good news and will do so again. I’d expect the Alpha 2 launch could be that moment.

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